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A - Z of Cricket - a poem

Updated on August 9, 2012

A drop of fire in million's hearts,
Burning passion in all walks
Cricket, it grew more than it,
Determined to win the world

England was where first it played
For fun and enjoyment
Game is played with bat and ball
Hitting ball with utter speed
If it hits the target, stump,
Just behind the hitting man,
Kids also will cry out "Out!"
"Lack of timing" someone says

Millions of them watch the game,
New stars come from everywhere
One who makes an achievement,
performs well on cricket ground

Queen may give him gift, for she,
Relished the play of him on ground
Silently, man kneel down and,
Thank God for blessing him

United are the team members,
Vigorous in all fields of game
Winners are those, who are not,
Xenophobic to the others
Yet, Those who do bad on ground, are
Zero on the ground.


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