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2014 NFL Conference Championship Predictions.

Updated on January 16, 2015

Indianapolis @ New England- New England.

I was so happy that the Colts pulled the win out last week.
So happy.
Though there is something kinda depressing about knowing that may have been the last time we saw Peyton Manning suit up. Peyton has been playing QB since I was a kid, and even as a Raiders fan, it's hard for me to imagine the league without him.
As much as I'd love to see Luck conquer both Manning and Brady in the same post-season and finally become the man, I just don't see it.
Luck didn't have his best game last week, and they were really inconsistent at their best, and I'm not sure they would've won if Peyton had actually... ya know... shown up.
I really feel like Peyton is finished physically and mentally burned out. If you go back and watch film, it really feels like he just mailed the game in.
How did he deliver that mail?
By duck.
Ha? Ha... ha.... okay.

Meanwhile, New England.
What can you say about that second half of football?
They adjusted extremely well and knew exactly what to do to exploit the weaknesses in the Ravens secondary.

I'm sending New England back to Arizona, where only nine short years ago, they watched their perfect season die.

Green Bay @ Seattle- Seattle.

Let me run off a few numbers for you guys.
23 completions out of 33 attempts for 189 yards, 1 touchdown, and one interception.
I know what you're thinking, "Ryan, the regular season is over, stop talking about Derek Carr".
Ha! You're funny.
Actually that's what Aaron Rodgers threw the last time he visited Seattle.
The time before that?
26 completions out of 39 attempts for 223 yards and a clean slate.
I know, I know, "that was the Fail Mary game, the refs decided the game!"
Did they? Did they really?
Because I don't remember the refs sacking Aaron Rodgers 8 times, I remember the Seattle defenders doing that.
In two games, Rodgers has only thrown for 412 yards and 1 TD, was sacked 11 times, and threw an interception.
Before you say that 412 yards in two games is a big deal, I'd like to remind you that Aaron Rodgers had a similar stat-line during one game in their embarrassing week 8 loss to the Saints.

Here's the thing about the Packers.
Actually, here's the thing about Aaron Rodgers.
He just doesn't play well on the road.
Outside of the blowout loss to the Seahawks in week one, the Packers only lost three other games, and they all took place on the road.
In those losses?
Rodgers only threw for 954 yards and 3 touchdowns to 5 interceptions... And that's including the 418 yard game at the Saints.
An average road loss looked like this.
He completed 21 of 35 passes for 239 yards, 1 TD, and 1 interception.
Those are Joe Flacco numbers, not league MVP numbers.

"Well no duh, does anybody really look good in a loss?:
Fair enough!
Let me tell you what the average away game for Aaron Rodgers looks like.
23 of 35 for 256 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.
Not bad?
Yeah. Not bad.
Especially not considering he got to play against the Vikings, Bears, Bucs, Bills, and Dolphins...
Comparably, Tom Brady's away game looks like...
22 of 35 for 240 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.
Yeah... I find it funny that the same experts who say Brady isn't top ten say Rodgers is a MVP candidate...

I'm sorry, I just don't see the Packers pulling this one out.
The Seahawks defense is clicking and looking better than ever, and if you bust out your handy, dandy map, you'll realize this game is taking place in Seattle.
The last time the Seahawks had trouble destroying a team was a close loss IN Kansas City almost two months ago.

The Seahawks will ground and pound the hell out of the vulnerable Packers defense and I just don't see Aaron Rodgers working up the courage to take the risks necessary to attack that secondary.

Seahawks win and head to their second straight Super Bowl!

Fleegle's Picks.

Last week, Fleegle bet on his heart and the Patriots were just too much to handle, tying up the overall record. I don't see where we'll disagree heading into our lost two weeks, which is almost the way I like it. It's been a lot of fun this year, and how much would it mean if we just ended the year in a tie?
Maybe we could both be best in the world.
...Or maybe he'll pick the Colts or Packers and one of us will win after all.

Somehow, Ryan and I have found ourselves tied (TIED!!!!) heading into championship weekend. How this is possible, who knows?
Green Bay @ Seattle: I had to think a long time about both of my picks. I really really really wanted to pick the Packers. And quite frankly, I hope they win. But, a few things came into play.....#1, you don't ever pick against Seattle at home. In fact, I picked Green Bay way back in week 1 when these two teams met, and look what happened.....which brings me to #2, the Seahawks already own one win against the Packers this year. And, #3, Seattle's defense wasn't even playing at the lights out level they are right now. #4, Aaron Rodgers is still gimpy, and he can't be that way against that defense. Again, I really hope the Packers win, but I can't find a reason to pick them. Seattle wins and goes to back to back Super Bowls.

Indianapolis @ New England: It's no secret, I want Luck and the Colts to go up to Foxborough and kick the hell out of Brady and the Patriots. But lets be honest, it won't happen. If Brady put up 35 last week against the Ravens D, what makes you think he won't do the same this week? At least Peyton passed his torch on to Luck last week, but, I don't think it's quite time for Brady to pass his torch along to Luck just yet, as much as I would love to see it happen. Patriots win, and set up a Seattle/New England Super Bowl.
I have a feeling Ryan and I won't disagree this week, which means we'll be tied going to the Super Bowl. Ayeeeeeeee!!!!!


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