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50 years of Soccer in Central America

Updated on March 12, 2012

Mexico City 1954

The Salvadoran soccer team has a made history once, and it will do it again. The Salvadoran soccer team took home gold for the first time against a hosting country in the 1954 Caribbean games. They beat Mexico whom was hosting for the Caribbean games.

Mexico 1968

There are always underdogs in most world sports cups. None was more of an underdog than Guatemala during the Men’s Olympic Game Soccer Tournament. In 1968 coming back from incredible odds, the Guatemalan Soccer team came back to beat Czechoslovakia 1-0 in the 1964 games as well as beat them in the Olympiad in, United Mexican States.

Montreal 1976

Guatemala’s Men’s soccer team first qualified as one of the 13 teams n the official Olympic football tournament n Montreal Canada. They had only been represented in such a noble tournament before in the 1972 Olympic Games from Munich.

Puerto Rico 1979

Costa Rica was the highlight of the 1979 Pan American games in San Juan Puerto Rico. It was the first time Costa Rica was in the running for the top spot. They came in 4th over all but came back against the host nation with revenge the next year and ended up winning it 3-0.

Seoul 1988

Guatemala has an exceptional history of coming in as an underdog. Yet in 1988 they yet again became the sixth Central American team in a row to enter the Summer Olympics Games.

U.S.A 1998

Was the first year that Guatemala was in the World Gold Cup. They tied brazil in the world championship for 0-0

Colombia 2001

Honduras was on a winning streak, and finally in 2001 they made world history they were able to defeat the long standing Brazilian team 2-0 in the American Cup. Just prior to this they were almost the Gold medal winners of the Pan American Games in Canada where they lost 3-1 to Mexico.

Greece 2004

After many years of being disappointed the Men’s soccer team of Costa Rica finally became one of the eight finalists in the Olympic Games in, Athens Greece. Costa Rica finally became an international player on the soccer scene and is truly a mighty team to content with.


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