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AIPSC - airsoft practical shooting

Updated on August 2, 2014

What is practical shooting? If you're interested in shooting sports and know what IPSC is then you know the answer. If not - let me explain: it's the kind of shooting which is about simulating real-life situations and using targets in the shape of simplified human silhouettes instead of round ones. When calculating the score time is evaluated beside accuracy.

Ok. But what airsoft has to do with it? Well, airsoft guns are exact replicas of firearms. They are gas or electrically powered and shoot plastic round ammunition. They give the feel, the weight and functionality of the real gun. So, if they look like guns, they shoot like guns, why not to use them for shooting competitions? The difference is that unlike firearms they use cheap ammo, they don't require special ranges for shooting and what's more important - they don't require a license. What more you need for happiness?

From the practical side, competitions look exactly the same as firearms ones. Almost the same rules and the same safety means applies.Exception is that targets are smaller and are placed on shorter distances to adjust conditions to airsoft guns capabilities. Thanks to it, those competitions are "compatible" with real firearms competitions and competitors don't have to learn two sets of rules.

Airsoft practical shooting is very popular in Asia where firearms are mostly prohibited. But there are also leagues in countries where firearms are quite popular: US, Canada, Germany. It's great as a sport itself and as a way of cheap practice for real firearms competitions. It's so much popular that International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) started a separate division for airsoft guns.

You can find more info on my blog:


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    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 6 years ago from Poland

      A lot depends on where you live. There are leagues in USA and Canada independant from IPSC, in other countries AIPSC is part of IPSC. Legal requirements will also vary depending on the country.If AIPSC competitions are organised by IPSC you will be required to be an IPSC member and have a proper licence to take part in levels higher than first. In some countries there might be some age limits. As to the gun - most people use glocks 17 or 1911 hi-capa variations. People advise Tokyo Marui although it is quite expensive choice because you will have to upgrade a lot of parts - base model is mostly ABS. I use KJW 5.1 Hi-Capa and am quite satisfied with it.

    • profile image

      djest 6 years ago

      dear sir, i am an enthusiast re:airsoft. i dont hav any ideas about how to be a member,how to join,legal requirements@ kind of pistol i will used@ it cost?PLS SIR CAN U GIVE ME ANY INFO REGARDING THIS MATTERS? THANK U.