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AAA vs. CMLL: A Running Diary

Updated on January 27, 2018

After FantasticaMania and an epic Tuesday show that featured Titan and Mephisto having the best match of 2018 (to date), I was all set to settle in for a quiet, peaceful and hopefully fun Friday night of CMLL. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Instead we're going to have a night as wild as last night's Battle of Alberta, thanks to AAA surprisingly putting their Guerra de Titanes show up on Twitch only a half an hour after CMLL starts. In other words, the two biggest companies in lucha libre will have shows airing at the EXACT SAME TIME! Craziness. And there's only one thing to do when things are that batshit insane; cover them both with a running diary that will surely be the death of me. And all before I got to tell Nicole Matthews how I felt about her! Oh well, it has to come to an end sometime right? So let's not waste anymore time; a long night of lucha awaits.

9:31: We're live! And so is CMLL, which begins with a very promising tag match featuring Akuma and Espanto Jr. taking on Robin and friend of the column Flyer! If Espanto doesn't get too involved and these guys are allowed to go, this has a shot of topping AAA's opener of Lanzelot vs. Australian Suicide. Provided that's actually AAA's opener of course. Oh Grodd, please don't change everything around Vamp!

9:36: We're off! Flyer (in gold) and Espanto will start. Judging by Flyer and Robin's recent confidence levels, I too would've given Flyer the tougher challenge while Robin got the guy who actually knows what he's doing most of the time.

9:37: Rob Viper and I are speculating on how many Canadian Destroyers Espanto will hit in this match. He says two in the first fall. I say four, two in the first, two in the third. Let's hope we're both wrong!

9:38: Akuma and Robin both do cool flips to enter the ring...then proceed into mat work/chain wrestling. Grodd have I missed covering chain/mat wrestling. Oh wait...NO I DIDN'T!

9:39: Robin just escaped the wildest rana attempt in history. My Grodd, Akuma lost his mind there! They then trade moves before Akuma floors Robin so Espanto can come off with a splash. Bye bye Robin! Flyer's in, he's doing well and he just flipped himself right into a double Shotgun Dropkick scenario. MISTAKE! Rudos take fall one. It was alright. At least Rob and I were wrong about the Destroyers!

9:41: Fall two begins with Robin getting kicked in the thigh...twice. Strong start for Robin.

9:42: Flyer in. Akuma hits him with a back elbow, then sends him into the ropes so he can eat a Espanto Spinebuster. Akuma then completes rudo bingo by nailing Flyer with a Shotgun kick to the ass. Somewhere, Sangre Azteca salutes him.

9:44: Nice elbow by Flyer in the corner. He lures Akuma to the floor and Robin connects with an apron rana! Flyer owns Espanto a bit in the ring, then leaves him prone for a Robin Swanton Bomb. Out goes Espanto! Akuma then gets caught in the ropes and Flyer connects with a Guillotine Leg Drop to tie it up. This has been better than the usual opener, but they can do better. Will they? Find out on the next exciting episode of THIRD FALL Z!

9:47: Flyer and Akuma start out fall three with strikes and headlocks. Akuma hits a shoulder block, Flyer kicks up, avoids a corner strike, hits a kick and...hits a springboard cross body, followed by an awesome headscissors! That's my boy! Akuma retreats as Robin and Espanto come in. WATCH YOURSELF ROBIN!

9:48: Robin briefly turns into Super Astro before sending Espanto to the floor. The technicos gang up on Akuma, sending him to the floor with dropkicks. Espanto comes in and he too gets ganged up on. Has there been a role reversal?

9:49: Flyer misses a kick and hits Robin instead. OOPS! Espanto then pulls him out of the ring and drops him right on the guardrail. Meanwhile, Akuma is in complete control in the ring and there's that Canadian Destroyer! Robin is done and Flyer is being counted out. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Rudos win a match that's too short and not as good as it could've been. Robin got to try nothing, Flyer hit a ton of crossbody's and a headscissors, Akuma looked pretty mediocre and Espanto was Espanto. Australian Suicide and Lanzelot can rest easy now I think.

9:52: Hey, it's another CMLL book commercial. Let's go live to the internet's reaction.

9:54: We have now reached Electrico's first match in the regular division and the one that makes him wish he as back with the minis. He teams with Astral and Star Jr. to take on Cancerbero, Raziel and Nitro. Like I said; he's going to be begging to get back into the minis division, while I'll be begging for AAA to start their show on time so I can watch that instead!

9:58: Nitro and Star Jr. are captains. Well at least Star Jr. gets the captain slot! Raziel and Electrico will start. I'm like Rockhoud in Armageddon when it comes to Electrico right now; do a good job, do a good job, DO A GOOD JOB!

10:00: Meanwhile, AAA appears to be starting up on Twitch! Then again it's AAA; for all we know Vamp is on his 38th rewrite right now and the show has another ten minutes till launch.

10:02: Good Grodd, Marisela's in the front row again?! Does she have to be there all the time to remind us that Antonio Pena and Joaquin are off in another place wondering what the hell went wrong? Meanwhile in Arena Mexico, Raziel and Electrico finish a mindnumbing mat sequence to give way to Cancerbero and Astral. They proceed to do a much faster, better version of what we just got, at least for the moment.

10:03: Star Jr. and Nitro are in now. Bengala (the Super Nova version) is out with a box on the AAA stream. Wild stuff there.

10:05: Credit to Nitro; he based well for Star Jr. on his two big moves. Electrico comes in, does some cool stuff against Cancerbero and Raziel, which merely leads to them pulling him out of the ring and dropping him on the barricade.

10:06: All the rudos are in now and they're double teaming Astral. Now he's gone and their triple teaming Star Jr. I'd like to say something more interesting is going on with AAA, but it's not, at least not compared to Nitro Piledriving Star Jr. to hell to end fall one. Standard stuff.

10:07: Fall two begins with rudo domination in Arena Mexico. On the AAA side it looks like we've got a full house. That's good; let's hope they're rewarded with something very non AAA for once. Or at least something better than Raziel headbutting Star Jr.'s leg, which it looks like he just did.

10:08: Intro video playing for AAA, so Guerra de Titanes is about to begin.

10:10: We have a technico comeback in Arena Mexico. Or we did till that double Raziel clothesline. Star Jr. comes in with a crossbody and an AWESOME TORNILLO, followed by a rollup on Raziel for the pin. Star continues his roll with a great dropkick to the legs, and Astral and Electrico come off the ropes for a nice splash combo to pin Cancerbero. We're tied. Can I say; this is going kind of well. COULD ELECTRICO ACTUALLY SUCCEED HERE?! Nothing happening on the AAA front yet for those who want to know.

10:13: Fall three in Arena Mexico starts with Raziel and Electrico. Big moment for Electrico, so naturally he gets double teamed by Los Cancerberos to begin. He recovers in the corner though and hits a crossbody, followed by a nice handspring headscissors and OH MY THAT WAS A LAUNCHING VOLADOR SLINGSHOT RANA! NICE JOB ELECTRICO!

10:14: Australian Suicide vs. Lanzelot for the AAA World Cruiserweight Title is starting now. Meanwhile, Astral doing cool shit with Cancerbero! This is not going the way I thought it would.

10:15: Is Suicide trying out for Green Day, American Idiot era or something? What the fuck is he wearing?!

10:16: Fast start for Suicde and Lanzelot, with a lot of cool dodging flips. Meanwhile, Star Jr. is isolated alone in the ring with Nitro, then tossed to the ramp for MOAR TRIPLE TEAMS!

10:18: Suicide and Lanzelot are on the floor after what I think was a cool Lanzelot dive I missed. Dammit! Meanwhile, a great double team ends Electrico and a Nitro splash ends Astral. Rudos win. Much better showing from Astral and Electrico than expected, but they still fall short. Star Jr. was very good from what I saw. BACK TO AAA!

10:19: Suicide tosses Lanzelot back in for a near fall, then begins choking Lanzelot with his boot. I can barely keep track of this as I'm still so distracted by Suicide's get up. Seriously dude; American Idiot was fourteen years ago! Rip off something current why don't you.

10:20: Suicide rams Lanzelot into the turnbuckle for a near fall. Good spot. CMLL is meanwhile about to roll out Audaz, Soberano Jr. and Starman to take on Disturbio, Misterioso and Virus. Could be good. Lanzelot is back in it by the way, hitting a nice kick, then dodging a few kicks before he and Suicide nail each other. Ouch!

10:23: DOUBLE KICK UP! Suicide then floors Lanzelot, but Lanzelot gets up and floors him with an elbow, a clothesline and a kick. Suicide comes off the ropes with a springboard and HOLY FUCK LANZELOT CAUGHT HIM AND HIT A SPANISH FLY! What a spot. Only two though.

10:24: Another near fall for Lanzelot on a Blue Thunder Bomb. The two are now exchanging running elbows before Lanzelot crossbody's Suicide over the ropes and to the floor. The trios match on CMLL is starting and I NEED WATER!

10:26: Suicide with a GREAT Shooting Star Press off the barricade! He gets a two count on Lanzelot when throwing him back in, and Lanzelot follows back quickly with a near fall on a Crucifix roll up.

10:27: Suicide throws Lanzelot away on an attempted Flam Fly attempt, then crashes and burns on an insane Corkscrew dive attempt! Lanzelot hits a triple jump moonsault, but Suicide escapes with his feet on the ropes. This is great! Meanwhile, Starman and Misterioso are on the mat in Arena Mexico. No joke!

10:28: WAS THAT AN F-5 INTO A GUTBUSTER?! IT WAS! Suicide rolls Lanzelot over and BAH GRAWD AUSTRALIAN SUICIDE HAS DONE IT! He's the new AAA World Cruiserweight Champion after a great match. Wow. I guess dressing up like an American Idiot extra does have its perks after all!

10:32: Back to CMLL for a moment. The technicos took fall one it appears after Starman hit a Yoshitonic on Misterioso and Audaz trapped Virus in that cool armbar of his. Sweet. Next on AAA is Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. I'm now terrified I spelled that wrong (checks spelling)...NAILED IT!

10:34: Nice clothesline by Disturbio on the CMLL end. Sadly he's with Audaz, who immediately turns into the bomb diggity by doing awesome rope walk arm drags and psyche out dives. Enter Starman and Misterioso, exit Cult! Back to AAA.

10:35: They are moving quick with Shani-Apache; Shani just nailed Faby with a Shotgun Dropkick two seconds in. Back in CMLL, Misterioso hits a Gory Buster to give the rudos fall two after what looked to be an insane dive sequence. Let's see on replay...turns out it was just a nice Audaz suicide dive. Meanwhile, Faby is stiffing the hell out of Shani, though I suppose it's not as bad as what Sexy Star did...wait, what's the difference again?

10:37: Faby is kicking the tar out of Shani! I'm in pain just watching it. She just came off the top with a Tornado DDT, which appears to just get a one count. Into the ropes Faby goes, and she gets a nice roll up, only for Shani to roll out and WHAT A KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Only two.

10:38: Shani just missed victory with a roll up. Faby and her exchange stiff shots before Shani splits her and hits another brutal kick. Again, only a near fall. Faby then nails her on brutal kick, goes for a Double Underhook, is reversed, SO MANY ROLL UPS, everyone kicks out, Faby nails kick, Shani kicks out, OVERLOAD! OVERLOAD!

10:40: A nice backbreaker by Shani gets a near fall. On CMLL's end...who knows?! It's crazy everywhere! Shani is Spinebustered down by Faby, who is going up...SHOTGUN OFF THE TOP! Only two though.

10:41: Shani with the 9,001st near fall in this match! Audaz with a near fall in his own match. Faby meanwhile hits Angels Wings and HOLY HELL SHANI KICKED OUT! Faby then nails a Batista Bomb...SHANI OUT AGAIN! Holy shit dude.

10:42: Finally! Faby nails Shani with a German Suplex and that'll do it. Two title changes for AAA and HOLY FUCK SOBERANO JUST DID THE TORNILLO TO THE FLOOR! It is nuts up and down and all around. Audaz and Virus are currently having a great sequence, which ends with Virus reversing a roll up into his own and grabbing the ropes for the pin. WHOA! That was nuts. Shani-Faby was really good and what I saw of the trios match was good too. Soberano and Audaz (shockingly) looked like superstars and that was the best I've ever seen of Shani. Excuse me while I collapse.

10:47: A break in both shows as CMLL pays tribute to the late Sahori (who sadly died this week) while AAA shows highlights of the Texano-Fantasma feud. Next match on CMLL's end is Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja and Stuka Jr. vs. Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson. In the words of the Killers it's got potential.

10:51: And we're brawling to start the CMLL match (nothing doing on AAA's end yet). Dinamitas are in control, with Forastero and Cuatrero looking to unmask Oro and Stuka respectively.

10:52: Still nothing on AAA's end. That's fine; the Dinamitas are strutting their stuff beautifully right now, with the double Double Ax Handle attack being hit from the top. Cuatrero then hits an Exploder style suplex on Stuka and now the Dinamitas are using Mije to attack Stuka! MIJE! I guess Kraneo gave him the night off.

10:54: NICE sideslam/leg drop combo on Roja. Stuka is back in to take more medicine, and he takes it in the form of a triple boot. I hear sound from AAA's end, which means...oh no, Dave the Clown and the Imposter La Parka are brawling. ABANDON SHIP! BACK TO CMLL IMMEDIATELY!

10:55: WHOA! Roja has turned the tide on the Dinamitas. He springboards Oro to the floor off his back, then hits a great tope con hilo himself! Stuka and Sanson are alone, and Stuka hits the Stuka Splash (followed by a KeMonito splash) to take fall one. Chaotic and fun start there. Like what AAA is going for with Dave and Imposter Parka, but failing miserably.

10:57: In case you were wondering, it appears the clowns are triple teaming Parka right now and may have killed a fan. Great stuff. Fall two in Arena Mexico begins with ORO DOING A STAGE DIVE! It's like a game of one upsmanship right now!

10:58: Can confirm the dead fan was in fact Escoria. Does it make a difference either way? Oro and Cuatrero are currently exchanging slaps in Arena Mexico and it's great, by the way. AND THEY'RE STILL GOING!

10:59: These are insane times we live in. Parka is bleeding at Guerra de Titanes and Oro is headscissoring Cuatrero to the floor on Super Viernes. Stuka and Sanson are now in and Stuka is going fast.

11:00: Stuka just suplexed a Dinamita onto another Dinamita while Dave the Clown crippled Parka with a chair shot to the leg. Dave the Clown is my new favorite wrestler. Naturally Escoria and Cuervo are in to make the save and Parka can now walk. I guess that match is going on earlier and OH MY GRODD WHO THE HELL CARES?! Better stuff in Arena Mexico right now.

11:02: Another great exchange between Oro and Cuatrero. They've been killing it tonight. Stuka is now in, avoids a corner attack, goes up top and WHAT A NO LOOK MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Roja is then sent to the floor and that is a great tope con hilo by Forastero! Oro and Cuatrero are alone in the ring, and Cuatrero, having had enough, pulls off the mask and gives the technicos a DQ victory. I take it the Oro-Cuatrero issues aren't over yet! Really good two fall match; Oro and Roja maintained their energy from Japan and the Dinamitas stepped up big. This has been a night of fun matches...and the disaster that is whatever's happening with La Parka right now. A live look in gif form, shall we?

11:07: As the nonsensical La Parka jerkoff hour continues on Guerra de Titanes, Diamante Azul is out to challenge El Terrible for the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship. Diamante Azul is underrated and Terrible is great, so this could be fun! Again, be sure to catch the match here and, if you for some reason wish to watch the AAA stupidity, click here.

11:08: All credit to Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Cuervo and Escoria; they are killing themselves to make this something. To bad Dave and Parka had to be there too. As we speak, Parka ends the match with a Rock Bottom on the chair. Thank Grodd, now we can move on!

11:09: Actually reading on Twitter that some people really liked that La Parka thing. Dear Grodd, maybe the two clowns not named Dave, Escoria and Cuervo really did deliver while I wasn't looking! Just so much lucha that you have to pick your spots. Terrible and Azul just locked up by the by.

11:13: Azul just hit what felt like fifteen straight backbreakers, followed by a sideslam to take fall one. Okay start by the looks of things. Meanwhile AAA's next match is starting and it looks like a good one; a four way trios match between Aerostar, Dragon and Raptor taking on Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker and Carta Brava Jr., Averno, Chessman and Super Fly and Argenis, Bengala (Super Nova edition) and Mascara de Bronce. If Aerostar doesn't jump off someplace high, I will eat my Calgary Flames beanie.

11:16: Terrible just tied it up with a splash. Aerostar is shooting fire out of an aerosol gun. My brain in an antelope.

11:18: Fast start to fall three with Azul and Terrible exchanging arm drags and WHAT A RANA BY AZUL! Terrible to the floor and WHAT A SUICIDE DIVE BY AZUL! Great start. AAA's response; more introductions. Don't worry, things will pick up there shortly. Speaking of picking up, Azul just hit Stuka with a suicide dive! Isn't that his second?!

11:19: EL TERRIBLE WITH AN EVEN BETTER SUICIDE DIVE THAT KILLS HIMSELF, STUKA AND AZUL! This is fucking gonzo! Trios match still hasn't started yet by the by.

11:20: Terrible wrecks Azul with strikes. Great stuff, though it only gets him a near fall. He follows up with a suplex for a near fall as the four way trios begins! DAMMIT! A triple dive is ruined, only for Mascara de Bronce to come back with an awesome moonsault.

11:21: Swing Bottom by Azul gets a near fall! Meanwhile, AEROSTAR JUMPS OFF OF RAPTOR WITH A SPLASH! Our first great Aerostar dive of the night!

11:22: Terrible kicks out of an Azul ramp clothesline. Close call there! Great teaming from Poder del Norte on the AAA end. Meanwhile, Terrible and Azul are staggering but exchanging heavy hits. Terrible sent to the apron, goes up top...AZUL MEETS HIM WITH AN ARM DRAG! Terrible out at two again!

11:23: Aerostar crotched AND KICKED ALL THE WAY TO GUADALAJARA! It is crazy in Mexico right now. Azul hits Terrible with some strikes, Bronce hits a backbreaker, Azul is now up top, Terrible is going up top and...HOLY FUCK AZUL GORILLA PRESSED HIM OFF THE TOP! Somehow Terrible kicks out. He has to be winning the title after that.

11:25: Terrible blocks the German but is floored by a clothesline. Diamante on the ramp. Here he comes...TERRIBLE CATCHES HIM WITH AN ARMBAR! Azul rolls out BUT TERRIBLE HOLDS ON! HE TAPPED! TERRIBLE WINS! What a finish! What a match! Awesome stuff. Now quick; to AAA!

11:28: Looks like OGT is out of the trios match, which I guess means this is elimination! Alright then. Drago hits a crazy tornillo, followed by an even crazier Raptor Asai Moonsault. Where's Aerostar? SOMEONE FIND HIM! There he is and THERE'S THE TRUST DIVE!

11:29: Raptor sends Bengala to the floor, then walks into a Mascara de Bronce armdrag. Bronce is then wrecked by a Dragon Blockbuster, and Aerostar comes off with a cannonball dive that's broken up by Cota, Brava and Soul Rocker, who tear Drago's mask right off. Isn't that a DQ?

11:31: Santana powerbombs Raptor out of his shoes, and Brava comes off the top with a splash for the pin. Goodbye and Goodnight to Aerostar, Dragon and Raptor; we'll miss you. All that's left is Bronce, Argenis and Bengala against Poder del Notre.

11:32: THAT IS A TORNILLO! What a move by Bronce! On CMLL's end, Volador, Atlantis and Dragon Lee are taking on the UG, Euforia and the GG. That match should be nuts too, as Mascara de Bronce's mask gets torn up by the rudos.



11:36: This trios match has turned into a match featuring at least six dive of the year contenders. Mother of puss bucket!

11:36: HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Brava just low blowed Bengala behind the ref's back, and Cota got the pin to give Poder de Notre the win. The OGT are out to attack the champs afterwards, which does nothing to take away from how bonkers the last half of that match was. Holy shit. Back to CMLL.

11:38: The Guerreros took fall one after Euforia nailed Lee with a Last Ride Powerbomb and the GG tapped Volador with Pulpo Guerrero. I'm sure it was solid, but hot damn; DID YOU NOT SEE THAT TRIOS MATCH?! More of that in my life please.

11:40: Rudos in complete control to start fall two. That will change, believe me. Will it change before Psycho/Escorpion starts though?

11:41: COMEBACK TIME! Atlantis hits his first old man tope for the first time since coming back, while Dragon Lee nails GG with the double stomp and Volador plants Euforia with a super rana. And I mean SUPER RANA! We're tied. Good end to that fall.

11:42: Rey Escorpion vs. Psycho Clown is indeed the next match on Guerra de Titanes. Psycho is good, Escorpion is great and I expect this will rule, even though it's a chain match.

11:43: Fall three in Arena Mexico begins with Volador and the UG being awesome, transitions into Volador and Euforia being awesome and ends with a slingshot rana by Volador. Great stuff. Enter Dragon Lee and the GG, who briefly recreate their awesome slapfight in Japan.

11:44: Naito kick by Lee sends GG to the floor. Lee and Euforia exchange big kicks and knees before Lee arm drags Euforia to the ramp. The UG is in, hits an elbow, makes the mistake of sending Lee to the corner and WHAT A DDT BY LEE! Back in AAA, Escorpion and Psycho are about to lock up.


11:46: MOTHER OF PUSS BUCKET IT NEVER ENDS! Except it does as Atlantis taps out the UG with La Atlantida to give the technicos the win. Strong main event. Lee and Volador looked great with limited moves and Atlantis, for the first time since coming back, looked like Atlantis. Still needs to hit the backbreakers though. That's it for CMLL; it's Guerra de Titanes from here on out!

11:47: looks like they're wrestling without being chained together to this point. The referee is changing that now as he attaches the chain to Psycho's neck. That seems dangerous. Psycho goes for a dive, but walks right into a right hand by Escorpion, who may have used the other end of the chain.

11:49: Escorpion still not attached to the chain. This is why he's so good; he knows getting attached to that chain is a one way ticket to a loss. Instead he'll just beat Psycho with it and rip his mask.

11:50: Escorpion just threw Psycho into the seats and is now hitting chairs and Psycho with a chair. Grodd bless Rey Escorpion.

11:52: Escorpion is still not attached to that chain. Huge factor as he's owning Psycho, despite having beer thrown in his face. Finally we're going back to the ring.

11:53: HERE COMES PSYCHO! He hits a nice backbreaker on Escorpion, who immediately gets up, grabs the chain and nails Psycho with it. This man is brilliant.

11:54: GREAT delay vertical brainbuster by Escorpion as, I shit you not, a beach ball is thrown in. Escorpion is now touching the corners, despite not wearing the chain, which the ref reminds him of. Beautiful!

11:55: LOL AAA officials have finally come in to restrain Escorpion and put the chain on him. That's awesome. And just like that Psycho is back in it with clotheslines and powerslams.




11:58: Psycho Clown has gone from Aerostar to Balls Mahoney with one of the greatest chair shots to the dome of all time. And that was with Escorpion blocking it with BOTH HANDS! Absolutely nuts. Escorpion has major color now as Psycho continues to run him over.

11:59: Psycho misses a plancha off the top and Escorpion nails him with the chain. He then picks Psycho up and WHAT A POWERBOMB! Time to touch the cornters. Escorpion gets four before Psycho gets up and breaks it up.

12:00: Psycho's one bad move this match; a one legged codebreaker. LOL. He gets four of the corners before Escorpion breaks it up and nails a Gorilla Press.

12:01: Back and forth before Escorpion goes up top. Psycho meets him. What happens here...SUPERPLEX! Psycho immediately goes back up top, straightens out the chain and hits a Frog Splash, with the chain hitting Escorpion in the neck!

12:02: Psycho with a headscissors! What the hell? He sends Escorpion to the floor and nails a tope con hilo! This one, for those scoring at home; far better than the Wagner one. By like eons.

12:03: Huh? What the fuck are the clowns doing here? Monster and Murder are stomping on Psycho, which I guess is a DQ in a strap match? CLASSIC AAA! Really fun match with great performances from both dudes till that dumb finish. Escorpion and the clowns are now teeing off on Psycho, officials; everyone but the ref.


12:06: Now that makes up for the end of the match; cool surprise, even if Mascara is just kind of okay. Maximo is a good get though. And most importantly, somewhere in Mexico City, Ultimo Guerrero's new ride shuddered for a second as he cruised his way back home. Search your feelings UG, you know it to be true!

12:13: After a short break we are back...WITH WAGNER VS. MUNDO?! Wow; they're going to let Texano and Fantasma headline. That's a good move. AAA, spending a whole show making good moves. I don't recognize anything anymore!

12:15: Just to remind us that they're still AAA, they're having Vampiro come out after Mundo and Wagner. This is a perfect time to break out this brand new meme I made me thinks.

12:19: Just asked Rob if I was imagining this show being good. He then said wait till the main event. OH NO!

12:22: Slow start to this, with Mundo complaining to Vamp and Vamp giving him the hand.

12:23: We have movement. Back and forth on the mat between these two, before they step back again. Crowd fully behind Wagner, who remains as force of nature whether he's wearing a mask or not.

12:24: Vamp does the Wagner pose, ruining the moment. Mundo flips the bird and we're now exchanging rights.

12:26: Mundo sends Wagner to the floor, where Hernandez (Mundo's second by the by) takes some shots on the Good Doctor while Mundo distracts Vamp. Hernandez rolls Wagner back in and Mundo takes control while El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. rolls his eyes on the floor.

12:27: Scoop slam by Mundo near the ropes. I smell a dive...yup, he's going up top. He misses his wacky dive though and Wagner starts teeing off with clotheslines and a Samoa Drop. He makes the cover...and Vamp is really, REALLY slow on the draw. Wagner looks as though he's going to kill Vamp and oh boy, can't wait to see where that goes.

12:29: Wagner has Mundo grounded...ROMERO SPECIAL! Beautiful stuff. Mundo tries to wiggle free, but instead falls back to put both men in a pinning predicament. This time Vamp counts and both men kick out at two.

12:30: Eye poke by Mundo, followed by a running kick. He snap mares Wagner down, hits a Shining Wizard and a handstand corkscrew leg drop for a very fair near fall. Vamp nailed the count there.

12:31: End of the World already? NOPE! Wagner with a roll up for a near fall. The go back and forth and WHAT A KICK BY WAGNER! He hits a running kick, hypes up and WAGNER DRIVER! Vamp goes for the cover and...WHAT IN THE WORLD?! DID WAGNER'S SON JUST HIT VAMP?!

12:32: Wagner, not sure what happened at all, nails Hernandez with a chair. Mundo nails Wagner in the balls, kicks Vamp and WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Mundo drops the leg on Wagner's balls.

12:33: Vamp is out, new ref is in, WAGNER KICKS OUT AT TWO! Wagner's son is now cheering him on and I'm totally lost. Mundo goes up, another beach ball comes into the ring and...WHAT A MOONSAULT BY MUNDO OFF THE ROPES! Wagner kicks out at two again.

12:34: Vamp and Hernandez both stirring at ring side. At least they're as stunned about the proceedings as me. Wagner hits a rope assisted DDT on Mundo, picks him up and here comes Wagner's son...AND HE BLASTS HIM WITH THE CHAIR! Holy shit.

12:36: Hijo del Wagner and Mundo hug. Unless this isn't Hijo del Wagner. I'm still so confused. The match still isn't over by the by, which means this could be taking on a Wagner-Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. feel where Silver King betrayed Wagner and Wagner won anyway.

12:38: I looked away for a second but I'm pretty sure Vamp just saved Wagner from The End of the World. He definitely just saved him from Hernandez and Hijo del Wagner, which leaves Vamp and Mundo all by themselves. What will happen here? WILL ANYONE CARE?!

12:39: Inexplicably, Mundo punches Vampiro several times, gives him the double bird and UH OH! Vamp catches him by the throat and chokeslams the hell out of him. He pulls Wagner on top of Mundo and it's one, two, three. Dr. Wagner Jr. is the AAA Mega Champion again, good conquers all, Wagner's son is evil and I need to start taking drugs after that one.

12:45: After a few minutes to gather my thoughts and rethink my life, I've concluded that whatever just happened really sucked. Wagner winning the title was fine and even his son turning was fine; by themselves I like the moves. The problem; they were both overshadowed by a massively overbooked match that revolved around Vampiro, and while I respect Vamp...that was not the way to go at all here. It came off as silly, forced, contrived and the sort of thing you'd usually see from a La Parka match. It's luckily been a good show to this point, but boy oh boy did this nearly lead to it going off the rails. Let's move on before I think more on it and make myself sick.

12:48: Main event time; Texano Jr. vs. El Hijo del Fantasma in a cage. It's a blood feud, both guys are great; this has potential. Of course, there's supposed to be a surprise of some sort here and after the last match I'm a little concerned (especially since we showed Bengala, Texano's brother, talking with him before the match. Is he gonna get involved? LA Park? Santo? Jarrett?! NOT JARRETT!).

12:52: Here we go! Fast start as Fantasma misses a kick. Texano then misses a chop though and is pulled down by his hair. Nice arm drag by Fantasma followed by a better backbreaker, which leads to our first attempt to escape the cage. I'm 98% scared, 2% excited right now!

12:54: Nice kick by Fantasma near the top of the cage, followed by a crossbody. We're two minutes in and this is already better than the last match.

12:55: Texano has taken control and slowed things down, ramming Fantasma into the cage before hitting Fantasma with a Pump Handle Slam. Time to climb the cage again.

12:56: El Hijo del Tirantes (yes, there's another Tirantes!) hands Texano a chair, which he wedges between the turnbuckle. He begins tearing into Fantasma's mask and rips a good chunk off, allowing him to grind Fantasma's face against the age (and throw him head first into it).

12:17: Hey! Hey Tirantes! Be more subtle about handling a blade over, will ya?

12:58: Fantasma is indeed busted open (SHOCKING!) and Texano is still nailing kicks to the head. That last one is enough for him to make a serious climb up the cage, but Fantasma gets out and runs into the cage, dropping Texano balls first into the ropes. Texano charges the turnbuckle and misses Fantasma, instead hitting the chair. UH OH!


1:00: Fantasma now climbs. Texano, busted open, climbs after him and now we have Tirantes throwing chairs at Fantasma from the outside. Dear Grodd the end of this show is a gorram fever dream. Texano is now biting Fantasma's bloody head by the by.

1:01: Both Fantasma and Texano at the top of the cage, trading rights. This is setting up a dangerous fall for both men back into the ring me thinks. Lets see...wait for it...come on someone fall...and there it is. I say that without exclamation points because holy fuck what a weak fall that was.

1:03: Texano charges at Fantasma again, hits nothing but cage and then gets hit with about three backbreakers. Fantasma climbs again, he's pretty much help and someone just threw water at him (I assume Tirantes). Fantasma falls back down, Texano hits a low blow and here comes his brother Bengala. And now Bengala is spitting water at him! Man, this is a bad night for families huh?

1:04: And now Vampiro is back out with that doctor guy you see at CMLL shows all the time. And now Vamp is getting in the ring. What in Grodd's name?!

1:05: There's a title belt in there so I'm guessing this has something to do with that? Wait, is the match over? I think the match is over.

1:07: Yup, match is over. Texano is brawling with Fantasma, Bengala and Tirantes are brawling, Vamp is just standing there and holy hell this show fell apart faster than Justin Bieber. As they say though, at least it can't get any worse...

1:11: It's just been more brawling. I'm starting to think that other surprise thankfully fell through. But we'll see.

1:15: No surprise. Apparently there was a surprise and it was, from what I was told, actually legitimately good...naturally someone decided the show should end the way it did instead. LAME! SUPER LAME! You gotta love AAA. They start the show off super good and up to the main events had put together what I'd call an excellent card. Then they just disappeared into a cloud of self severing, overbooked stupidity where the few good things were canceled out by decisions Vince McMahon, on his worst day wouldn't make. And that's the guy who just brought back the XFL. What a pity because the undercard was really good, the CMLL show it competed against was very good after match two and overall this was a fun night of lucha libre till the very end. Let's hold onto that part and just forget the main event stuff never happened, alright sports fans.

And with that, I am spent and heading off to have a brain transplant. Thanks for sticking with me all night folks; I hope you at least enjoyed me, if not the shows themselves. Till we meet again, I think this perfectly sums up the last hour.

Please change disks to continue...

What show was better?

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