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7 Tips for Golf Beginners

Updated on April 30, 2013

Budding golfers can get a number of golf tips from the internet, and most articles and books on golf give the same kind of tips, which leaves a collection of rare tips that beginners never hear of. But even though this article is focused on giving 7 tips for golf beginners, we made sure to include some rare tips on the game as well.

The crucial part of the game is to choose the right kind of clubs to play with. For children and juniors, the club height should match their height. It is very common to find young players practicing with the clubs used by their parents, but this is not advisable as this habit could lead to bad swinging practices that might ruin their chance at playing a good game later in their life.

Often the beginners overlook certain important aspects of the golf game, hence why I wrote these 7 tips for golf beginners. For instance, they need to know and observe the fundamental golf rules and etiquette on the course. It is very important to know how to enter and exit a sand trap for example. You should know the purpose of the rake that's sitting right near the sand trap. It is important to learn whether you are violating a rule by grounding your club. In this regard, accomplished golf players can help them by giving a good amount of advice regarding the rules and etiquette.

Because when new players start teaching themselves, often they might get frustrated when they can't even master the fundamentals of the swing, even after a long practice. This situation can be avoided by getting a few lessons from accomplished players. The course pro is useful in learning to set up properly, learning the swing process and getting feedback on shots, right on the spot.

One of the most important tips for beginners deals with the takeaway. It is very common among the new golfers to whip the club back using their hands. Players must realize that the proper takeaway is of great importance to the rest of the swing as it is the deciding factor for the shot’s success. As a new player, know that it is not necessary to bring the club back fast to execute a good shot.

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Another challenging area for the beginners is the body rotation. The appropriate way to get the club back is to let the shoulders turn as you maintain a square club face. The hips must follow eventually. When you are at the top of the backswing, let your hips take the lead and commence the downswing, followed by the hands.

The crucial importance of a proper follow through is another rarely discussed tip in golf. While some shots might need a complete follow through, others might not. Learning which type is appropriate for every given shot is important for those who are still learning.

Beginners often make the mistake of stopping short on the follow through. This is certainly a bad motion that can seriously affect the overall performance of the shot. Since this happens due to their urge to see where the ball flies, they must control their urge and continue the follow through until it is complete.

Understand the importance of regular practice in the game of golf. You will need a good amount of training to become proficient in this game. Practice using every type of club that you have and test how it reacts to your swing. A good amount of dedicated practice can easily get you through your journey with the game of golf.

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