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And1 Streetball: The Rise and The Fall

Updated on October 28, 2014
And1 Street Team
And1 Street Team

I remember how cool AND1 used to be, with the mixtapes and Skip 2 My Lou being the face of the franchise. I would watch the mixtapes, see a move that I had never seen before, go outside and attempt to do the exact same crossover and "Headache" did or throw the exact same pass that "The Professor" threw. It was fire. I had every pair of shorts they made, countless pairs of shoes and truly began listening to rap music all because the mixtape guys did. What my question is now, what on earth happened? What on earth happened to all of these guys who I grew up loving? Did everyone realize all of a sudden that streetball was just subpar basketball players dribbling around teenage kids and washups? Did the moves they did just get too old and repetitive? I really liked AND1 and their mixtapes, more than the average guy, but I still just don't understand what happened to the company as long as the tour.

The name "AND1" basically lost all respect the second that they started to sell their shoes at Walmart. They went from being the coolest shoe ever, Latrell Spreewell rocking their kicks on the court during NBA games, to selling shoes for $20 each at the worlds largest superstore.The tour stopped being a thing because of reasons you would totally expect. Players such as Hot Sauce and The Professor became tremendously upset and disgruntled because they weren't getting paid, but the tour was generating loads of cash. They were making thousands a year when the company of And 1 was bringing in millions. They ultimately split and tried to start their own tour called "Ball 4 Real" but it didn't do so hot. Players heads got to big and they all tried to make it on their own. Ultimately that is what led to the AND1 mixtape coming to a close. Not only did they sell, but the quality of players decreased as well.


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