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Airsoft Milsim How To: Part 1 Introduction

Updated on May 30, 2011

Part 1 Introduction

What is Milsim? Military Simulation (Milsim) is an adaptation to the game of Airsoft attempting to create a higher level of realism than the regular game. One of the standout appealing aspects of Airsoft is the way in which real weapons are more accurately represented. In essence, the thing that separates Milsim from regular Airsoft gaming is the idea of a Mission beyond shooting other players. The regular game in a nutshell, is simply the good old fashioned playing guns from childhood. The toys are more realistic and they certainly cost more, but for the most part regular play is like a first person shooter video game. But is just running around the woods trying to see how many kills you can get enough?

The mission is where Milsim makes all the difference. A mission gives you purpose beyond just trying to shoot the other guy and something to measure your skills against. With a mission comes a bunch of extra details making the game so much more. With a mission comes:

· Scenario – it’s the setting of the script and where the mission is born.

· Mission – it is the plot that fills the script with meaning.

· Objectives – if not completed the mission fails.

· Rules of Engagement (ROEs) – just like the real thing, we have rules.

· Command and Control – things change and decisions need to be made.

Adding all these dimensions to your games will add a level of realism you can lose yourself in. Decisions need to be made all the time, and the importance of objectives change on the fly. The game becomes dynamic relying on teamwork, communication, and following orders to complete the mission. You just need to know how to get started.

In this series we look at what it takes to create and run an Airsoft Milsim game. Starting with the development of the backstory and scenario to the development of mission objectives and complex orders. We will see how all the pieces fit together to make the most dynamic game play creating complex engagements and operations you can learn from. It won’t be a game anymore; it’s Milsim.


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    • Brain Baldwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brain Baldwin 

      6 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

      Thanks Jill,

      I would suggest you go to a nice easy reference source like the movies. Pick a movie you like such as Black Hawk Down, or US Navy Seals and pick one of the missions to emulate or even just a part of one. You can then refer to it for the mission parameters and rules of engagement making things interesting. We recently used one like that where the superior force was outnumbered by the sort of bad guys. We made it so the insurgents had higher numbers but they were only allowed to fire from the hip. We also modified hit and medic rules. Basically you are going to script a little movie and have the characters determine what will happen next. Good luck.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Brian, I have read through all part of your air soft mission. They are great! Do you have any ideas how I can simplify this a bit for a 14 yr old party? I love the mission concept but have zero experience at this. Thanks!


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