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A Spanish disaster in Maracana

Updated on June 19, 2014

The Return

Disappointed Andre Iniesta after the first round elimination of Spain from FIFA world Cup 2014
Disappointed Andre Iniesta after the first round elimination of Spain from FIFA world Cup 2014

Marcana blow repeated

Maracana blow is the famous term in football history since 1950 when Uruguay defeated the football kings Brazil in Maracana stadium in Brazil in the finals of FIFA World Cup 1950 and emerged as new world soccer champions. Still now Brazil people are mourning on that defeat and when FIFA world cup again hosted by Brazil that nightmare is hunting Brazil and its football fans. On that final day 1950 July 16 the streets of Rio de Janeiro was in a particular state as the Brazil men already started their 'champion' celebration on account of the performance of their previous matches. But when the final whistle of the game came the whole country was mourning in that incredible result - Uruguay 2 Brazil 1.

Some sparks

d Costa of Spain in the match against Chile.
d Costa of Spain in the match against Chile.

Collapse of Spanish Armada

Long before starting of FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil the soccer world were predicting the champions of this year. Brazil was the prime choice with Argentina followed by Spain. Regarding Spain they were the defending FIFA world cup soccer champions. Also two years ago they retained the European champions title which they bagged just two years before their maiden FIFA world cup. More over Spain was the runner up in Confederation Cup football that recently took place in Brazil itself. One more advantage of the team was that most of them were playing for the same team in Spanish football league (La liga). More over the Spanish armada of this year was with almost the same line up of 2010 FIFA world cup Final match line up. So by all means the Spain fans were in over confidence that their team will do miracle again.

But the collapse of Spanish Armada was incredible to every football fan in the world.Spain's first match of this world cup against Holland remembered the final match of FIFA world cup 2010 final match at Soccer city in Johannesburg. But the match in Brazil was a butchering revenge by the Orange squad. Holland defeated Spain by a margin of 5 - 1. Arjen Robben and Robin Vanpersy scored two goals each which were their revenge. The goal keeper cum captain of Spain Iker Casillas was not at all in their form in these match.

As Spain started the 2010 FIFA world cup matches also in this way by a first round defeat against Switzerland the soccer fans beleived that this first defeat is also for building a self confidence to fight forward from next matches onwards. But yesterday when the second match whistle blew then onwards Spain fans were exclaiming , is this the FIFA world cup champion Spain or some other squad ? The match against Chile was not at all the game of Spain team.

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Where is the fault ?

Now it is the time to do a postmortem of the defeat of the team by the coach and players. It is true that the crowns on the heads of current Spain football team was really heavy to them to hold. Every player was in struggle to retain the name which affected them in play ground. Eventhough they didn't say it in open it was true that each of them were in tension. That truth will be revealed by the team members soon. The second thing is that almost all of the team members have crossed the age of best performance. Football is a fast game where one has to reach in a position physically and mentally simultaneously. It is seen in Spain's match that , the players were struggling to reach with the pace of opponents. Age is a main factor in games like football. So no matter who was he in past , he should be boldly removed. The Spain coach had a great mistake in this regard. The other things that may be revealed in next days will shake the soccer world as this defeat is the greatest of its kind in this century. But it is true that in coming Euro Cup soccer as well as next FIFA world cup Spain can perform well without tension as the thorny crown "world champions" will not be there at that time. Every Spain fan also expect all these miracles from a youth filled team in coming years.


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      The team was full of youth.But the defenders were not at all well for Brazil.When T.Silva suspended the wall broke and tsunami came in!

    • profile image

      benny kv 3 years ago

      Brazil lost FIFA world cup 2010 & 2014 due to wrong decision by Brazilian football coach to omit Great miraculous trio's like Ronaldhino, Adriano, Pato etc from the squard. Now a rectification can be made by bring back the "Football magician - Ronaldhino " back to team as captain and give him free hand to remake the miracle team ahead.