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Airsoft Milsim How To: Part 5 – Creating Dynamic Conflict

Updated on September 1, 2012

why they are doing it

One of the biggest problems in Milsim games is the inevitable single point of battle. That’s when the two opposing forces decide on one particular spot or objective and spend the rest of their time trading blows and getting nowhere. Sure, it’s fun for a while but like we learned at the beginning of this How To, at some point players are going to ask themselves why they are doing it. How do we make it exciting all the time?

We need to change things up or in other words make the game dynamic. This means we need to set things in motion, or provide the opportunity for the dynamic between opposing forces to be adjusted in some way other than attrition. Killing the other guys off isn’t the way to go. We need to create the conditions for a decent overrun, and then we can always use a nice counter attack.

Here are a few easy ways to up the dynamics in your game without having to rent choppers or some other crazy crap like that. They’re just a few simple modifications that can be applied to some classic scenarios without having to change things too much.

you’re either on the attack or in the defensive

1. A Change in Balance.

What is fair? I get asked that a lot when I make the teams for games. I like to make it so that the teams are unbalanced. This is very important when running a game that has a group defending an area and the other team’s mission is to attack. In Milsim you are always doing one of two things; you’re either on the attack or in the defensive. When defending you make do with what you have. But, when you attack, make sure you have a 3-1 ratio for success. If we don’t have the numbers to attack, then we are in the defensive posture.

Don’t get too hung up on the 3 to one ratio because there are always ways around it. Forces should take advantage of scout usage to probe the defenses of their objective to determine a weak spot. Once the chink in the armour is found, you can throw the bulk of your force in that spot and create a breach. It’s up to the other guys to figure out what you’re doing and back fill for it. Perhaps your thrust is a distraction to make them weaken another area. Now we are getting dynamic.

we do our best to make things as unfair as possible

2. Being in the Know.

Intel is a big deal in real operations and the truth is, we do our best to make things as unfair as possible. Stacking the deck in your favour is the key to success so for Milsim we try to emulate the same situations. This can be done through manipulating certain elements to the game such as:

· Restricting Communications. – as things move on, it becomes very important to keep in touch with those who can guide you. Objectives change, or the mission as a whole may change. You won’t know if you can’t talk to home base. You can simulate communications blackouts by having HQ ignore calls or like we do, allow for electronic counter measures. Having almost every message blocked by someone keying up every time you try to talk is not only frustrating, but also very realistic. Teams will need to develop sophisticated signals plans and code words to be successful.

· Intel Reports – a higher HQ can, from time to time, send out some radio intel reports on enemy activities or troop movements. Any info is better than none, and you can scale it to provide the best results. If you have some shifty commanders that are switched on then you can keep it subdued. If you have someone new then you can spoon feed it.

You need the right stuff to get the job done

3. Logistics Control

Supply line is one of the most important aspects of any mission. You need the right stuff to get the job done, and when it’s something consumable it becomes even more important. You can stack one force with superior numbers and members while at the same time make them paratroopers. Troopers have a limited amount of supplies with them unless they secure a resupply drop zone. We can’t limit things like water and food because this is just a game, and that would be crazy.

Attrition is always a factor in game play, and after planning a fantastic game nothing ruins it like the traditional march of dead guys back to their spawn point. It’s hard to build Try throwing in some interesting medic rules like the use of faux bandages with a limited supply. Run out of meds and you run out of troops being healed back into action.

the Milsim game is all about imagination

In essence creating dynamics within the Milsim game is all about imagination. The key is trying to find ways to simulate reality in a safe but demanding way. With the right people, the right scenario, and a few dynamic elements thrown in, you can have the best game ever. With that methodology in place, the only place to go is up.


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