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Airsoft Milsim How To: Part 4 – Extras That Make a Difference

Updated on June 4, 2011

Now that you’ve created the scenario, mission, and mission objectives it’s time to take a look at areas where you can apply some finer details.  There’s a lot room in the game construct to build in more detail and fine tune it.  We don’t need to add the strange obscure to make things more complex, but rather add more detailed aspects to things that exist already.  Here are a few areas that can add significant dimensions to the great game you’ve planned and turn it into fantastic.

1.     Communications:

Communications or Comms can add a seriously complex dimension to game play.  Comms allow teams to break down into smaller units but at the same time maintain a coordinated mission task.  The important thing to understand here is that how you use the radio is much more important than the type of radio you have.  When used well, your basic GMRS radio can create both unity and mayhem at the same time.  Here are a few ways that comms can add to your game dynamics:

·         A lot of games restrict teams to channels and don’t allow Sig Intel (Signals Intelligence – listening in on the other guys).  This reduces the effectiveness of Comms.

·         To regain your Comms and make them secure, you can employ code words and set up radio nets.

·         You can issue Fragment Orders, or send out false reports to give the other guys fake Sig Intel.

1.    Logistics:

Logistics is the military word for supply and services.  It is the supply chain for the stuff the army needs to do its job.  Adding the aspect of logistics to your game can turn the usual stuff like ammo, food, and water into an important part of the game, and in the best situation; logistics becomes an objective.  I’m not a big fan of hi-cap magazines.  I almost exclusively use gas blow back guns (GBBRs) and they typically only hold about the same as the real steal counterpart.  150 rounds, 5 mags for a real M4, is a lot of weight to carry, so 300 rounds is a lot of ammo especially if you aren’t just spraying and praying all the time.  When a pickup truck can be a chopper you can add a few things to your game like:

·         Restricted ammo amounts so teams have to call in for a RepDem  (Replenishment Demand).  Another way you can add Comms to the mix when you have to call in for the things you need.

·         Why have a respawn point when you can have a Casualty Collection Point or Aid Station.

·         Troops get hungry and supplying their needs can become an important part of the commander’s job.  This becomes important on multi day games

·         Everyone needs ammo and it’s even better when you can capture the other guys RepDem.

2.    Command and Control:

Everyone knows there will be players that will try and take command, and then there will be some players with great ideas that inspire others to follow them.  With all that leadership sorted out you can throw a wrench into the system with a Higher Headquarters.  Thanks to the radio, you can create a higher HQ element to send orders down the pipe to the team. 

I can be as simple as one person with a radio who sits back at the admin area monitoring the radio traffic.  The teams send back situation reports and the HQ element can take in the information and change orders to the teams.  The right person with a map can orchestrate the movements of the teams drawing them into conflict they might not otherwise have engaged in.  All you need is the imagination to pull it off.

1.    Special Rules and Conditions

Special rules can change everything helping to create the most realistic parts of your game.  We all know what rules are, but here are a few special rules that will make things a lot more interesting.

·         Medic Rules – one thing I hate to see the most at a very well planned game with excellent objectives is a bunch of guys sauntering along a road with red scarfs or bandanas over their heads off to touch the magic tree that will bring them back to life.  We like to use bandages when we can, and try to make it so that team members have to evac the wounded to aid stations.  You can simulate carrying a man to cover by just making sure you keep a hand on his shoulder.  We also like to use designated medics, because it makes him important and worth protecting.  Also it gives teams situations where they become combat ineffective and need to withdraw.  It doesn’t matter what you decide as long as it isn’t the magic tree.

·         Hit Rules – changing how getting hit can add a lot to the game.  One of my favourites is Head Shots don’t count.  I always get, “What if the head is all I have to shoot at?”  Like I said, Head Shots don’t count but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot at the head.  The idea is to make sure people take aim and put two in the centre of mass. 

o   I also like Leg Shots just stop you from moving and you need a team member to evac you.

o   You can give players with plate carriers a two or three hit rule.

o   Zombies, only shots to the head (kidding of course).

·         Logistics Rules – like I mentioned above you can have ammo restrictions or the requirement of special equipment.  Be creative.

So now you can see how a few simple modifications can add a lot to a game that’s great to begin with, but now it can be fantastic.  The trick here is to make it so dynamic and interesting you might just forget it’s a game.  Coming up next will be Creating Dynamic Conflict.


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