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Antique Knives and where?

Updated on April 6, 2011

I am interested in antique or old knives. Where is the info?

If you have been into knives for years or maybe your just getting into knives or knife history there is some good info out there on old or antique knives.

I will get asked this question all the time. "Where can I get some info or pictures on old or original knives?" thing is to look for original documentation or original knives from the period your looking for. A good place to start. Visit an historical site. Most historical sites have displays set up and knives can be part of the display. Most sites will even have more than what is shown on display and if you talk with the person who runs or even owns the site they may let you look at things that aren't even shown to the public.

Another great resource is a book called “The knife in Homespun America" by Madison Grant. I have written about this book and have told many about it because it is a good source of information on antique or original knives with dates from the period with information to the knives pictured. Homespun is loaded with original period pieces and is a valuable tool. Do an Internet search and I am sure you will find the book easy enough.

A little more info on the Homespun book. It is 187 pages, with hefty interior pages. Pictures inside are black and white and they fit the book very well. I would suggest the hardcover version (only version I ever saw, I dont think it was published softcover). My copy has been read and re-read so many times and I constantly will go back for is starting to wear out!

ABOVE: "Virginia Long Knife"  The original can be seen in Homespun.
ABOVE: "Virginia Long Knife" The original can be seen in Homespun.


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