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Airsoft: Midcaps vs Highcaps

Updated on June 5, 2012

Which do you prefer?

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Which One?

An age old question in Airsoft has been whether or not to run High cap magazines, or Mid cap magazines. In this article, I'll be going over both the pros and cons of either magazine using my personal experience from both Mil-Sim and casual Airsoft games.

My M4 Highcap magazine.
My M4 Highcap magazine.

High-cap Magazines

First off, the High-cap magazine. Great for airsofters on budget as they can hold anywhere from 250 to 600 bb's (depending on the gun the magazine is for). They allow a player to only have to carry a few mags, while laying down a rain of fire on the enemy team. Due to their large capacities, they allow airsofters to spray and pray and be their own "one man firing squad".

These large capacities also come with a drawback. The bbs are loosely contained in the magazines, which causes the bbs inside to rattle around while running. You'll be far from stealthy. As well as having a pair of moroccos strapped on your gun, High caps also tend to misfeed commonly and require quite a bit of winding to shoot.

To recap:

1. High capcity.
2. Allows a player to carry less magazines.
3. Relatively cheaper since fewer magazines are required.
4. Spray and Pray ( good for newbies, bad for pros).

1. Rattle while running.
2. Misfeed a lot.
3. Need constant winding.

Mid-cap Magazines

Now onto Mid-cap magazines. The first thing you'll notice when you fill one up (or don't notice) is the sound. Absolutely no rattling at all. On top of that, Mid caps have exceptional feeding when they are properly maintained. They hold an average of around 100 bbs, but when you pop one in, you know you'll have a 100 rounds of pain to dish out, no winding necessary at all.

However, as reliable as Mid-caps are, they are high maintenance. They require constant cleaning and lubing of the springs or else forget about it. They also require a speedloader to load bbs into the mag, which can be a pain to constantly have to reload the speedloader to load your mag. Due to their low capacity, you'll also have to carry more magazines on the field, which means more weight to carry and more magazines to buy.

To recap:

1. Excellent feeding.
2. Reliable.
3. No rattle.
4. Fun reloading in a firefight.
5. Realistic.

1. Lower capacity.
2. More magazines need to be carried.
3. Higher maintenance
4.Relatively more expensive due to the higher number of magazines needed to be purchased.


I personally prefer Mid-cap magazines over High-cap magazines on the field primarily due to the fact that Mid-caps feed much better. I also enjoy the realism it bring in having to reload and carry multiple magazines. However, when not playing Mil-sim games I also like to carry two High-cap magazines in the case that I used up all my other mags. I would suggest you try them both out and see which fits better in your playing style.


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    • Brain Baldwin profile image

      Brain Baldwin 5 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

      I use almost nothing but realcaps, but that's because almost all my guns are GBBRs. Most GBBR mags are realcaps or very close to it. I like changing mags, but then I was in the army and I'm used to it. We focus on Milsim and try to keep things as close to sim as possible. I admit it, highcaps are easier. Milsim isn't supposed to be easy though.

    • profile image

      Death_Eagle 5 years ago

      I agree with Pitviper here: There is no perfect mag. I personally prefer standard/mid caps because, call me a kid, I LOVE to reload. It makes me feel much more authentic. And, of course, I don't like having to wind up all the time or having my gun rattle all the time. I've got money to blow on airsoft, so I don't mind the few extra bucks it takes to get a loadout of standard/mid caps. Conclusion: Hi caps aren't my thing, Standard/mid caps all the way!

    • Pitviper_actual profile image

      Pitviper_actual 6 years ago from South Carolina

      I tried both and still prefer the hicaps. i have had misfeeds with low and midcaps. I agree about the winding being a pain, but I don't think there is one perfect mag.