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how to skimboard for beginners

Updated on November 21, 2010
Choosing the right skimboard is key to enjoying this sport!
Choosing the right skimboard is key to enjoying this sport!

Choosing The Perfect Skimboard For ANYONE!

Picking the right skimboard can be crucial to your entire experience. Picking the wrong board can heavily hamper your time enjoying this sport. But on the other side, if you pick the correct board for you then this experience should actually be pretty fun. And after a couple times you'll be boarding like a professional! The sad thing is that many new comers to this wonderful sport don't understand about the different sizes and shape. These differences can really change the affects of the way your board rides! So if you don't want to make the same mistakes that most beginners make then check this out. It will save you time and money so it really should not be missed!

When buying a skimboard, the first thing you need to do is limit the boards by height. Now this isn't an exact science but most skimboarders prefer a board that goes up to their chest when standing it on the tail. So the best way to narrow your selection is by only looking at the ones in your size category. If you can't find one that is exactly chest height then that's fine. Just make sure that it's close to the required height. Now that we've narrowed are selection successfully, you should be looking at a couple of boards with optimal height! So go on to the next step.

Shape has a lot to do with the way a skimboard rides as well. When compared to a smaller skimboard, a wider and bigger board is smoother and faster at the loss of control. Now you can control a bigger board, it's just a lot harder! Think about your speed and athletic level. If you're a slower person that needs some extra help getting to the waves then you should opt for a wider bigger board. But someone that is extremely fast doesn't need as much help to get to the waves. But like you read before, smaller skim boards aren't as fast and don't go as far, but they have a distinct advantage that allows them to turn on a dime! This is why many professional skim boarders prefer to use smaller more narrow boards. The opposite goes for beginners. But if you're fast and just like a chilled smooth ride then you should definitely consider a big board! It all comes down to down to preference really.

The rocker or bend of the board is something to take note of as well. The more rocker to a board, the easier it will transition from the skimboarding on the sand to the actual water. But there is a terrible bad side to rockers; they can really make a board slow! This is all seriously about personal preference again. Each rider likes a different amount! It's not really as important for a beginner buying a first board, but a better skim boarder will need to know this! If the beaches that you ride on are steep where the sand and water meet then you will want more bend in your board. But if it's usually flat land then opt for a board with less rocker!

Weight is easy to figure out. Just pick the lightest possible board that meets your requirements! But if you think it will fly away on a windy day, then you may want to opt for the next lightest! That's all you have to do!

Now that you know what to look for in a skimboard then there's no reason to still be reading this! Go out and take part in this fantastic sport!

Wooden skimboards Vs. Fiberglass skimboards!

Like I said before, I can't even begin to stress the importance of choosing the right skimboard. It's one of the key components to looking like a professional skimboarder! Now I don't know about you, but I don't like to look like a beginner when I try out anything especially a new sport! I enjoy looking like I know what I'm doing. So how about you?

That's what I thought! Choosing the correct skimboard originates with deciding what type of skimboard you should get. The great part is that there's only two different types to choose from! This makes it a fifty fifty chance to choose the right one.

Wooden skimboards-
Choosing a wooden skimboard is usually considered as a bad idea. But don't be frightened, this is usually said because they aren't the best choice for people with a better comprehension on the sport. If you know how to skimboard then I would suggest that you don't even consider it! This is because they're heavy, don't float as well and are usually harder to get to the waves. But there are still great sides to these wooden skimboards. They're generally pretty cheap as well as being easy to find. Regular fiberglass skimboards can cost upwards of two hundred dollars a piece! If you can't skimboard then why pay this much, you're probably going to mess it up so save that money and buy something for that hot girl over there that's been checking you out! Wooden skimboards can be found for as low as forty to fifty bucks! Sure they're heavier and harder to ride but you won't notice it at all since your a beginner. Your not going to be going up in the waves before you can stay on the darn thing right? I highly advise any beginner to choose this while learning how to skimboard or at least stay on it anyway!

Fiberglass skimboards-
Fiberglass, fiberglass, fiberglass there's definitely a reason that all professional skimboarders choose this type. Although they're not the best idea for beginners. It takes skill in the wonderful sport of skimboarding to actually notice the difference between wood and fiberglass skimboards! The fiberglass skimboard is great for speed as well as getting up to the waves. They're lighter and faster than the wood counterparts. The bad part is that they are somwhat expensive. So if you know how to stay on the board, then this should be a great idea for you!

Save money on your fiberglass skimboard!

If you've just learned how to stay on your wooden board then I highly suggest that you try to buy a used skimboard. My first skimboards were all from Play It Again Sports. They were all in perfect condition besides a couple light scratches but I only paid about seventy five dollars for each skimboard! Now compared to brand new ones, I saved a couple hundred dollars! The great part is that they didn't require any repairs or anything! So be sure to check out your local used sports equipment store. Another place to ask is at the local surf shop. Don't just ask where the cheapest skimboards are, ask if they know of any used skimboards. They might know a guy desperate to get rid of a skimboard, so you save and he helps a friend! Trust me if they own or work at a surf shop they'll know where to find a great deal. Just make sure you say something along the lines of, "I'm new and don't know how to skimboard very well, you wouldn't know where I could find a used one do you?"


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Choosing board sizes etc is great, acurate info for sure, and good for every skimmer to know - excellent info. Only thing I have to disagree with is the idea to NOT buy a wooden board... it's not that they are bad, it's just that they are designed for a different type of skimming. Yes they suck in waves - don't even bother. That's not what they are for - get a foamie board for waves. Woodies are for doing Flatland skimming and hitting rails. They are tough and durable, whereas a foamie would get trashed. Also, I would never, ever! recommend ANY board that's $50 or less! It's gonna be crap for sure! Foamie or Woodie... get a good board! I recommend getting the best you can in your budget... if you can't afford one, try looking into a good used one - it will still be better than some crappy dollar store board. I've had mine for 3 years, sure it's in rough shape, but it still shreds hard!

      otherwise, great article ... so nice to see skimming get some recognition!

      check out for more info

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Man thanks cause I still new to skim boarding and use to surf as a kid but now I wanna teach the kids to skim before surf cause it's a lot cheaper then buying aboard the Probly won't use as often as a skimboard! Deffenitly gonna look for used in stead I new. Thank brother!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for the help!


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