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2019-2020 Balanced NBA Offseason

Updated on September 4, 2019
nbayawnie profile image

Yawnie has been an avid NBA and lakers fan for over 25 years.

Most of the trades, signings and how teams will look

Every year more and more players in the NBA are changing teams. Gone are the days of players staying their whole careers with one franchise. Players such as Kobe, Dirk, and Duncan. I'm not a person who likes change, but I understand that it has to happen and is necessary to make things better.

There is definitely a lot more balance in the NBA, and it is so refreshing not to have the Golden State Warriors be a lock to make it to the finals again! With so many players changing teams and some injuries, it is more of a free for all this year. We will start in the east with the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Deandre Jordan looks amazing on paper, but it looks like this year we will not see Durant as he heals from an Achilles injury. I hope he has a speedy recovery and comes back strong. I watched as Kobe was not same player after his Achilles injury. Boston should still be competitive with Kemba Walker, but I see the loss of Al Horford really affecting them. Philadelphia 76ers with the loss of Jimmy Butler and J.J. Reddick( his shooting and floor spacing are really valuable) still managed to keep a good team. Of course with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, but adding Al Horford, Josh Richardson, and retaining Tobias Harris still keeps this team in the top 4 in the East. When your point guard is 6'10" may the basketball gods have mercy on your soul!

The Milwaukee Bucks having my current favorite player in the league in Giannis Antetokounmpo or greek freak and the MVP of last season, with the current team they have as well, makes them a top contender in the east. With Bledsoe and Middleton this team look to stay at the top of the east. The champion Toronto Raptors will not look to repeat as Kawhi has moved out West in one of the most bizarre and most kept under the table things done since Rikishi ran over stone cold Steve Austin with a limousine back in the early 2000's(yes I use to watch a lot of wwe when I was a teenager). I will get to Kawhi later but out west was some big moves!

Also a side note, the New York Knicks struck out badly this offseason. They made some signings to just form a team and hopefully get big name free agents next year, but I don't see that happening for them, and New York fans know this!

Out west in the NBA, Utah Jazz got a lot better, and the trailblazers might make some more noise if Whiteside can regain his old form from a couple years ago. The Nuggets are certainly still very competitive. The west is deep with about twelve teams that will fight for the eight playoff spots. The Warriors still look competitive with Curry, Green, and Klay if he can return this year from injury. Adding an up and coming allstar in Deangelo Russell was big for them and gives them even more floor spacing and offense. The losses of Durant, Boogie Cousins, Iguadala, Livingston, certainly hurts. My Los Angeles Lakers had a great offseason despite being caught up in the Kawhi sweepstakes. The additions of Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, Danny Green, Quinn Cook, and many more with Lebron James already certainly makes them title contenders. This should be one of the more exciting seasons in about seven years for the Lakers. Last year had it's flashes but injuries certainly derailed their chances. The Houston Rockets pulling off the trade for Russell Westbrook was a shocker as well. We knew Westbrook would be traded after George, but to the Rockets was surprising with ball dominant Jame Harden. Harden has said the two will work out, so we shall see. Kawhi signing with the Clippers was a huge shock.

No one had any idea that the Clippers were going to steal the show. After the announcement of Paul George being traded to the Clippers by Adrian Wojnarowski or Woj as the twitterverse call him, I knew Kawhi was going to the Clippers. This team had been ruled out and everyone was reporting that it was between the Lakers and Raptors. Sure enough thirty minutes after the Paul George trade then Kawhi Leonard was announce as signing to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers and Kawhi's team really kept things quiet. Everyone was going crazy on social media as we waited for Kawhi's decison. The Clippers are title contenders for the upcoming season. Being a lifelong Lakers fan I never thought I would ever say that, but hey things change.

Balance and order has been restored in the NBA with all of the free agent signings. Things look more similar to the NBA Jam days with two all stars and very good role players on a team, instead of having five allstars like the Warriors had last year. I can honestly say I am very excited for this upcoming season and do not actually have any idea which two teams will make it to the finals and who will come out on top in the NBA. I really like the idea of this season being unpredictable in who the clear cut winner will be. Should be an exciting NBA year!


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