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Aeris AT400 Pro regulator review and features

Updated on March 24, 2012

This is a review of the Aeris AT400 pro regulator setup from my recent purchase and use of the product. I can honestly say that I was skeptical and went out on a gamble when I purchased this regulator setup. I can say that the gamble was honestly in my favor. I mean, when a company offers their top of the line regulator at less than $500, you start to wonder how good the regulator really is. In short, it is really good actually.

Before I go into depth on my experience with the Aeris AT400 pro regulator, I just want to give you some manufacturer specs and features.

  • DVT (dry valve technology)
  • Pneumatically balanced valve design
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • Adjustable venturi switch
  • Computer optimized design
  • Lightweight
  • Patented orthodontic mouthpiece
  • EANx compatible up to 40%
  • Aeris advantage limited lifetime regulator parts replacement program

As you can see from these features, you really get a lot of bang for your buck. The AT400 pro setup comes with most of the top of the line features and they actually work. I can come out and say that this regulator performs just as well as a more expensive setup. I've used a couple different setups throughout my time diving, and I can say that this regulator met my expectations and I have no problems using this reg as my primary setup.

Valve Type "DEMAND
Balancing System "PNEUMATIC
Integrated Purge Button "YES
Nitrox Compatibility "STANDARD TO 40%
Ambidextrous "NO
Integrated Swivel "NO
Weight (without hose) "5.4 OUNCES
Dimensions (front profile) "2.67 INCHES
First Stage Configuration "ATMOS
Minimum Cracking Effort "DIVER ADJUSTABLE
Factory Set Inhalation Effort "0.0 - 2.5 CIW*
Work of Breathing ".90 JOULES
Primary Material "MARINE BRASS
Low Pressure Ports 4
High Pressure Ports 2
Integrated Swivel "NO
Nitrox Compatibility "STANDARD TO 40%
Sealed Valve Design "YES
Environmental Protection "YES
Weight "29 OUNCES
Factory Set Intermediate Pressure "138-143 PSI
DVT (Dry Valve Technology) "YES

The original chart of features can be found at the Aeris AT400 pro page.

I would say the best features of this regulator are the adjustment knob and the venturi switch. The knob is great for decreasing the resistance in breathing when you are doing work intense diving, such as heavy swimming against current. It does use more air though so watch your SPG. The venturi switch is great if you plan to dive to deeper than average depths, such as 100ft +.

The only problem I had with the reg was it was very touchy to free flow out of the water. But, for ever effect there has to be a cause. That cause was, you guessed it, me... I was anxious to try the Aeris AT400 Pro out that I didn't bother to check the adjustment knob. Just a tip to anyone who may pick this reg up, make sure your knob is set to maximum resistance prior to your dive and no purging this reg outside of the water unless you absolutely have to. Chances are you will trigger a free flow.

Under the water this reg performed flawlessly. I was able to adjust it however I wanted at depth with no free flow and the ease of breathing was shocking to me for such a cheap regulator. With my dive shop discount, I got it at $500 for 1st stage, 2nd stage, octo, and gauges. That is a really sweet deal for a regulator that performs as well as this one. I'm satisfied. Totally.

The bottom line is simple. I would definitely recommend the Aeris AT400 Pro to any diver that is looking for a performance regulator at a mid-range price. It performs like a dream under the water and comes with the lifetime parts replacement program from Aeris. To be honest, it can't get much better really at this price range. By the way, the reg is safe for use in cold water with the environment seal kit on it. If you plan on diving this reg in cold water, make sure you get the sealed reg. In my opinion, all regs you dive should be sealed. There is no reason to dive with an unsealed regulator. It's just asking for issues. Just my opinion though.

Thanks for reading the Aeris AT400 Pro regulator review. I hope this answered some of your questions and gave you a good oversight of this reg and what you can expect. Dive safe!


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