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9 Lure Fishing Tips for Beginners

Updated on March 12, 2011

To catch a predatorial fish, you can either use a real fish - preferably dead - or an artificial one made out of wood, plastic, metal or rubber. The whole art of lure fishing is making inanimate objects look like a fleeing or wounded fish to any hungry predator and fooling the predator into thinking that he's up for an easy meal.

There are times when you'll just have to use a real dead fish. Perhaps the water is very cloudy or temperatures are particularly low — two conditions when predators prefer an easy meal that they can scoop up off the bottom. But for most of your predator fishing, lures are the most exciting, and one of the most efficient, ways of fishing. Lure fishing has become more and more of an exact science over the last few years and there is now a bewildering array of shapes, sizes, colorings and designs on the market. Don't panic, though, take it simply at first, step by step, and the necessary know-how will gradually slip into place.

Although you can use almost any rod, you'll get more pleasure if you use something that is designed for the job. With lure fishing, you will be casting and retrieving all day long, so you don't want a rod that is too heavy. Nor do you want a rod that's too long - between 8 and 9 feet (2.4-2.7m) is ideal since this both cuts down on weight and increases casting accuracy. There are many lure rods on the market now, and many American models are available around the world, so no-one should have to pay top dollar.

Lure fishing tips

  • Hook strips offish or bacon rind onto the treble of a spinner - these can frequently tempt a wary fish.
  • Choosing the right spinner can be a nightmare, and it pays to buy a couple of each of tire common patterns, try them out and build up your own experience.

  • Try working a surface lure at night, especially if the water is calm and there is a full moon. Fish tend to be very active during these periods, especially in the summer.
  • If you see a predator following your lure, do not under any circumstances slow down the retrieve. The lure will then look less than lifelike and the predator will lose interest. If anything, it pays to speed the lure up.
  • Try painting big white spots onto your large plug. These white spots will make the predator think that your artificial has a fungal disease and will be easy to catch.
  • Always carry a file with you when you're lure fishing. Just give those treble points an extra sharpening before fishing. This can make all the difference between a firmly hooked fish and one that shakes itself free.
  • Always flatten down the barbs on big trebles. If you don't, hook penetration can be difficult and unhooking an absolute nightmare.
  • Never forget to take a large, sturdy, pair of forceps with you when you go lure fishing. These are essential for unhooking any lure-caught fish. You simply cannot take the hooks out with your fingers - especially if the fish that you've just caught is a mean-looking pike.
  • If you don't live in the US and a friend is going there, send for some catalogues, mark out the lure fishing gear that you want and ask your friend to buy it for you. There is a wide range, and it is much cheaper.


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