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What type of NFL fan are you?

Updated on February 28, 2015

NFL Fan Types

What type of fan are you?

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The Zealous NFL Fan

I won't remember this in the morning.
I won't remember this in the morning.

#1) The "Zealot" NFL Fan

For this fan I think of BO encrusted football jerseys, Raiders car stickers, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader posters in the garage, Steelers tattoos, and unruly tailgating. Sunday football is not a game, it is a religion these vocal minority.

So much aggression seems to be present in these fans, but that may be the mandatory game-time alcohol that is doing the talking. For, it's not just a game to them, it's a war between teams. Watch out- if you don't like their team or colors, they won't or don't like you.

You'll recognize these fans whether in an office or blue collar job setting because they'll sneak in their game gear every Friday. They want to make sure others know where they stand.

Bobble heads? "I've got twenty... but I want more!"

The Poser NFL Fan

Yeah... I'm a legit football fan.
Yeah... I'm a legit football fan.

#2) The "Poser" NFL Fan

These fans are just as loud and obnoxious as the armchair-quarterbacks-zealots, but they have a shallow passion. They are known as the office "sports guru" for spouting off facts. Facts that they likely just read from studying a stat sheet during work hours.

Walk by their desk and they'll say something like, "Great game by Peyton yesterday- eh?" These guys usually spout random football stats but they can't back up surface layer facts about player history and game strategies.

Don't be fooled by these fans just because these fans are really active in Fantasy Football leagues. These poser fans do Fantasy Football not really because of football but mainly to best their peers in the heat of completion.

Choose to be more or less of a fan if you find yourself in this rut of a fan.

The Bored NFL Fan

If I have to watch one more vacuum demonstration I am going to freak!
If I have to watch one more vacuum demonstration I am going to freak!

#3) The "Only thing on TV on Sunday" NFL Fan

"Ok... Let's see what's on TV... Infomercials, golf, NASCAR, religious sermons... NFL. Sure, let's watch NFL. I guess this is the best option. Besides, the commercials are often entertaining."

I find many fans are in this fan base. The number of these fans are dwindling though. Recorded TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and so forth is killing it. We now have better things to watch then what is on network TV!

I get why a lot of people feel like they are in this group. For, 90% of what the game commentators say goes in one ear and out the other. Who cares about what the starting linebacker eats or breakfast?

You'll often go to someone's house on Sunday and a game is on and no one is watching... it's just the background noise.

Why do you like the NFL?

Why? - choose the best answer.

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The Casual NFL Fan

Don't get hurt chillin at the stadium
Don't get hurt chillin at the stadium

#4) The "Casual" NFL Fan

The casual fan is where the majority of people are. They love watching players of their respective universities, but they do not really have a team they is follow.

These fans play the part (not like the Zealot or Poser) of a good fan. For example, they wear the T-shirts and attend live game, but they don't follow the players, coaching changes or grieve a loss.

These are the first fans to walk away from a deep conversations at the office watercooler and give an obvious eye roll when the office sports guru predicts a huge win for the local team.

As casual fans, we like to join in on the exciting times for the team, but not apt to stay during stormy weather. We fill the stadiums, but are the first to go when it is a blowout in the 3rd quarter.

The Anti-NFL Fan

No fun allowed.
No fun allowed.

#5) The "Anti-NFL" Fan

This is a growing fanbase. The decrease in fans and increase in Anti-fans doesn't solely have to do with the recent PR problems of the league. Of course, there is a falling out because many players have domestic abuse charges, substance abuse problems, anger issues, and offend people (with their bloated social profiles).

There are problems with the league management, so problems start at the top. And until recently, sponsor not pulling their support were signaling that everything is ok. However, things are blowing up and making sure to drive home the fact that their actions need be better.

These public figures that often have no education are being held on pedestals and treated as role models.

More people are starting to ask questions like:

  • Why do players get paid so much money each year to have fun?
  • Why are they above the law with domestic abuse charges, DUIs, unruly public behavior, etc.?
  • Do the player really care about the fans or is it about the money?
  • Do they even care of about the sponsorships or is to earn a buck?

If the league cannot change their reputation then more and more people will start falling into this group.

The Zealous NFL Fan

Do like or hate the NFL? Let us know!

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