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Nothing Gold Can Stay: A CMLL Running Diary

Updated on April 28, 2017

Hoy somos los mosqueteros del diablo. We miss you Brazo.

Today, the lucha libre world lost one of its biggest stars, Brazo de Oro. Regardless of whether you grew up watching Brazo and his brothers, Brazo de Plata and the late El Brazo, become one of the greatest lucha trios of all time or watched as his son La Mascara picked up where he left off, in someway you've been impacted by Brazo and his work. So with that in mind, I can't think of anyway better to pay tribute to him than by doing a running diary of tonight's CMLL Super Viernes, a show that as of right now is scheduled to be headlined by his son, La Mascara, as he takes on Volador Jr. in the main event. It will hopefully be a show full of unforgettable moments, hopefully a show that allows us to have some fun and sadly a show that will have its fair share of tears. And with that, I invite you to pull up a chair and lose yourself to it all for the next two hours. Moses, for Brazo.

9:28: I am live, I am done promoting and I am currently blaring Strike Anywhere. And not just the song you hear in this column. You can say this about a lot of shows, but I honestly have no idea what to expect tonight in the wake of Brazo's passing. All I know is there's no place I'd rather be than here.

9:32: Appears there's a technical glitch at the moment. Only in CMLL folks.

9:34: We are live. Thank you cubsfan.

9:34: Looks like the opener is Fantasy and Electrico vs. Pequeno Nitro and Pequeno Olimpico. In our first attempt to keep things light tonight, I shall quote that dude from Robot Chicken giving his thoughts on The Core to describe this match; eh, could be good.

9:36: Fantasy and Olimpico have been on the mat to start this one. You know this has to be killing Fantasy; the man is made to do Spanish Fly's off the second rope, not play Blue Panther.

9:37: Nitro and Electrico are in for some faster paced at work.

9:38: Electrico finally gets things going with a headscissors. Olimpico gets involved, which merely leads to an even better Electrico headscissors from the apron into the ring. Fantasy is enjoying this so much he gets in and hits an arm drag, before Nitro gets him with a crossbody.

9:39: Back and forth and back and forth we go.

9:40: WHOA!

9:40: The rudos take care of Fantasy through some double teaming, while Electrico gets counted out after taking one of the more unique double team moves in CMLL opener history. 1-0 rudos and who cares; how about that move?!

9:43: The unique offense continues in fall two, with Olimpico taking Electrico to task with what I can only describe is a swinging backslide submission. True story.

9:44: Nitro currently owning the technicos.

9:45: Fantasy looks to be finally turning the tide...but just to make sure, Electrico seals it with a cool hurricanrana. The technicos isolate Olimpico and THERE'S THAT GORRAM SPANISH FLY! Fantasy eliminates Olimpico with that while Electrico submits Nitro with a really cool submission. We're tied and this has been better than expected. Electrico in particular has been really good.

9:47: Nitro and Electrico will start fall three. That's good considering they've been the two best guys in this match thus far.

9:48: If only Electrico could work this way all the time. He and Nitro give way to Olimpico and Fantasy.

9:49: Fantasy takes out Olimpico with a hurricanrana. Nitro comes in, but he fares no better taking a Fantasy punch to the face. The technico tries a submission, but Olimpico breaks it up to take us to the "break up the falls" portion of the match.

9:50: Olimpico hits a ambitious, yet weak, codebreaker from the apron to the ring, then gets dropkicked by Electrico for his trouble. Eventually the rudos gain control again, but Electrico outsmarts them and lures Olimpico into a Fantasy crossbody.

9:51: More back and forth...until Fantasy beheads Nitro with a Lionsault while Nitro is hung up in the ropes! Awesome spot. That takes care of Nitro and, in an act of poetic justice, Olimpico is counted out to give the technicos the 2-1 win! I very much enjoyed that opener. Both rudos tried (a rarity in these openers), Fantasy hit his three spots really well and Electrico was, well, electric. Better than expected opener, and a good sign for the rest of this show.

9:57: The bad news; the next match is one of those weird trios matches were rudos team with technicos because CMLL! The good news; Zeuxis is in it, and she's teaming with Dalys and Marcela to take on Metalica, Sanely and Estrellita. Alright, maybe the Zeuxis/Dalys/Marcela thing is the only redeemable part here.

9:58: Dalys and Estrellita are the captains. Interesting note; Dalys, Zeuxis and Marcela not only look civil, but they took a group photo together before the match. That be a killer rudo team. Just saying!

9:59: Marcela and Metalica kick it off here. Should be a decent sequence.

10:01: As expected, this has been pretty good. Metalica actually gets some decent offense in to send Marcela to the floor, ending that so we can bring the Queen and Sanely in.

10:02: Sanely is running the ropes. HIDE!

10:03: Sanely actually gets the better of Zeuxis. Let's go live to my reaction of that.

10:04: Estrellita must be getting a title shot, as she actively tried with Dalys and even hit a pretty good suicide dive! Sanely then takes forever to put Zeuxis with away with a pancake out of the wheelbarrow position (LAME!), while Metalica takes less time putting Marcela away with a good Swanton Bomb. 1-0 team Estrellita. Okay first fall, besides the unworthy Sanely getting bad offense against the best in the world.

10:07: Fall two starts off far better than fall one, with Zeuxis kicking Estrellita's face into outer space. Loved it. Also, I apparently missed Estrellita botching a move during that first fall. Even when she tries she sucks!


10:10: There was a brief moment of dissention between Marcela and Dalys...and now there will be more after Marcela accidentally kicked Dalys. Zeuxis tees off on Marcela and the technicas take advantage to roll up Zeuxis and Marcela for the win. Hold on, let me clear the pipes here; BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on CMLL; you're really gonna do the Queen like that? The result was meh and the match was meh, aside from Metalica doing well and the ruda team looking great when they had momentum in fall two. Otherwise, LAME!

10:13: One positive about that last match; it went short, which means that our next match is getting plenty of time. What's our next match you ask? Why none other than the electrifying Soberano Jr. taking on Sanson to determine the winner of the Copa Junior. Could be EPIC!

10:15: Sanson looks awesome with his black and orange gear. He's got his bro El Cuatrero in his corner, while it appears Soberano has Dragon Lee. Hot damn; you know they like you when Dragon Lee is coming out to be your corner guy.

10:17: This is a big one folks; not only is it the Copa Junior final, but I'm pretty sure this is the biggest singles match either dude has had in their career. A lot riding on it as they go to work on the mat.

10:18: Sanson grounds Soberano momentarily with a super cool leg lock. They eventually get into a double wrist lock, before Soberano breaks it with a snapmare. Looking good so far, with Soberano keeping up with Sanson on the ground.

10:20: Pace is picking up. Sanson gets a near fall on Soberano and slaps him to the ground as the crowd boos. He briefly goes for the mask, but then picks Soberano up, whips him into the corner, hits a clothesline and a soft big boot for a near fall.

10:21: BIG moonsault for Soberano after Sanson gets caught in the ropes. It feels like Edgar counted to four, but regardless Soberano gets his three count, a 1-0 lead and some water from Dragon Lee! Good start to this match.

10:22: Quick start to fall two with a ton of roll up attempts. Soberano gets Sanson in the ropes, gets caught in the ropes himself and Sanson quickly knots it up with a knee off the top. No water for him after the fall; come on Cuatrero, be more like Dragon Lee! Too quick to be anything significant, but that's alright if fall three is a knockout.

10:23: Leo, tell it like it is.

10:24: Sanson is complete control to start fall three, hitting a few slams for near falls and just pounding Soberano onto the mat. The technico is rallying now though with a side kick.

10:25: Sanson takes back control with a standing double stomp. That looked harsh! Near fall. Soberano then counters with a powerslam and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

10:26: Sanson tried a rolling German Suplex, but Soberano rolled out! Soberano goes for a Lionsault, but Sanson catches him and hits a powerslam for a near fall! Good sequence.

10:27: Whip into the corner by Sanson, Soberano counters, gets Sanson up top and RUNS INTO A HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP! Near fall. First big move of the match, which is quickly followed by the second when Soberano hits a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor. He's heating up!

10:28: Soberano goes for a second but SANSON CATCHES HIM! He powerbombs him into the barricade, swings him into the barricade and just for good measure gets back in the ring so he can hit a sweet suicide dive! Things are getting good.

10:29: We're back in the ring. Sanson goes up top, Soberano tries the same running hurricanrana he did earlier, only Sanson catches him and flips him off the top! Near fall.

10:30: We're on the ramp. Soberano tries to catch Sanson off guard with his speed, but ends up getting backdropped onto the ramp at the end of the all. WE NOW HEAD TOWARDS THE STAGE, where Soberano powers slams him and HE'S WALKING UP THE STAGE AND DOES A 900 OFF THE GORRAM STAGE!

10:31: Just threw ice water on myself. We're back in the ring, with Soberano missing a crossbody that leads to a Sanson near fall. They're now exchanging strikes on the mat.

10:32: Sanson runs and misses Soberano, heading to the floor. Soberano wastes no time taking advantage with a tope con hilo! He then sends Sanson into the stands and HOLY FUCK! Tope con hilo over the barricade and into the crowd!

10:33: Finally getting back in the ring. Soberano goes for another dive, but Sanson sneaks back in and hits a springboard crossbody! The tamest move of the last ten minutes.

10:34: Back in the ring. Sanson reverses a Soberano headscissors attempt with a hard slam. It's only two. Even Dragon Lee is losing his cool!


10:36: Soberano with a 900 off the top rope! Only two. He then hits the moonsault while Sanson is hung in the ropes again, but Sanson gets to the ropes. Sanson then hits a powerbomb onto the knee, but it's only two. MY GRODD BILLY!


10:39: The fans throw cash into the ring, Soberano puts the cash into his newly won Copa Junior trophy and Sanson scurries out of there without a handshake like he's Russell Westbrook. Who cares; what a match! Probably the best match I've seen in Arena Mexico this year, with both guys killing themselves in the third fall to make this special. Soberano looked like a superstar and Sanson wasn't far behind. Great match and one that should do a lot for both guys.

10:40: All the refs, all the announcers, the locker room and La Mascara are all out. This must be the ceremony for Brazo de Oro. Mascara is on the verge of tears as Soberano hugs him.

10:42: Really nice tribute for Brazo. Mascara then takes the mic, cuts a brief promot and thanks the crowd. He and Caristico then lead a Brazo chant in the ring, before everyone hugs poor Mascara again. Man, if this doesn't make you want Mascara to win tonight's match then I fear for you.

10:45: All the guys for the next match were already out so we go right into the match. It's Valiente (technico captain), Diamante Azul and Marco Corleone vs. Hechicero (captain), Ripper and Kraneo. Let's try to get our bearings back.

10:46: Ripper and Valiente start off on the mat. The more I think about it, between the great last match and the moving Brazo tribute, it wouldn't shock me if they just take it easy here. Might be for the best.

10:47: Hechicero and Diamante now doing work on the mat. Ain't it amazing how much better Diamante looks without Pierroth weighing him down?

10:48: They pick up the pace and Diamante hits a great backbreaker. That's all for him and Hechicero sadly, as Marco and Kraneo are in for some comedy.

10:49: Perhaps I spoke to soon! Instead of comedy we get a rudo gang attack, with Ripper taking Diamante to the announcer's table while Hechicero wrecks Valiente ringside. In the ring Kraneo...does something to Marco? They're really focusing out of ring right now.

10:50: Kraneo hip attacks Marco's shoulder to kingdom come, but doesn't go for the cover. Instead he watches Hechicero tease throwing KeMonito into the stands before ultimately covering and eliminating Marco. Valiente then comes in and takes a knee and a hip attack before Ripper pins him. What a way to go. 1-0 rudos after an okay first fall.

10:53: More rudo beat downs to begin fall two. We're finally veering into "It's Time for a Comeback" meme territory.

10:54: And here it is.

10:55: No sooner does the comeback begin does it end...with Marco splashing all three rudos to tie the match. They move fast those technicos. Nothing special, which is fine considering what came before it.

10:57: Hechicero and Valiente begin fall three with slap exchanges. Hechicero finally just dropkicks Valinete and then actually takes him down a few times before Valiente turns the tide with a dropkick to the knees. Hechi tags Kraneo in, who fares better until he misses a charge into the corner, which leands to Valiente putting him down and KeMonito splashing him off the top!

10:58: Diamante and Hechicero are now in, with Diamante tossing his shirt at Hechicero. Hechicero tosses it up int eh air and then blind sides Diamante, which just leads to Diamante eventually clotheslining him.

10:59: Attempted rudo double team merely leads to Diamante backbreaking Ripper. He then easily picks up Kraneo and hits an awesome Nail in the Coffin. Diamante looking great right now!

11:00: To think; Hechicero could've been working Zack Sabre Jr. tonight. Instead he's getting punked by Marco.

11:01: MIJE OUT GRINDS MARCO! Sadly it just leads to Marco doing more Marco things, though Valiente spices things up with a super cool suicide dive. Marco then picks up Mije and BAH GAWD MIJE HAS SPLASHED KRANEO AFTER BEING TOSSED IN THE AIR BY MARCO! Marco gets the three of that while Diamante seals it with a German on Hechicero. Technicos win. Simple match that did it's job; nothing more, nothing less.

11:06: After more ads than an NFL game, we're ready for the semi-main event! Dragon Lee (fresh off his successful run as a second), Caristico and Mistico take on Mephisto (who has a new mask), Negro Casas and Cavernario. If they want to, this could be as good as the Soberano-Sanson match.

11:10: Casas and Mistico are captains. Look at Mistico swiping that from Lee and Caristico! Mephisto and Caristico will start.

11:11: That doesn't last long as Casas and Lee come in! Crowd immediately gets hyped and the two engage in an awesome back and forth as only these two can.

11:12: Cavernario comes in to assist, but ends up getting a plancha from Caristico. The rudos are then clear from the ring and Dragon Lee gives us our first dive of the match! The good news ends there though, as Mephisto catches Mistico on the top rope with the Devils Wings while Cavernario hits a 187 Suplex on Caristico. The tide turns quickly! 1-0 rudos after a good first fall.

11:14: Casas and Lee brawling on the stage to start fall two! Eventually they get back to the ring, where the rudos reign supreme.

11:15: According to Twitter, Mephisto is actually wearing a La Mascara mask in honor of Mascara and Brazo de Oro. Well done Mephisto; well done! Even better is that he takes the hurricanrana of doom spot from Caristico, starting the comeback. It all leads to Caristico and Mistico getting La Mistica's on Cavernario and Mephisto to tie that shit up! Quick but decent fall. Let's see what the third fall offers.

11:17: Technicos driving the rudos to the stage and OH MY LORD CARISTICO AND MISTICO DO SYNCHRONIZED CROSSBODY'S OFF THE STAGE!

11:19: Lee and Casas exchange strikes before Mephisto and Cavernario make the save. Mistico now in to take on Casas, while I'm off to correct my spelling of synchronized.

11:20: Mistico sends Casas out, then Mephisto sends Mistico out. Caristico then comes in to send Mephisto out, bring Cavernario in to...yeah you see where this is going. Or not, as Dragon Lee hurricanrana's Cavernario off the apron and to the floor! Mistico and Caristico celebrate this with a dive train!

11:21: Cavernario gets in and nearly gets rolled up by Caristico. Caristico hits an insane looking springboard crossbody, but gets slammed down by Cavernario right after and hit with the rope assisted splash for a near fall. Luckily he blocks Cav's second attempt and nearly gets a roll up before Mephisto breaks it up.

11:22: Near fall for Mephisto on an awesome move. Action is getting too quick for me now! Lee and Casas somehow are back in.

11:23: Back and forth and back and forth we go. Caristico hits a nice arm drag, avoids a Mephisto dropkick and OH MY GRODD IT'S GETTING CRAZY AGAIN! Great dives by Caristico and Mistico.

11:24: Casas and Lee with a GREAT fight on the turnbuckle. Lee wins and hits the double stomp, pinning Casas for the win! Very good match; I'm not sure it was as good as Soberano-Sanson, but these guys wanted it, Caristico and Mistico looked awesome throughout, the rudos did enough and the Lee-Casas sequences were money. Excellent match.

11:29: It's time. Volador Jr. vs. La Mascara is here and it begins with Mascara spearing Volador near the stage! He then brings Volador back towards the stage to slam him against the side before bringing him back to the ring. Exactly the start this needed.

11:30: Mascara charges the corner, but Volador moves out of the way. Mascara tries a clothesline but misses, and Volador connects with a quick super kick/backcracker combo to win fall one. The fans notably booed this in case you're wondering. Good start; liked the brawling on the ramp to set the mood.

11:32: Volador breaks out the speed for fall two, which catches Mascara off guard, leads to him being sent to the floor and leads to a Volador tope con hilo. It begins!

11:33: Back in the ring we go. Mascara tries to get a shot in, but Voaldor counters with a kick and a springboard crossbody. Mascara recovers quickly though, hits two superkicks (one while Volador is prone in the corner) and hits the running knees to even the match. Quick but effective. What do they have for fall three?

11:34: We begin with Mascara sending Volador into the stands! Mascara stomps on Volador for a moment, then bashes his head into the announcer's table before the two brawl further into the crowd. And yes, a drink is thrown in the process!

11:35: We're back in the ring and Mascara has torn the pants away. Volador ducks back out, so Mascara follows, kicks him in the ass, crotches him and superkicks him into the seats. Awesome!

11:37: Mascara tries to send Volador into the stands again, but Volador reverses it and sends Mascara hard into the barricade. This buys the technico enough time to get back in the ring and hit a great suicide dive.

11:38: And Volador isn't done! He hits a second straight suicide dive, and suddenly the crowd is starting to warm to him. Back in the ring we go.

11:39: Hurricanrana roll up by Volador, which Tirantes takes forever to count, resulting in a near fall. Voaldor confronts Tirantes, allowing Mascara to get a near fall on a roll up. They go back and forth for a moment before Mascara sends Volador to the floor and hits a suicide dive of his own!

11:40: OH MY! Mascara goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody to the floor! He likely hasn't done that move in eons.

11:41: Back in the ring, Mascara lays Volador out and goes up top again. His senton misses though, and Voaldor gets a two count on the cover.

11:42: Mascara blocks a Volador moonsault, but only gets two. Now he's mad at Tirantes. Actually seems like everyone is! Mascara sets Volador up for another dive, but Volador gets up and this is either Super Rana or Spanish Fly territory...or it's neither! Mascara with a Superplex and a brainbuster! Great move!!! But he only gets two.

11:43: Again Mascara goes up top. Hey it's working so far! This time Volador crotches him and that is an awesome Super Rana! It takes Volador a long time to get up though and Mascara is able to roll out of the ring! That's awesome. Very effective spot.

11:44: Mascara is living at the top rope! He goes up again, and once more Volador counters. This time though Mascara counters, sending Volador off and hitting a crossbody. And just like that he's got Volador in the Billy Goat's Curse and how about that?! La Mascara defeats Volador via submission to win a well deserved main event. The two hug after the match as fans throw coins in the ring. Volador then leaves and lets Mascara have his moment.

11:55: In what can only be described as one of the most emotional moments I've had the privelidge of seeing, La Mascara stayed in the and saluted the fans for several minutes before going into the ring to celebrate with a group of fans who brought a Brazo de Oro banner. They allowed Mascara to keep it in bring it back to the ring with him, where he held it up for everyone to see before breaking down in tears. And I must admit, I was crying with him.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the show. I'd like to say something more profound then that but I think the closing moments of the show tell the story better than I ever could. So with that, I thank you for spending time with me watching this show tonight and I'll see you again soon. Till then, Viva la Brazo de Oro! Viva la Mascara!

Please change disks to continue...


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