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All you need to know about airsoft

Updated on April 14, 2013


Airsoft is a frivolous activity, which includes the use of replica or model weapons for recreating a war like scenario. Today, Airsoft is mostly used for military and police training in many countries worldwide. The arms and ammos used in this activity are more or less akin to famous Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Beretta and Colt, who are renowned for their respective firearms and weapons. Airsoft weapons are not lethal and cause no harm at all. These firearms use plastic made pellets having a suppressed velocity of 180 meters per second or even less. This muzzle velocity is considered absolutely safe and sound.

The invention of these harmless yet beneficial weapons dates back in the 1980s. Japanese discovered them out of their need to keep firearms for protection, but since they were not allowed legally to possess arms they invented Airsoft weapons, which looked real but were replicas of original firearms. These replica weapons served their purpose perfectly and this is how they became popular all over the world. Today, they are usually used for offering training to trainee militants and police officers. They are also used in various battle games, video games for children and for other recreational purposes.

Airsoft guns and weapons use a 6mm plastic bullet or shell and are covered with an orange tip. In countries like USA, Airsoft guns without this orange gun tip cannot be carried out in public. California has banned the removal of orange tip from Airsoft weapons because otherwise they look very similar to real guns and can create confusions and mayhem if carried openly in public. The weight of the plastic pellets used in such firearms is around 0.12 to 0.88 grams. There are heavy Airsoft firearms available as well, they weigh around 0.48 grams. Such heavy pellet guns are used for long range firing and snipers. These pellets are very stable and cannot be easily deflected.

The mechanism used for firing the pellet usually includes spring, electricity or gas. There are various generations of weapons in Airsoft. The Early generation Airsoft firearms utilize spring as the main operating system. They need to be re-cocked for the next fire once a shot has been made. Airsoft weapons of second generation uses a gas-powered mechanism. The requisites of such firearms are- external high-pressure CO2 chamber or a gas reservoir CFC, usually called as Flon. The gas used in these firearms is eco-friendly and produces no harm to the environment. Today, Automatic Electric Guns are used all over the world. These Airsoft firearms work on a rechargeable battery and are quite popular worldwide.

Earlier, Airsoft guns were made out of plastic. But now Airsoft guns, which are manufactured in China and Taiwan, are made out of metal.

Airsoft guns are toys or playthings. They can be used for playing purposes in a safe environment. They have numerous applications both in defense and recreational scenarios. While playing or practicing using Airsoft firearms, ensure safety of things around you.


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