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Medina Lake - Visit This Picturesque Area South of San Antonio, Texas

Updated on June 10, 2021
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Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

The Weather at Medina Lake makes it a Great Vacation Site

This quick shot is typical of the clear blue sky in this great area of Texas.
This quick shot is typical of the clear blue sky in this great area of Texas. | Source

A Walk at Medina Lake

We were crossing the country in our RV, and had pulled out of Abita Springs just on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain.

I had decided to get across at least half of Texas and stay for a few weeks at a Thousand Trails campground on Medina Lake, just south of San Antonio.

I knew it was going to be a long run, but I wanted to get this leg of our cross-country trip out of the way so we could relax and check out this area of the northern part of South Texas at our own pace.

The campground is located about 25 miles south of San Antonio, and I tortured myself with one of those 10-hour drives across the Eastern half of Texas in one hop. Well, after a lot of Coffee and numerous rest stops, we finally got there and settled into our campsite, settling everything up for a three-week stay.

The campground itself covered several hundred acres and had several miles of roads that we took advantage of almost every day for our daily exercise.

One fact you need to know about an RV lifestyle is that you "Gotta get that exercise" wherever the opportunity arises. We tend to try out the local eateries too often and the walking does help keep our waistline down a little.

So, my wife and I do walk as much as is possible and when we do, I like to take along my camera, and I collect numerous pictures of the areas we visit for future memory joggers.

I usually get shots of such things as wildflowers and even some landscape if it catches my eye. And Medina Lake was no exception with some great variety in nature. I ended up with quite a few pictures and I have attached a few in this article just so you can get a feel for this beautiful area we were visiting.

I think you will enjoy these pictures.

Specifically, I really enjoyed the Medina Lake Park itself. It's a little known and remote area of Texas just South-West of San Antonio.

The lake itself is quite large, with a number of campgrounds along its shores, as well as some nice housing developments. It turns out that it is a favorite water recreation spot for people living in the area of San Antonio.

The area is officially in the "Hill Country" of South Texas, and the terrain reflects that with a nicely varied terrain.

It was and still is a beautiful area to "run away to" and we enjoyed it immensely.

Interesting facts about the Hill country

There are a few interesting things that stood out to me and one of those is the lack of any real retail development once you get just a few miles out of San Antonio, on the south side..

If you do happen to drive by a store, it is likely to be a combination "Grocery Store", "Auto Parts" and "gas station" establishment. Many are all in one stores such as this and shall I say they are often interestingly constructed buildings.

They display designs that are typically an original building, with several obvious additions over time.

The typical local roadside restaurant will most likely be a one-story, decades old building, often, as I said, originally converted from a private home, with just enough seating for maybe 30-40 people, maximum.

The ceilings will be low and often discolored and the the lighting will be poor. But the place will be clean, and the food will actually be; local in character, simple hearty dishes, and freshly made to order.

These things are something that I consider a real asset as an area to be explored and experienced when I travel around the country. I am not a "chain restaurant or store" kind of person anyway.

If you order Salsa, you will most likely get Salsa that they made ..... that day.

If you order "Chicken Fried Chicken" you get a piece of Chicken Breast that they; breaded, fried, and covered with homemade gravy., usually with a side of mashed potatoes. All served Hot!

Even though you may actually have to wait a little longer for such things as freshly made and served foods, I actually enjoy the wait as I peer around these rare old pieces of Americana and imagine the lifestyle and history of the locals.

Texas Deer

And then there are the Deer!

It turns out that it was hunting season on Deer in Texas while we were there.

But, in Texas, only certain areas are approved for Deer hunting, while in the other areas, it is illegal to hunt the Deer

And from what I saw and was told by the locals, the Deer are very aware of this, so they just move over to the non-hunting sections of the counties during the Deer hunting season.

Our campground was full of these small Deer, grazing and Pooping all over the streets, sidewalks and even our campsites.

They seemed to know that we were not allowed to do anything to them, and they were very nonchalant when you walked up to one of them. Often, I could get within less than 10-feet of them before they would look at me and then they would just seemed to shrug and walk casually away to continue their grazing.

Yes, just walk away. They didn't even run from us. These Deer treated the normal unarmed human with great disdain.

I get the feeling that not only am I on vacation, but that the Deer are here on a Holiday of their own.

Oh, Well!

I guess that's why this is Steak Country.

About the Pictures

The picutres that you see here were taken while we were at Medina Lake and although you will not see any photographic masterpieces here, what you will see are examples of the typical and natural look of the area and specifically the campground.

And, I just called the Flowers; Wildflower #1, #2, etc.

I don't know their names, and will have to look them up when I get to a CG that we will be staying at for a longer period.

Then, I will update the picture labels.

Texas Campground Humor

Typical Campground Humor.  A Resting area for walkers, along with a Speed Limit.
Typical Campground Humor. A Resting area for walkers, along with a Speed Limit. | Source

Some CG Pictures

Wildflower #1
Wildflower #1 | Source
Wildflower #2
Wildflower #2 | Source
Wildflower #3
Wildflower #3 | Source
Wildflower #4
Wildflower #4 | Source
Wildflower #5
Wildflower #5 | Source
Wildflower #6
Wildflower #6 | Source
Old Home Chimney on Lake edge
Old Home Chimney on Lake edge | Source
A view across the Lake from the TT Campground
A view across the Lake from the TT Campground | Source
Just some typical trees and trunks
Just some typical trees and trunks | Source
The local Deer in the CG.
The local Deer in the CG. | Source
More of the Local Deer.
More of the Local Deer. | Source

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