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Advice on use of bodybuilding supplements by women

Updated on May 2, 2011

Though, I do not have any specific advice on use of bodybuilding supplements by women, but I have advice on use of bodybuilding supplements by both men and women.

All I can say is that there are plenty of supplements that are available and in great flavors too. Of course, one mistake I would like to point out that a lot of people make is to mix their protein supplements at home as it needs to be blended to get the creamy taste but that simply does not work as rule of thumb, it has to be consumed within 10 minutes after mixed with your choice of liquid, as the value of it slowly depletes if kept for a long time, while you finish your workout.

It is best to keep your dry powder in the shaker and then add water or milk that has been stored in a separate bottle and yes most protein powders are safe to consume but it is best to select something that is easily digestible as nowadays due to stress and bad nutrition, a lot of people are not able to breakdown heavy food, and so probably could end up with poor bowel movements, so plenty of water, and a balanced diet along with regular timings for your food intake sort of helps.

Creatine and fat burners, etc have a specific formula that one needs to tread cautiously as it is relative to your body weight and your workout plan. In my time, I have seen many small guys grow big, lean and mean and they really were inspiring, but on the downside, some people just do not hold the constitution or body type to make it.

Its like a drug that has to be consumed, as prescribed a little extra never helps get results faster and it just could or I would say would land you in trouble. It is best to consult with the experts for the right dosage.

In fact most regular people also benefit by taking protein supplements as it helps combat fatigue and aids in repair and maintenance of the muscles, but then again if your dietary intake is regularized, it really may not be necessary.

Though you do have to understand that without a proper workout schedule, it is not advisable to consume supplements. Creatine for example should not be consumed beyond 5 gm dosages. Excess creatine gets deposited over the liver. The best practice of creatine consumption is to keep your body hydrated. Creatine tends to absorb water from the body, so during a creatine consumption cycle, make sure you drink a lot of water.


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