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A Hurting Phillies Fan

Updated on July 6, 2012

Reigning NL East Champs

As many of you know, I'm a die hard Philadelphia fan in every sport. No longer living in the Philadelphia area makes this even harder for me. As I had to give in to the fact the NY Giants won the Super Bowl after teh Eagles waiting too long before they decided to play football, I am now suffering through an unexpected, painful baseball season!! The Phillies have just been absolutely horrible this season.

I'm not going to hide behind the fact of their major injuries, which are definitely playing a role in this sub-par season, but even without the big guns of Utley and Howard, the quality pitching they have should keep them in any penant race. Of course, the offense does need to provide "some" runs, something the Phils have been unable to do all year. You tell me how it took Cliff Lee until July 5 to win his first game of the season. Haliday as well as suffered due to the lack of offense. Hamels could probably be closer to 20 wins at the mid-way part of the season had they been able to produce alittle more support for him.

Anyway, losing and being in last place is not something this Phillies fan is used to experiencing, at least not in recent years. Yes, when I was little, the Phillies were perennial cellar dwellings, but in the past decade, they've owned the NL East.

So here is the question I am posing to all you baseball fans out there, regardless of whether or not your a Phillies fan. Will the Phillies make a run for the penant in the second half of the season. Granted, they are 12 games out at the midway part of the season. Chase Utley has recently returned to the lineup after missing the entire season to date and has already hit a few home runs in his first week back. Ryan Howard could be back as early as this coming weekend (July 10) and we all know the impact he alone can have on an offense. Given Hamels has been having a great year and Lee, now with his first win, will hopefully get some more offensive support, do you think the Phils can pull off a turnaround? Haliday is sitll a few weeks away from being back on the mound in a game so that will just add to the potential fire power needed to make a serious run!!

If Ruiz continues as hot as he's been all year, Victorino gets out of his recent slump, and Rollins who has been hot of late, joins Pence in getting on base, I think you really can't count the Phils out just yet!!!

They only have a few weeks to prove that htey can still be a contender, otherwise, I think you're going to see a fire sale in Philly. Hamels and Victorino are free agents, so they would be the first to go!!

Anyway, I am making my claim right now, on July 7, that the Phils aren't done yet. I want to hear what you baseball fans out there think of my opinion? Let me know via comments below and enjoy the rest of hte season!!

Are Playoffs in the Phillies 2012 Future?

Do you think the Phillies have a chance to make a comeback this year?

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