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Where has all the AMMO gone!? I found some :)

Updated on April 24, 2013

Sources Say 6 months

Much like the rest of the US, Alabama is no exception to the recent shelf emptying of .22 Ammunition. So this leaves the final question, Where has all the .22 Ammunition gone?

After the events of Sandy Hook, a large amount of gun enthusiasts flocked to their local gun dealers to buy every brass casing of ammunition. Causing a huge problem in demand. Avid shooters found themselves with guns, but no ammo. Personally I had just purchased an upper receiver for an AR-15, as well as, a drop in .22 conversion kit for my new build. On order I had placed a custom lower receiver. I wanted my first AR-15 to be perfect. I went the extra mile, to find the best but arguably cheapest source for my polymer body, rails, and trigger frame. I picked out pins and forward assist models to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I even went so far as to picking out a custom blue charging handle. In the mean time, my main goal was to enter competition shooting. I went out and bought a Smith and Wesson SA .22. I bought 1000 rounds of .22 ammunition. I had so much fun shooting it, and Boom, Sandy Hook, Gun control and empty shelves. I found myself with no ammunition.

My range days seemed over after that time. So where is the Ammo?

  • In the hands of the people who bought all on the shelves
  • In the hands of the police
  • In the hands of the manufacturer.

You must understand that the USA's supply of ammunition has a specific order it goes to.

1st, it goes to the military, their armory and their reserve must be full. And yes, this includes .22 ammunition. Many of the survival rifles used by the military use a rimfire .22.

2nd, goes to the law enforcement agencies all over the country.

3rd, the manufacturer puts back so much to put into reserve for the future ammo crisis.

4th, it goes on the shelves.

Unfortunately, inside people, the employees of these stores, have their priority customers, who are immediately informed when these trucks arrive. Leaving the average consumer, ammo-less..

So where do we find it?

Online.. HA! good luck, many of the online stores are out of stock.

If you really want to find ammunition this is how you do it:

  • Conserve - What little ammo you have, you need to conserve. Do not go out and put 2000 rounds down range for your practice this week, instead limit yourself. Now you need to be proficient in your gun use, but do it in moderation.
  • Seek family owned gun stores - While the major stores are sold out, ie, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Academy Sports, etc.. Many of your smaller stores such as farmers co-ops and small pawn shops still have bits of ammunition. Check there first.
  • Google it- I know this is not very valuable information. Google, .22 ammunition sales, and skip about 20 pages into the search. I have found a few websites still selling .22 ammunition and other ammunitions such as .40 and .45 in large quantities.
  • Reloads - While you cannot reload .22 rimfire ammunition, you can find people who can reload ammunition such as .40 or .45, even down to .38, and lower.. Keep going to the range and ask around. While many people won't give out their secrets, some friendly folks, might be able to give you the information where your ammunition might be found.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, us gun enthusiasts, are primarily frozen in place, until the gun crisis ends.

Local sources, from military to police, estimate it being another 8-10 months from this day, before the shelves are stocked full again.

Fear.. Causes things like this to happen.


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