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7 Tips for Better Golf Driving

Updated on September 2, 2013

Regardless of their level of achievement, golf players like to know how to drive better. In golf, it is very important to hit off the tee. This is in fact very challenging too. Most golfers are able to achieve only fifty percent mastery over the tee area. Though they may drive half of their shots well, they might not do well with their other half. Here are some useful tips for better golf driving that all golf players can adopt irrespective of their proficiency in the sport.

There are a lot of articles on better golf driving techniques. However, most of them do not present ideas clearly or in a concrete form. In fact there are some important driving tips that most articles have overlooked. It is useful to know about them.

Ensure you keep the ball in play. Most golfers do not give this as much importance as they focus on hitting the ball over long distances. Think about it, your whole effort will go waste if the ball slices or hooks into the woods and you end up losing your stroke. As much as possible, you need to stress more on accuracy than distance.

As you take your turn at the tee, you must focus on the appropriate posture. Although the "right" posture may differ from person to person, there are some common points that everyone can share.

Keep in mind that your feet should be shoulder width apart and you need to play the ball off your left heel. And right from the start, be sure to position your head behind the ball.

It is common for some golfers to stand too straight or slump too much while addressing the ball. The ideal position is to keep some flex in the knees. Imagine a short stop in baseball. This position is the most appropriate one.

Tools for Better Golf Driving

Here is another good golf tip for driving.

Attempting to hit the ball hard will always result in a poor drive. This might be surprising to new players. If you want to get more distance off the tee, then there is no point in ripping the ball. Alternatively, if you increase the club speed while the head descends into the ball, the drive will be much longer.

Speaking of better golf driving tips, forget the 460cc clubs. The larger size of this club enables transferring more energy into the balls while hitting, and this club is popularly used by most players today, but it is not that easy to master them; you need a good amount of practice. And while they do not improve their skill, they cannot just lay off their old clubs and pick this one up to play.

But if you must use this club, be sure to tee the ball up higher while using 460 cc clubs. The height must be decided depending on the type of club you use. If you want to get the ball to good heights off the ground, then it is advisable to buy some new and taller tees.

The last driving tip in golf is all about practicing. Without steady and consistent effort, you can never improve your golf shots. This is equally true about tee shots too. If you have time constraints, spend at least 30 minutes a week practicing. During this practice session make it a point to work with one or two clubs and your driver.

There are several online sources to learn about better golf driving tips, however, personally I believe that The Simple Golf Swing program stands out. nonetheless, the more tips you learn, the better you can play the game.


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