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Choose From Various Types of Camping Tents based on Merit

Updated on February 17, 2014
camping tents
camping tents | Source

Choose the right one for your needs

The camping tents come in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, they can still be classified according to their characteristics. The following are the most common types or categories that people should know.

  • The first category consists of the avian tents. An avian tent uses one or two poles that are planted to the ground away from each other. The cover is spread out so that a specific piece of ground can be covered. The ground that will be covered will depend on the size of the cloth. The cloth is attached to the ground. Avian tents are practically used for light weather conditions. For example, if a camper does not plan to spend a night in the woods, this is the type that will suit him. It is enough to protect him from the heat of the sun.
  • The pyramid type uses a single central pole. The tent cover is spread out around that pole. The result I a pyramid-like shelter. It is not that stable and it is rarely used in camping. When it is used, only the baggage, and not the campers, will be housed inside it.
  • The traditional A-Frame camping tents feature two-legged frames. These frames are situated at the outer ends of the tent. With the cover, the A-frame type forms a triangular pocket. This type is probably the most traditional type of camping tent. Sometimes, people add ridgepoles and center hoops to make these things roomier. However, once new types have been invented, the A-frame tents slowly faded into the background. Nevertheless, these things are still ideal for individual campers and hikers. Since it focuses on length, it is ideal for tall individuals.
  • The hoop tents are very similar to the A-frame types. However, instead of using triangular frames, these things use curved hoops. Two to three hoops forms a tubular pocket which allows more space to be enjoyed. These things are surprisingly stronger than the others. They divide the pressure over the length of the various hoops. People who plan to camp in windy locations might want to consider the hooped type.
  • The wedge camping tents are very common. A wedge tent is characterized by two intersecting hoops. The four legs of these hoops establish the corners. This creates a square-like pocket over the ground. Since they are very easy to establish, a lot of people use these wedge types.
  • The dome camping tents are also very popular. They are similar to wedge tents but they consist of three or more hoops. This increases the strength of the tent and could accommodate about four to six persons depending on the size. The only problem is that they are difficult to erect. The great thing about them is that they offer a lot of protection especially during inclement weathers.

As mentioned earlier, the categories above are only based on similar characteristics. There are still other types that do not fit in any of these categories. This is because they are hybrids of two or more types. The hybrids are created so that the strong positive qualities of a single type can be combined with the beneficial characteristics of another.

Where can a person purchase best camping tents? These things are usually available in sports stores. In those stores, people can ask for advice if they do not know which types to pick. Aside from sports stores, these things can also be purchased online. A lot of online websites offer great tents that people will enjoy while camping. All people have to do is to place their orders, and their tents will be sent to them right away. Those who are planning to go camping must definitely secure for themselves some good ones that will suit their needs.


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