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2014 MLB Power Rankings Week 3

Updated on April 21, 2014

MLB Power Ranks Week 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know I am certainly enjoying my Monday off work which is why today's rankings are coming out a few hours earlier than normal. Since I am enjoying a break from work I will give you all a break from the intro this week and jump right into the rankings.

*Note ~ All records and stats are through Sunday's games.

1. Milwaukee Brewers (14-5) ~ Hey look at that, I didn't jinx them by putting them in the top spot last week. The Brewers turned into brawlers this weekend in Pittsburgh and while there may be repercussions that unfold from the melee, Milwaukee swept and have themselves a nice cushion in the National League Central. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Atlanta Braves (12-6) ~ Aaron Harang has been nearly unhittable this year twice flirting with a no-hitter. IN four starts he has given up nine hits and two earned runs. This coming from a guy signed at the end of spring training due to injuries. With Mike Minor due back shortly it appears as though Harang should hang onto his rotation spot. (LWR 2)

3. Oakland A's (13-5) ~ Is there any team hotter right now than Oakland? They have won 11 of 13 and have the best run differential (+32) of any team in all of baseball. (LWR 9)

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-7) ~ Yasiel Puig flipped his bat after a three-run homer in Sunday's game. He also gunned down a runner at second base in a three run Dodger victory. Cue the media outrage on how he doesn't play the game right and is detrimental to the team. (LWR 3)

5. San Francisco Giants (11-8) ~ Will the real Pablo Sandoval please stand up? The slimmed down slugger is slashing a meager .171/.256/.286 with two homers and six driven in. Kung-Fu Panda is in a contract year and so far it isn't going well. (LWR 5)

6. Washington Nationals (11-8) ~ Stephen Strasburg's ERA is over five and he has a WHIP of nearly one and a half. The Nats need their ace to start pitching like one if they are going to compete for a division title this year. (LWR 6)

7. St. Louis Cardinals (11-8) ~ St. Louis put an end to Milwaukee's long winning streak but gave the ground they made up right back at the end of the week. I still believe the Cards are one of the NL's elite teams so I wouldn't worry at all just yet. (LWR 8)

8. Detroit Tigers (9-6) ~ A nine and six record? I had to look at this a few times to be sure I wasn't seeing things. The Tigers have played the fewest games so far of any team in baseball. (LWR 4)

9. New York Yankees (11-8) ~ Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda both pitched a shutout to complete a double-header sweep of the Chicago Cubs last week. I can't recall the last time a double-header was won with shutouts in both games. If you do, please, enlighten me. (LWR 10)

10. Texas Rangers (11-8) ~ The seemingly always durable Adrian Beltre has landed on the disabled list. Rumor has it that Beltre, who has played at least 150 games in three of the last four seasons, was not happy with the move. (LWR 16)

11. Tampa Bay Rays (9-10) ~ Wil Meyers connected for his first two home runs this week and Tampa will need him to pick it up offensively. So far this season last year's Rookie of the Year award winner has gotten off to a sluggish start. (LWR 7)

12. Colorado Rockies (10-10) ~ Justin Morneau is looking real good in Colorado. With four homers already and a slugging percentage over .600 the former MVP looks poised to return to his old form. (LWR 14)

13. Pittsburgh Pirates (8-11( ~ If Jason Grilli doesn't have to face Ryan Braun again this year I'm sure he would be ok with it. Braun took Grilli deep twice this weekend in the ninth inning of two eventual Pirate losses. (LWR 11)

14. Boston Red Sox (9-10) ~ Boston may be in the American League East basement but they are only 2 games behind the Yankees in what is so far the tightest division in baseball. (LWR 13)

15. Toronto Blue Jays (10-9) ~ Mark Buehrle is 4-0 with a 0.64 ERA. Last year his ERA was over four. I don't expect this to keep up but he looks like he has adjusted to pitching in the AL East. (LWR 17)

16. Los Angeles Angels (8-10) ~ Don't look now but Albert Pujols appears to be healthy and back on track. He has already slugged six homers and is closing in on 500 for his career. The rate he is hitting he should reach that milestone this week. (LWR 18)

17. Baltimore Orioles (8-9) ~ There was some hubbub about the O's putting up billboards in the D.C. area. Is this really a big deal? Do I just not get it? (LWR 21)

18. Kansas City Royals (9-8) ~ George Brett met Lorde. All is now right with the world. (LWR 24)

19. Cincinnati Reds (8-10) ~ Devin Mesoraco is scorching hot since coming off of the disabled list. The catcher is hitting over .500 with three long balls and 11 driven in in only nine games. I mentioned him in last week's fantasy column. Dude is sizzling right now. (LWR 23)

20. Cleveland Indians (8-10) ~ Michael Bourn doesn't seem to have any ill effects from his hamstring injury. The speedster has already attempted three stolen bases and was successful twice in his first four games this year. (LWR 15)

21. Miami Marlins (9-10) ~ If Giancarlo Stanson isn't your NL MVP so far I want to know who is. Dude is tearing the cover off the ball and leading the league with 26 runs driven in so far after driving in onl 62 in 2013. (LWR 19)

22. Chicago White Sox (9-10) ~ Lost in the Chi Sox 16-2 drubbing of the Rangers Sunday was the fact that they only allowed two hits the entire game. That was domination on both sides of the ball. (LWR 20)

23. Seattle Mariners (7-11) ~ The M's have lost six in a row. During his days in pinstripes Robinson Cano didn't endure many six game losing streaks. (LWR 12)

24. Philadelphia Phillies (8-10) Cole Hamels is set to make his season debut Wednesday against the Dodgers. The Phils will need a healthy Hamels if they have any shot at sniffing the postseason this year. (LWR 22)

25. San Diego Padres (9-10) ~ It seems like every year the Padres are the team i know nothing about. How is it that my brain doesn't retain any information on this team? (LWR 26)

26. New York Mets (9-9) ~ Eighteen games into the season and the Mets are on their third closer. I don't have much faith in Kyle Farnsworth locking it down regularly. Could we see Daisuke Matsuzaka getting a shot in the ninth? (LWR 27)

27. Minnesota Twins (9-9) ~ Phil Hughes snapped a personal losing streak that dated back to July of 2013. Pop the champagne? (LWR 25)

28. Chicago Cubs (5-12) ~ I fully expect the Cubs to finish with the worst record in the NL. Right now, they aren't quite there. (LWR 29)

29. Houston Astros (5-14) ~ They may not have won a game last week but the fact that prospect George Springer has been called up gives the fans in Houston something to cheer for. (LWR 28)

30. Arizona Diamondbacks (5-16) ~ Ownership is already giving out the dreaded votes of confidence for front office members. Isn't it a little too early for those? (LWR 30)


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    • GoingYard profile image

      Ryan Lambeth 3 years ago

      This was a good read, unfortunately the A's went from hot to being swept by a Rangers team that keeps adding players to DL but keeps finding ways to win.