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All time English premier league bargain signings. From 1992 through to the present day - Football (soccer)

Updated on October 26, 2010

David Weir - £250,000 well spent

Great goal from free transfer Gus Poyet

Since the premier league was formed in 1992 there has been a great number of players transferred between clubs. There has been some huge transfer fees paid out from Alan Shearer in 96 to Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010. However, down the years there has been a great number of bargain signings that have graced english football. In this hub i'm going to look at a few of those names. I'm sure a few worthy names will be left out so feel free to add your own with your comments below. In no particular order here are some of those names.

Roy Keane: (Nottingham Forest to Manchester United - £3.75m)

Love him or loathe him no one can deny the influence Roy Keane had on the Manchester United team that dominated the 90s. His energetic, aggressive, in your face, box to box style of play were hard to ignore. He became one of the very best players in the league with his consistent displays in the utd midfield. The transfer fee at the time was quite a sizeable one but there is no doubt when you look back at his career it was certainly money well spent. For a player like Keane in todays game you would be looking at £30m upwards.

Sami Hyppia (Willem ll to Liverpool - £2.6m)

Hyppia signed for liverpool in 1999. His committed appoach and leadership qualties made him hugely popular with fans and a regular in the liverpool defence (for the most part) until he left for Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 2009. How Liverpool could do with a Sami Hyppia in their current crisis. A true premier league legend.

Patrick Vieira (AC Milan to Arsenal - £3.5m)

Very similar to Roy Keane in his style of play, Patrick Vieira has to go down as one the very best bargains of Arsene Wengers many finds. Like Keane, he was not too popular with opposing fans, but i'm certain no one would deny they would have loved him in their team. He was part of Arsenals incredible unbeaten season in 2003-04 and will surely go down as one of the greatest midfielders the gunners have ever had.

Tim Cahill (Millwall to Everton - £1.5m)

When Cahill signed for everton in 2004 many football fans questioned whether the austrailian could make the step up. We soon realised it wouldn't be a problem. He's now in his seventh season in the premier league and still going strong. The 5ft 10 midfielder has made his name with his goalscoring exploits, and his fantastic aerial ability. At £1.5m i can't deny cahill a place in the list.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Molde FK to Manchester United - £1.5m)

Solskjaer is well worth a place on the list. He signed for united in 1996 and finished his playing career with them in 2007. His finishing ability was second to none which along with his boyish looks earnt him the name of baby faced assassin. He must have been a managers dream as he never complained about not playing, despite being used as a "super sub" for most of his career. His most important goal was undoubtedly the winner in the champions league final (again from the bench) which guaranteed him legendary status with the utd supporters.

Gus Poyet (Real Zaragoza to Chelsea - free transfer)

Poyet joined Chelsea in 1997. After getting over initial injury problems he soon became a massive hit with the fans. A powerful midfielder with a genuine eye for goal, which often led to the spectacular it was easy to see why he was so well liked. After four successful years at Chelsea he signed for london rivals Spurs. He currently manages Brighton and if he turns out half as good a manager as he was a player then the seagulls are in for a good ride.

David Weir (Hearts to Everton - £250,000

Described by some as David Moyes best ever signing. Weir was not blessed with great pace, instead relying on his excellent reading of the game and a fierce determination. Even now at the age of 40 he is still playing for rangers which i think tells you all about the sort of character he is. For his 200+ games for everton and ridiculously low transfer fee David Weir is an easy choice on the list for me.

David Ginola (PSG to Newcastle to Spurs - £2.5m)

The Newcastle team of the mid nineties were fantastic to watch and right at the forefront of their superb attacking play was David Ginola. Signed for £2.5m he epitomised all that Kevin Keegan stood for. He moved onto Spurs after only 2 years but the hero worship stayed with him. He was a real free spirit on the pitch. His dribbling ability and general attacking flair excited supporters not only of his clubs but also every neutral fan around the country. Bargain.



Lucas Radebe (Kaizer Chiefs to Leeds United - £250,000)

In 1994 Leeds paid out £250,000 for an unknown south african defender by the name of Lucas Radebe. 11 years later he played in front of 37,000 fans at elland road for his testimonial. An uncompromising defender and a superb leader he was a massive favorite with the fans and a national hero back home.

Nicolas Anelka (PSG to Arsenal - £500,000)

Now we all know Anelka has had more clubs than hot dinners but he makes the list for the first move of his career which saw arsenal pay a measly half a million quid for him. Blessed with great pace and a natural instinct for scoring goals he soon became a hit in english football. He left under a cloud (not for the last time) only 2 years later. He netted the gunners an amazing £22m profit when Real Madrid opened the cheque book. Another great find from Wenger.

The above list are players that were signed by premiership clubs (at the time) from 1992/93 season to the present day which means players such as Ian Wright, Eric Cantona, and Peter Schmeichal narrowly miss out. The list could also quite easily feature players like Mikel Arteta, Gianfranco Zola, Emmanuel Petit, Teddy Sheringham and many, many others. I'm sure my suggestions will have a mixed response so feel free to agree with me, berate me or tell me your own suggestions as i'm sure i've not mentioned some obvious names.

Who do you think provided most value for money out of the following?

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    • profile image

      bigdave 4 years ago

      dumb muppets roy keane was a british record signing 3.75 mill back then was a lot of money in football

    • profile image 5 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok

      I dunno how much Fulham payed to get Dempsey, but I am pretty certain they got a hell of a good deal!

    • samtenabray profile image

      samtenabray 6 years ago from uk

      This was a great hub, like tazzmania said Wenger takes the cake in buying great talent and selling them off to make a huge profit. I think the best bargain of all time was Thierry Henry for 11 million, i know it's not cheap but the amount he did for the club he was worth every single penny a million times over.

    • Hammad Ali profile image

      Hammad Ali 6 years ago

      how come the acquisition of cantona want mentioned here..ferguson himself says it was the best bargain he ever struck..

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

      Hi Fuller shit, only a Wolves fan can start like that. I'm also a brickie too and a fan of Michaei Ely's daft entertaining hubs which is where i came across your site.

      I think Wolves are playing Stoke soon but we need the points a bit more than you do.

      Wolves captain Mr Karl Henry could be described as a bargain, not in class but in value. 100,000 pounds from Stoke City. You forgot him didn't you? Or Matt Jarvis who has just been called up. He's not quite England class but he's a fit young goer. Ginola was a joy to watch. I thought Tim Cahill cost 3 million? But isn't he a great attacking midfielder. Stoke have done really well to consolidate, they are so difficult to beat.

      Hyppia was a great pick up and the paper boy too.

      I'm living in Melbourne now but watch Wolves and the highlights package.

      All the worst for the Wolves game. I think we will scrape out of trouble. Cheers mate.

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      tazzmania89: Yes you're right mate, seems walter smith signed weir so apologies for that one. I'll change it later. Toure completely slipped my mind as well, unbelieavable bargain (and the other two). It's hard to remember them all of them though so i'm sure i've missed quite a few good ones off there.

      I agree about wenger too, he's certainly the master at spotting potential isn't he?

      Thanks for reading and for your input mate.

    • tazzmania89 profile image

      tazzmania89 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Moyes does a brilliant job with the amount of money he's given but I think Arsene Wenger takes the cake.

      1. Kolo Toure - $150K

      2. Marc Overmars - $5.5 million but was sold for $25 million

      3. Emmanuel Adebayor - $3 million and sold for $25 million

      Also, I don't think David Weir was bought by David Moyes. According to Wikipedia, Weir joined Everton in 1999 while Moyes became Everton's manager in 2002.

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Pienaar is a good shout. Moyes seems to pick up quite a few bargains doesn't he? Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • profile image

      Interested observer 7 years ago

      Good list. Pienaar at Everton could have been another close to the list.