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Advantages of Children Playing Sports

Updated on March 26, 2018

Girl Playing Soccer

Sports Help Fight Childhood Obesity

There are many advantages for children to participate in sports. If a child starts playing sports at an early age, his or her muscles and bones gain strength. It also tones the body of the child, and provides great cardiac exercise.

Children Who Participate in Sports Are More Fit

With childhood obesity being so rampant in modern society, participating in sports is a fun and healthy activity to combat this serious problem. It also helps to foster a lifetime love of being more physically active, over a sedentary lifestyle.

There are more advantages of playing sports; it improves the skills of math for children and physical coordination. It develops a quality and an attitude of team spirit, cooperation, and working well with others.

Playing sports also exposes children to playing games, following rules, and the consequences of failure and success. By playing sports, children learn and accept that success and failure both goes hand in hand, and to develop compassion for team mates. Playing sports helps improve the sportsman’s character, such as learning how to be a gracious winner, and to lose while keeping a good attitude. Winning and loosing give ample opportunities to exercise these character traits.

Playing Sports for Children Develops Social Skills

Playing sports is beneficial for developing social skills in children and teens alike. It teaches as they interact with others to work together for a common goal. In sports, kids develop planning skills that fosters collective thinking, and following directions. These are traits many will need as adults in the business world.

Sports can give a sense of accomplishment that builds confidence in children. For those that struggle, it gives opportunity for others to rally around that child for encouragement, support and extra practice, a lesson vital to everyone. The struggling child gains the lesson on how to receive from others. As adults, this is an area many have great difficult with.

Sports are wholesome activities to fill time, both in practice and the competition events. Many children get into trouble simply because of lack of interesting things to do, and no outlet for their physical energy to be used. Both these are genuine requirements healthy children need to have filled.

Playing sports provide a wide variety of health benefits. The level of blood sugar can be reduced by physical exercise, and it can decrease the risk of high cholesterol. Sports are an effective mood lifter as endorphins are released during practice and games. This is an important component not to be overlooked, as many children suffer from depression.

With so many different forms of sports out there, if a child doesn’t like one, try another until the child finds one that suits his or her desire. Be mindful of sports that may be too competitive or stress filled for a child, and consider their age. It’s also important to simply have fun, and be a kid.

Organized Sports and Sedentary Kids

Light Hearted Humor

Now for some light hearted humor with children and sports.  Enjoy!

Funny Sports Videos With Children


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