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Anderson Silva Pound For Pound Champ

Updated on July 15, 2012


Anderson "The Spider" Silva was born in Curitiba, Brazil on April 14th 1975, He is a mixed martial arts fighter and the current Ufc Middleweight champion,not only that but he is widely regarded as the pound for pound best fighter in the world.He currently holds the record for most wins in a row being 10.He holds a bjj black belt through the Nogueira brothers and currently trains out of black house.Anderson has also fought for other mma promotions namely Cage Rage, Shoo to,Rumble on the rock and Pride.Anderson is primarily known for his Maui Thai skills he also has a black belt in tae-kwon-do and judo.His current fight record is 25 wins and 4 losses.

Anderson "The Spider" Silva


Is Anderson Silva unbeatable NO   Does Anderson Silva seem unbeatable YES

Anderson Silva has not lost since January 20TH 2006 and that was when he was disqualified before that it was dec31st 2004 but he was rumoured to be injured and before that it was June 8Th 2003 so he has not recorded a significant loss in 6 years,that takes some doing, He has some of the best striking in the world and is also feared on the ground,He is the worlds most accomplished counter striker and Anderson has only lost one round of fighting in the ufc and that was against Dan Henderson when Hendo took him down and held him there. He has cleaned out the middleweight division and i believe there are only 3 middleweight fighters that would stand any hope against him,namely Dan Henderson who gets the next shot, Damien Maia and Nate marquardt with the latter two facing off at ufc102.If he beats Hendo and then one of the other two then he faces either retirement or.............

Light heavyweight

Light heavyweight....Anderson has tested this water twice now and has a 100% record,First he faced James Irvin at ufc fight night 14 and finished him emphatically in 61 secs by catching his leg mid kick and punching him with a straight right, but Irvin was not a top contender at that weight so more recently they put Silva in with former light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin who is a very big man and a top 5 fighter,Anderson beat him in 3Min's and 23 seconds with good head movement and one short straight jab.He seems unstoppable but that is because both these fighters ran at him throwing punches with wild abandonment,he Judges distance so well that you simply cannot do that.It has been rumored that he would like to vacate his middleweight belt and leap to the light heavyweight division.

Anderson Silva highlights

Light Heavyweight Competition

So the big question......Now he has finished two LHW's who could give him a good fight,obviously the current champ and one of his close friends Lyoto Machida but both are counter fighters and im not sure it would be a good match up plus they have both said they would not fight each other.

What attributes would they need,good chin, heart, good ground game,big power,speed, again i would say there are only a handful namely Rampage, Rashad evans, Machida, Tito.Only time will tell. 


Anderson Silva has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he plans to retire when his current ufc contract is up,although there has been mention of a certain boxing match with Roy Jones Jr although this sounds like a cash cow to me and im fairly certain it wouldn't happen,Anderson is still fairly young in mma terms and could certainly carry on and dominate the middleweight and possibly even the light heavyweight division for at least 5 more years making him one of the greatest ever.We shall see.....

Pound for Pound

Is anderson Silva pound for pound best

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    • filthyscoundral profile image

      filthyscoundral 8 years ago

      great article you should read mine

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 8 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Good point valerie had forgotten that,he does use that reach very well and has such a good judge of distance.

    • Valerie F profile image

      Valerie F 8 years ago from Idaho Falls, ID

      One of the things you neglected to mention is that anyone who'd stand a chance against The Spider would have to be effective at anticipating kicks and strikes from a distance. He has a way of putting his height and reach to very good use.