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A Letter to Paco Alonso: or Why We Really Need L.A. Park vs. Rush to headline the 83rd Anniversary Show

Updated on July 19, 2016

Dear Paco Alonso,

First off, hello you reclusive bastard! My name is Eric, but you can call me Cult Icon, Cult, or as the Scott Steiner enthusiasts out there say, Colt Iken. Wow I’m already rambling and we’re not even through the first paragraph! As I’m sure you can guess by me writing to you and all, I’m a big fan of your pride and joy CMLL; in fact I’d say that aside from Lucha Underground there’s no wrestling promotion I follow or enjoy more than CMLL. I mean sure, you could have some of your lieutenants do a better job at announcing who will be on which card and the fact that Zeuxis isn’t wrestling every Friday night fills me with intense sadness, but hey everyone makes mistakes right? Overall I’d say you’re doing a good job. And because I want to see CMLL continue to do a good job, I come to you with a suggestion for your biggest show of the year, the 83rd Anniversary Show. Holy balls that’s a lot of Anniversary Shows!

What is this suggestion you ask? Well first, let me show you a match. I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen it, but on the off chance you haven’t click below and watch the clip. You won’t regret it I swear!

Did you enjoy that?! I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t so let’s go ahead and assume you sat there with a bigger smile than a seventeen year old boy watching Basic Instinct for the first time. And why not; that match between L.A. Park and Rush from last week’s Lucha Libre Elite show was pretty bad ass. They kicked ass, they bled, they threw what looks like mini-coolers at each other, they got so out of hand that one of your referees called the match and bailed like Earl Hebner in Montreal and even after all of that they continued to go all out anyway. It was simply electric; it felt like an Anniversary Show main event, with the only problem being that it was a random Elite show in July. Here’s the thing though Paco (can I call you Paco); it doesn’t just have to be.

I understand that at the moment you and your creative team are looking into every possible Anniversary Show headliner you can, especially after you declared earlier this year that the main event would be a match no one would see coming. And hey you’ve got a lot of options; La Mascara vs. Rush seems to be a popular feud right now, Atlantis vs. anyone for his mask is always a great option, Mephisto has gotten really hot this year; the list goes on. But while some of those options are good, even great (I’ll watch any mask vs. mask match with Atlantis in it), nothing you have is matching what Park vs. Rush is going to bring to the table. At best you’re looking at choosing between a lot of Pacific Rim’s and one Pan’s Labyrinth. Sure Pacific Rim was a whole lot of fun and you can do a lot worse than a match that is “canceling the apocalypse” levels of entertaining, but are you really going to pass up the chance to deliver the wrestling equivalent of one of the best fantasy films ever? Cause that’s what you got in L.A. Park vs. Rush.

What a photo am I right?!
What a photo am I right?!

Let’s look at the obvious for why this is such a hot match up. In one corner you have Rush, a guy who I would say is the most electrifying young star you have not named Dragon Lee. He looks like a star, he acts like a star, he has charisma rolling out of his ass; this goes without saying for you, but every time Rush is out there he immediately jumps off the screen. It also goes without saying that L.A. Park is the exact same way. He may not be the same guy he was back during his glory days in WCW (where myself and numerous other American wrestling fans fell in love with him), and I’ll gladly admit he’s risky because he does have a tendency to speak his mind in glorious fashion. But few have adapted as well as he has in the late stages of his career and no one, no one has given CMLL or Elite the sort of spark this year that L.A. Park has. Remember when he returned to Elite this year and brawled with Cibernetico? Or better yet just look at the reaction he got this past week for that brawl with Rush. The Chairman just has a way of capturing the lucha libre fan’s curiosity and attention right now the way no one else does, other than his potential opponent. No brainer alert here Paco!

And if that’s not enough for you, consider this. Anyone who was paying attention to the match Park and Rush had last week could see how much of a business success this was. Elite has had trouble filling out Arena Mexico throughout the year, and yet fans flocked to Park-Rush last week like it was a Pink Floyd reunion concert. It wasn’t as though they were quiet once there either; you guys have hot crowds all the time but this crowd was like something out of an Atlantis-Villano III mask vs. mask match. The energy, the passion, the excitement; as a fan watching at home it was remarkable to see and I can’t imagine how amazing it was to be there live. I want you to take a moment right now Paco to close your eyes and picture Park and Rush wrestling again in Arena Mexico, this time at the 83rd Anniversary Show. I want you to picture that building full again, on the edge of their seats to see how this bout turns out between the two. And now I want you to imagine the energy and excitement levels of the crowd with Park fighting for his legendary mask and Rush fighting for his hair. Hold on, I’ll wait.

Still waiting!
Still waiting!

Wasn’t that epic? Doesn’t that seem like a match that would absolutely bring the house down? That’s because it is my friend. You could put together a million different scenarios on the table that may work and may work really well, but short of putting together a hot Atlantis-Park feud over the next few months or going back in time and making Daniel Bryan healthy enough to come in and work the hair vs. mask match he wanted so much you’re not getting anything better than L.A. Park vs. Rush, mask vs. hair. It’s a match that’s been a long time in the making, it’s a match everyone wants to see and it’s a match that is certain to carry on the tradition of seeing many a grown folk left in tears at the end of the match regardless of who wins or loses. I’m serious; wouldn’t you cry if Rush’s beautiful hair had to be cut off? Most importantly, it’s a match that Americans (like myself), Canadians, Brits and Mexicans will watch and enjoy, because there’s simply no way L.A. Park vs. Rush isn’t going to be spectacular. Do it Paco; do it and then bathe in that money pool from all the earnings this match will give you back in your awesome cave somewhere close to the center of the earth.

Well I guess that’s pretty much it! Thanks for the time Paco; hope the day is good wherever you are (again, I’m guessing center of the earth) and please, make this match for the Anniversary Show. I’ll at least be ordering it on iPPV and I may even drag my friend from Australia to see the show with me. You really going to let us down like that? Take it easy!


Cult. Or Eric. Whichever works for you!

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