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7 Survival Prepper Gear Necessities

Updated on September 27, 2021

Prepare for an Emergency

in today's uncertainty, it is important to prepare for the unknown. We spend a lot of our lives paying for insurance in case something bad happens. I think we forget to prepare for the disasters that might make your insurance investments useless.

What are some of these disasters? What if you lost your job? What if a natural disaster knocks out the power in your area for more than 2 weeks? What if there is a terrorist attack on your city? There are a lot of things that can happen, things that will cause stress in your life and might endanger your health.

Filtered Water Bottle

Water is the most important thing in an emergency situation. If you don't have water he won't last more than three days. It is important to have a way to filter your water. Sometimes it's easier to use a filter than it is to boil the water. It's always a good idea to boil the water but if you are not home or the power is out and you can't boil water, having a water filter is an easy fix.

There are several really good filters out there. It's easy to look them up on the Internet. You can many times get them cheaply on eBay. Do your research and make sure you get one that has a good review rating. You can also get a straw that has a built-in filter. This is an interesting contraption where you can drink directly from a stream. The filter will pull out all the contaminants as you drink it.


A knife it's probably the single most important tool you can carry it any time in your life. You can use it for so many things. You can use a knife to cut rope or screw in a boat. You can use a knife to scrape bark off the tree see you can start a fire.

Choosing a knife is easy as you want it to be. You can choose a knife based on its price and how much money you have. You can choose a knife on its quality and how sharpen the blade is and how long it will hold its edge. Finding the right knife or you may take a little bit of research or you can go to your nearest Walmart and buy a simple pocket knife for five bucks.

Learn how to use that knife. Know how it opens and keep it sharp. Oil the joint so it is easy to open and close. Feel free to have several knives to choose from. Keeping one in your pocket is always a good idea. I keep wanting a toolbox in my trunk so if I need it when I'm driving I can get to it.


Para cord is an extremely strong rope that you can use for hundreds of different things. People make them into bracelets and belts so they have a length of Paracort on them at all times. I've seen people use para cord to set traps to catch animals for dinner. I've seen people use para cord to set up a tent when they need a shelter for the night.

You can use pair cord to string up your fish when you catch them out on the lake. You can use pair cord to drag a tree trunk out of the street. The possibilities are and less and having a good length of this cord at all times can get you out of a bind.

Every Day Carry Keychain

If you were going to carry a keychain than having items on it that will help you in the long run is a good idea. I keep an extra pocket knife on my keychain. I also keep a pair of fingernail clippers and a small military grade CanOpener. All of these items are as bad as large as a normal sized key. They don't really get in the way and don't add a whole lot to the weight of your keychain.

There are other things you can keep on a key ring. You can have a pair of tweezers or a tube full of matches. You can find small fires starting kits including a striker or fire steel. There are several different kinds of multi-tools you can buy that or no larger than a key. He's multi-tools including screwdrivers and wrenches. You can keep a bottle opener on your key ring. All of these things will help you out in an emergency.


We were lie a lot on electricity to survive. Sometimes we don't realize how much we rely on it. Electricity runs everything from our refrigerator tour televisions to our sulfones. Without electricity I think a lot of people would not know what to do.

It's important to have a plan when it comes to electricity. You must know what you're going to do if the power goes out. How are you going to keep your groceries cold? How are you going to provide light see you can see what you're doing at night. Maybe you need to ask yourself if you really need electricity. People live without electricity for thousands of years. We've only had it for the last 150 years.

Think about buying a generator that runs on gasoline. This will help you for a little while. You might also think about getting a battery back up that is hooked to solar panels and possibly a windmill. If you can generate your own electricity in store that power and back up batteries then you might be able to support A few of your electronics.

Can you start a fire without a match or lighter?

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Fire Kit

if the power goes out in the winter time, you might have to make a fire. If you get stranded somewhere far away from civilization you might have to make a fire. If you go camping with your family, you might have to make a fire.

Whatever the case, it is a good idea to know how to make a fire without matches. I like to keep a bundle of jute twine in a small candy tin, along with a fire steel and a few matches. I find a small container with cotton balls and Vaseline is a great wick that will hold a flame long enough to get the kindling burning.

There are other ways to start a fire. Steel wool and a 9 volt battery will start a fire. You can start one with a magnifying lens. Get creative and have several ways to start a fire in your kit.


Have a backpack filled with supplies that will keep you alive for 3 days. These supplies should include clothes, food and water. You might keep your knife, paracord and fire kit in your backpack as well.

this backpack would be great as a camping pack. Strap a tent and a sleeping bag to it and you will be ready to go. Pack a cane pole and a few bobbers with hooks and you will be able to feed yourself when your 3 days of food run out.

Keep your bug out bag somewhere easy to grab. If the SHTF, you will want to grab it and get out of dodge. Think about keeping it your car so you will have it anywhere you go.


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