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2014 NFL Divisional Round Predictions.

Updated on January 7, 2015

Baltimore @ New England- New England.

I'm sorry Conner, but I don't care how much of an upset the Ravens picked up last week, there's a huge difference between the Steelers sans Le'Veon Bell and the friggin' Patriots IN Foxborough.
I am just desperate for the NFL to name Mosley the defensive rookie of the year and then have him cover Gronk.
Nothing makes me happier than when the lamestream media is wrong. Pats win convincingly.

Dallas @ Green Bay- Green Bay.

The best home team versus the best away team? SHEESH!
This is actually a tough game to call.
The Packers, and by the Packers, I mean Aaron Rodgers are banged up, and the Cowboys are seemingly red hot after getting a great (albeit controversial) win over a strong Lions team.
However, there's a huge difference between cozy Dallas and frigid Green Bay.
The Cowboys can run all they want, this is going to turn into a shootout at some point, a shootout that I believe the Packers will win.

Indianapolis @ Denver- Denver.

I wanted to pick Indy so freaking bad.
The way that they played last week was out-freaking-standing.
Luck made some throws that made my eyes water. That touchdown throw to Moncrief?
My jaw dropped.
But... Ultimately...
I think their road to the playoffs comes to a screeching halt in Denver.
The Broncos are just better on the defensive side of the ball.
They'll take the run game away and force Luck to try and do too much, and if Peyton plays well (never know in the playoffs), Luck won't be able to keep up.
Peyton has better talent around him and doesn't have the emotional pressure of playing in Indianapolis.

Carolina @ Seattle- Seattle.

Yeah. Exactly.
I don't care if you're the All-2000's team, you never.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeever pick against the Seahawks in Seattle.
I see Cam turning the ball over several times and despite the Panthers doing well against the run, Wilson avoiding negative plays and the Hawks win out something like 24-10.

Fleegle's Picks.

Fleegle beat me up last week.
Now I'm down by one game! Here's hoping he picks the Ravens...

Uh Oh......look who went 4-0 last week!!!

Baltimore @ New England: Finally, the offense for the Ravens decided to show up last week. The lack of a running game still concerns me, but Joe Flacco seems to flip that switch come playoff time and actually look like a 20+ million dollar QB. And the defense is of course playing like a typical Ravens defense right now. But, of course, Tom Brady and the Patriots are across the line, and they've clicked since an early season debacle against the Chiefs. The Pats have only lost 4 playoff games at home all time.....but 2 of them have been to the Flacco led Ravens. Now obviously, I'm picking the Ravens to win this game. But in reality, I would still pick them. Listen, I think Flacco just has the ability to flip the switch come playoff time, plus he should get more aid from his running game this week. Brady will make his plays for the Patriots, but I think Suggs and the defense can contain him enough to allow the Ravens to pull this one out. Onto the AFC Title Game!

Carolina @ Seattle: Kudos to the Panthers for getting the win last week in an ugly game against the Cardinals. Mostly everybody in the country is dismissing their chances against the Seahawks this week, but I'm not one of them. I still think Seattle will win the game, because their defense is just on another level right now, but, I think the Panthers will give them more troubles than most people think. The Carolina defense has done a good job in previous meetings of holding Lynch in check, but the difference is that Russell Wilson is playing better right now than he's ever played in previous meetings with Carolina. Seahawks win at home.

Dallas @ Green Bay: You know, people can complain about the referees in the Cowboys/Lions game all they want, and granted they did screw up bad, but lets be honest, Detroit was already well on their way to choking that game away before that PI play occurred, because that's what they do in Detroit. As for this week, The Ice Bowl II!!!!! Should be an awesome matchup. Lets hope we get Aaron Rodgers at 100% following his calf strain 2 weeks ago. I think we will. I think this game will be outstanding, but I also think Rodgers will do more to help his team win than Tony Romo will. Packers win and set up a classic NFC Title Game.

Indianapolis @ Denver: Is this the game where the torch gets passed? Andrew Luck leads the Colts into Denver for a playoff matchup against Peyton Manning. You know, the guy who used to be the QB for those Colts for 15+ years. I can't honestly get a reading on this matchup. Manning hasn't looked like his old self in a long while, but the Colts haven't exactly been setting the world on fire either. Sure, they crushed Cincy last week, but was anybody really surprised at that? I think both QB's will have huge games on Sunday afternoon, and I'm still more inclined to lean towards Peyton in this matchup. I have no confidence in this pick at all, but I'll take the Broncos to win.

Should be another awesome weekend!

Ryan vs. Fleegle.

As I suspected, Fleegle went with his heart and picked the Ravens, while I tried to stay warm in the icy Massachusetts air as I picked the Patriots.


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