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Lucha Libre AAA in Cancun Review

Updated on March 7, 2020

For a little while it looked like AAA’s Spring Break vacation to Cancun was going to be very similar to their last show, thanks to a rocky start featuring two slightly disappointing matches and technical issues that caused a brief delay. And then things turned completely around and it was the AAA we’ve grown to know and love over the past few years thanks to three tremendous undercard matches and a main event that was as breathtaking as it was polarizing. There are definitely a few things for AAA to work out going into Rey de Reyes but overall this was what we’ve come to expect from the lucha libre power in the last year and a welcome return to form after a disappointing taping two weeks ago. And with that said, LET’S REVIEW!

Big Mami, Mr. Iguana, Octagóncito defeated Australian Suicide, La Parkita Negra, Vanilla

This was a weird AAA opener sports fans, in that it was not as crazy as usual and still somehow crazy. That probably has something to do with how many moments in this match felt like they were coming apart faster than Dutch in the final third of Red Dead Redemption II, both from an in ring perspective and a technical one (the camera cuts died at the very end of this match, along with commentary). I’d say it worked out, though not as much as one would hope. I credit Australian Suicide in a big way for the stuff that worked; he was great in this match, keeping the Canadian Destroyer at home in favor of doing cool moves instead. Meanwhile Big Mami provided the laughs and crowd reaction, Octagóncito and Vanilla were fine and while Iguana and La Parkita Negra weren’t as exciting as usual they were generally on the ball. It was a fine opener and a lot better than the last one we got, but I’ve seen better from AAA.

Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. defeated Dinastia, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa

It was right before this match that the technical issues completely killed the stream, with AAA only getting things up and running again right before the bell. It definitely had an effect on this match to a degree, though I’m not sure it hurt as much as Lady Shani having a disappointing performance and Villano III Jr. and Dinastia nearly killing themselves near the climax of the match. The latter point isn’t a huge deal because botches happen and besides that moment I thought the stuff Villano and Dinastia did in the closing third was very strong. Shani’s performance was an issue though; she was trying and she had some good moments, but this was nowhere near the crisp performance she usually has and the fact that she didn’t click with pretty much anyone involved hurt this bout. Take her performance, the technical issues and the finish and it was just business as usual. Keyra and Maravilla were fine to good, Hamburguesa entertained and even the La Hiedra run in made sense given she has issues with Shani and its AAA, where DQ’s go to die. Nothing too wrong with this match but again, you expect a bit more.

The Death Triangle Becomes a Square

You know what’s better than a stable featuring Pac, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix? A stable featuring Pac, Pentagon, Fenix and Psycho Clown! I hope the Lucha Brothers were on the phone pitching this idea to Pac after this segment because it needs to happen and I WILL NOT REST UNTIL IT DOES!

In all seriousness, this was a basic but really solid segment to further along the issues Pentagon and Fenix have been having with Los OGTs, with Pentagon and Averno both cutting good promos before Psycho got the heroic pop for fending off the OGT attack. It wasn’t Jake the Snake cutting a promo on Cody but then again what is? The whole point was to get this feud over, both sides and Psycho did so and accomplished the goal in an entertaining way. Plus we also got to see how great of shape Averno is again, which just begs the question of how he got so fit so quickly and how can the rest of us do the same?! Good stuff.

Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. defeated Carta Brava Jr. & Mocho Cota Jr.

This match is worthy of a Ross Gellar gif sports fans...except the one I want doesn't exist, so we'll go with a Buffy one instead!

Man did I enjoy this match! It was exactly what it should’ve been (a fast paced brawl) and best of all made CMLL’s decision to put the spotlight on Flyer last night look even worse given how much better his cousins’ looked here. I know some people aren’t enamored with the Baby Parks (they can be a bit indie centric after all) but I thoroughly enjoy their work more times than not and they were terrific here, flying high, brawling with their father’s trademark unpredictability and throwing in some nice tag moves along the way. Of course it didn’t hurt t o be working with two members of one of the best trios in the world, and Carta Brava Jr. and Mocho Cota Jr. were predictably excellent, always in the right place at the right time with some killer offense and great basing. This was terrific and definitely the point where the show seemed to gain steam.

La Hiedra, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Octagón Jr.

If you’re just judging this match based on tonight and tonight alone, this match was awesome. If you’re judging the match based on the fact that these two teams will be facing off again in two weeks at Rey de Reyes, this match was, to quote The Collector, MAGNIFICENT! I mean my Grodd; this was supposed to be the warm up match sports fans. And yet they did so much while also saving the best stuff for the next match, guaranteeing (unless something goes horribly wrong) that that bout will be even better! It was executed so perfectly that I can’t even get mad about that weird Australian Suicide run in afterwards, though I’m sure it’ll be less weird when he and Vikingo are killing it in a singles match we see at some point. Otherwise everything was on point. Myzteziz, Octagon and Vikingo were awesome. Texano Jr. was as understatedly brilliant as ever. Rey Escorpión was a boss. And if you didn’t believe La Hiedra wasn’t a tremendous worker before, you will after you see her hang with Vikingo every step of the way, basing just as well as her partners. I loved this match! It was booked perfectly, it was worked perfectly; just a tremendous match that will amazingly be topped in just a few weeks time.

Averno, Chessman, Super Fly defeated Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown

If you’ll excuse me sports fans, I need a moment to go throw cold water all over myself. Holy shit what a match!

I mean let’s be honest; did you expect anything less from these six? It’s Los OGT’s vs. the Lucha Brothers and THE ONE TRUE ACE OF WRESTLING! It was always going to be great, though I’m not sure I expected it to be this great. They started a bit slow with Averno and company getting the heat and then the match just exploded after the ten minute mark. Fenix was absolutely incredible; this was an AEW style effort from him in this match and he clicked so well with Super Fly that AAA may be obliged to eventually give us a singles match between the two. The Pentagon-Averno stuff was white hot (second only to Psycho Clown) and they played off each other really well, giving hope for that eventual singles match. Really whatever way you want to slice it this match ruled. I suppose you could argue the ending was a bit on the CMLL side (Averno fouling and unmasking Pentagon to get the pin) but that’s a feud with legs and really, it only seems lame because AAA inexplicably booked the Lucha Brothers vs. The Rascalz at Rey de Reyes. If that match was Lucha Brothers vs. Averno and Super Fly it actually would’ve been even better. Alas that’s a small nitpick. This was a great Lucha Brothers performance thrown in with the ace being the ace and Los OGT’s being absolute bad asses to deliver an absolute whale of a match. This was great, GREAT lucha.

Bestia del Ring, LA Park, Rush defeated Blue Demon Jr., Drago, Laredo Kid

This match is the exact reason that “MADNESS!” scene from Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed. To call this match insane (in both the best and worst possible ways) would be an understatement and a half. The only way I can describe it is that it was, for better or worse, a Los Ingobernables match. People got powerbombed through Coca-Cola containers, Bestia del Ring looked sloppy as hell, luchadores nearly perished multiple times (or in Drago’s case, every time he seemed to do anything) and chaos ruled everything in Cancun. In the end there were definitely things I could’ve lived without in this match (Laredo Kid could’ve looked stronger going into his match with Omega, Drago and Blue Demon Jr.’s turn on each other could’ve been smoother) but on the whole there was a lot more that I loved. It was over the top, self indulgent and mesmerizing all in one. A truly unforgettable experience, for better and for worse.

And on that note I am off to somehow move on with my life. Till we meet again!

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