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2014 NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Updated on October 21, 2014

NFL Power Ranks Week 7

And the record has fallen. Peyton Manning is your new career touchdown pass king as he surpassed Brett Favre this weekend. Considering Manning looks to have a few good years left in him the record should continue to grow each time he touches the gridirion. Once again Manning's Denver Broncos top the charts. As for the rest of them? Well, let's have a look.

1. Denver Broncos (5-1) ~ Lost in the shuffle of Manning's record performance was the sheer dismantling of a San Francisco 49ers team that has been to the NFC Championship game the last two years. These Broncos are looking to accomplish that in the AFC this year. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Dallas Cowboys (6-1) ~ Each year owner Jerry Jones prints out Super Bowl tickets prior to the season's opener. For the last few years it's been nothing but a joke as Dallas seems to finish 8-8 like its their job. This year? Well, it could be Jerry who has the last laugh. (LWR 4)

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5-1) ~ Coming off the bye week the Eagles will be on the road for three of their next four including tough trips to Arizona and Green Bay. We could learn a lot about the Eagles during that stretch. (LWR 3)

4. Indianapolis Colts (5-2) ~ This past weekend saw some upsets but my pick for the most impressive win goes to Indy who blanked the Bengals at home 27-0. This Colts team looks scary good as their only losses are to the Eagles and Broncos who are a combined 10-2. (LWR 6)

5. San Diego Chargers (5-2) ~ I don't have a horse in this race but I am thoroughly excited to see the Chargers visit Mile High this weekend. Philip don't scare. (LWR 2)

6. Arizona Cardinals (5-1) ~ If people aren't talking about what Bruce Arians has done in the desert they should be. A win Sunday against a marquee opponent such as the Eagles might boost his, and the Cardinals', profile. (LWR 7)

7. Green Bay Packers (5-2) ~ It's Aaron Rodgers' world and we're all just living in it. Four straight games with at least three touchdown passes and zero interceptions ties an NFL record. Otherworldly. (LWR 9)

8. Baltimore Ravens (5-2) ~ Does anyone in the league throw a prettier deep pass than Joe Flacco? I didn't think so. The Ravens are quietly on a roll as they have given up the fewest points (104) in the league. (LWR 11)

9. New England Patriots (5-2) ~ With Stevan Ridley out it was Shane Vereen's time to shine. Shine he did to the tune of five catches for 71 yards and two scores as well as 47 yards rushing. That's a good day at the office. (LWR 12)

10. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) ~ Percy Harvin is gone and with him might be the luster remaining from the Super Bowl high. The 'Hawks lost their second in a row, this time to woeful St. Louis, and looked silly on special teams not once, but twice. Pete Carrol and his group need to get it together and fast. (LWR 5)

11. Detroit Lions (5-2) ~ Matt Prater has entered the fold in the kicking game and made his only attempt in Sunday's come from behind win against the New Orleans Saints. No missed field goals must be music to the Lions' ears. (LWR 13)

12. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) ~ Never bet against an Andy Reid led team after a bye week. Sunday's win in San Diego improved Reid's record to 14-2 after a week off. (LWR 15)

13. San Francisco 49ers (4-3) ~ Stevie Johnson, formerly of the Buffalo Bills, is having a solid first season in San Fran hauling in 25 passes for 315 yards and a team high three touchdowns. Those numbers are nearly identical to the much more balleyhooed Michael Crabtree. (LWR 8)

14. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2-1) ~ A.J. Green may return this week after a toe injury has caused him to miss the last two games. After being shutout the Bengals could use all the offensive help they can get. (LWR 10)

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) ~ The Steelers just don't lose home games on Monday nights. They have won an NFL record 16 straight in that scenario. Their last loss? October 14th, 1991 which means I had just turned eight years old. That's a long time ago. (LWR 21)

16. Buffalo Bills (4-3) ~ CJ Spiller is gone. Fred Jackson? He's hurt too. Up next is either Anthony Dixon or Bryce Brown. Kyle Orton will need a solid run game if the Bills are going to continue to find success. (LWR 22)

17. Miami Dolphins (3-3) ~ Knowshon Moreno is out for the season but the Dolphins are still running the ball and boast the 4th best rushing attack in the league averaging more than 136 yards a game. (LWR 24)

18. Carolina Panthers (3-3-1) ~ A .500 record currently leads the woeful NFC South, the only division in which each team has allowed more points than they have put up. (LWR 14)

19. Chicago Bears (3-4) ~ Is there any team doing less on offense with more than the Bears put out there each week? With weapons like Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey the points should be easyto come by. It hasn't been that way this year for the Bears. (LWR 16)

20. New Orleans Saints (2-4) ~ The good news for the Saints is that they play at home on Sunday. The bad news is that Aaron Rodgers is coming to town. (LWR 18)

21. Cleveland Browns (3-3) ~ They looked lost as they were manhandled by the previously winless Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Up next? The last remaining team, Oakland, comes to town. Will the Browns be charitable again? (LWR 17)

22. New York Giants (3-4) ~ Since Larry Donnell's seven catch, three touchdown effort against the Redskins the Giants tight end has amassed only eight catches with no scores and two lost fumbles during a three-game losing streak. (LWR 19)

23. Houston Texans (3-4) ~ Somehow, some way, the Texans gave up 21 points in less than two minutes to squander a game in Pittsburgh. That one is going to sting for a while. (LWR 20)

24. St. Louis Rams (2-4) ~ A fake punt deep in your own territory near the end of the game? If that play doesn't work Seattle kicks a field goal and wins the game. One of the gutsiest calls I remember seeing. (LWR 28)

25. Washington Redskins (2-5) ~ I'm not sure Jay Gruden planned on having Colt McCoy as his starting quarterback as the team reaches the midway point of the season. Not sure Redskins fans wanted that either but that seems likely come Monday night. (LWR 27)

26. Atlanta Falcons (2-5) ~ Just like the Saints the Falcons are a hot mess on the road (0-4) this season. What is it with dome teams from the NFC South? (LWR 23)

27. Tennessee Titans (2-5) ~ In a battle of the backups Charlie Whitehurst outplayed Kirk Cousins. The problem was when Colt McCoy came in. Didn't think those words would ever come out of my fingertips. (LWR 25)

28. Minnesota Vikings (2-5) ~ If games were 59:59 the Vikings would be 3-4 and back in the wild card picture. But games aren't 59:59 and the Vikings aren't 3-4. (LWR 27)

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-5) ~ The NFC South is so bad that if Tampa can take advantage of a soft upcoming schedule (Vikings, Browns, Falcons, Redskins) they can climb right back in the division race. (LWR 29)

30. New York Jets (1-6) ~ Two weeks ago they gave the Broncos a scare. Last week it was the Pats. Can new recruit Percy Harvin help the Jets get over the hump this week in Arrowhead? Doubtful. But weirder things have happened. (LWR 30)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) ~ In my last rankings I stated the Jags would not go winless. They won their very next game. I must be psychic or something. (LWR 32)

32. Oakland Raiders (0-6) ~ The Raiders need a win this week in Cleveland or they might be looking 0-11 in the face with games against the Seahawks, Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs to follow. (LWR 31)


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