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Above Ground Pools: Affordable Fun for the Entire Family

Updated on July 15, 2011

Imagine: a hot summer afternoon, you just got home from work, the kids are kind of cranky because of the high temperatures – how nice would it be to just slip into your bikini and trunks and hop into your very own pool in your very own backyard! There are few homeowners who wouldn't like to have the luxury of their own pool, but: pools are expensive! You have to get somebody dig up your garden and hire a construction company to install a pool. Maintenance can cost up to thousands of dollars every year – a pool is just not for everyone... But an above ground pool might be!

Above ground pools used to be flimsy constructions that didn't last too long, but they have come a long way. Quality has improved dramatically, todays above ground pools are made of high quality steel, aluminum or resin,the lining is usually vinyl

So, while above ground pools certainly aren't the perfect solution for everyone either, they might be just what you are looking for if

  • you have a limited budget (and who hasn't...)

  • you own a backyard big enough to accommodate a pool

  • you want the perfect summer (for years to come) without leaving home!

This site will help you find out about advantages and disadvantages of above ground pools, about what you need to know before buying one, how to take care of them and how to make sure they are safe for all family members, including toddlers and pets.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

  • measure the space you want to use for the pool carefully. Make sure, the pool you would like to buy really fits where you want to place it.

  • Make sure you have an adequate space for your pool. It should be even and at a certain distance from trees. If you install the pool next to trees, keeping it clean can be a mayor headache!

  • check the warranty that comes with the pool, you want to make sure you are covered if problems occur

  • Wether you buy your above ground pool at a local store or get it over the Internet you will have to get it shipped to your house. Since it is a large item, shipping costs can be considerable

  • Check, if the pool cover is included or if you have to purchase it separately.

  • Check your local laws about owning an above ground pool, they might require you to install a fence to keep out children

Above Ground Pool Safety Tips

In general above ground pools are somewhat safer than traditional pools, due to the fact that it is less probable to trip and fall into the pool by accident. This is especially important if you have small kids or pets, as they are the most likely candidates for serious accidents. But there are still some points to take into consideration in order to enjoy your pool without unpleasant surprises:

  • don't dive or jump into the pool. Since above ground pools usually are not very deep it is easy to get seriously hurt. If you dive into the pool you might even break your neck.

  • Make sure to get a sturdy pool ladder and install it correctly. You don't want it to come off while climbing into the pool...

  • don't sit on the railing of the pool. Doing so might damage the pool's structure and cause the pool to collapse in the worst of cases.

  • NEVER allow smaller kids to use the pool when nobody is around to watch them. They might not be able to react in an appropriate manner if one of them has an accident or is not feeling well – kids drown fast and in shallow water!

  • Take down the pools ladder when you finish swimming to prevent children from climbing into the pool

  • Teach your children (and their friends) to never use the pool by themselves. This way if one of the kids runs into problems, the other one can get a grownup person to help.

  • Remove toys from the pool once you are done swimming. Floating toys might attract kids to climb into the pool.

  • If you have small kids of your own or in your immediate neighborhood, you want to be extra careful. Take into consideration the slope of then land surrounding the pool. Even a small elevation might be enough for a curious youngster to get over the RAND. Think about installing a fence around the pool if you see any danger.

  • Make sure, all power carrying wires are in good condition, as water and electricity can be a very dangerous combination!

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Keeping an Above Ground Pool Clean

Keeping a normal in ground pool and an above ground pool clean are two pair of shoes. While usually is easy to walk around an in ground pool and get out leaves and other debris with a telescope pole, it might be a lot more complicated with an above ground pool, especially if it isn't surrounded by a pool deck.

One solution to his problem might be to get a sturdy A-shaped ladder and position it outside the pool If the surface of your pool isn't too big, you might be able to get leaves and other dirt out this way, for a bigger pool you might have to move the ladder.

A different approach is to enter the pool, possibly with a wet suit, and get out debris from inside the pool with your telescope pool. By far the easiest is to avoid the problem in the first place and position you pool as far away from trees as you can.

In winter and whenever you don't use the pool it is a good idea to cover it with a matching pool cover. It will prevent leaves and dirt from getting in the water

There is a variety of products to help you keep your pool free of bacteria and algae. By cleaning your pool on a regular basis you'll prevent it from deteriorating. You should also clean the filters regularly, to keep them functioning and to prevent mosquitoes and bacteria breeding in them.

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