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Hiking Through The Backcountry Along The Appalachian Trail

Updated on September 3, 2016

Many Sights To See

A Fellowship With The Wilderness

A few great memories that have been pieced together with a short series of breathtaking mountain views, short written articles, and much information to share with anyone who is presently very passionate about being out amongst nature. Once upon a time the wise man said that the best therapy for all of mankind is to have a fellowship with the wilderness and to reconnect himself with the dirt of the earth in which he was created from. A person can find much peace, serenity, and much delight upon a mountain top high above all of civilization. The high stress and great anxiety that civilization causes many human beings simply melts right away from the spectrum while walking directly through the massive pine forest. All of the gorgeous sights one constantly soaks into there brain will be certain to relieve all of an individuals daily tensions and never ending worries that come about in this life. Whenever one hikes for many miles deep out amongst the quite and completely still wilderness. All that a human can possibly do along the way in the backcountry is to think deep with the brain continually. For all of those who are currently living through life with many inner demons inside of themselves. Please be fore-warned that the demons living inside of the soul will be ready to come out while hiking though the ''creator of the universes'' creations. Deep out in the wilderness, where man has never touched before nor disturbed at all, often times one will finally fully understand, and honestly meet there inner-selves. In the backcountry, whenever the times get really tough, your profusely tested, and many hikers often report about how there inner demons some how came right out of there very chest. Yes it is true that some battle intensely in the mind, in there hearts, and even there very souls deep out in the wilderness.

The Popular McAfee Knob

Near Roanoke, Virginia

The beautiful McAfee Knob is nestled in Roanoke country, Virginia and is a short driving distance away from Troutville, Virginia. Catawba Valley is not far away and can be seen in the near distance. The Knob was named in honor of a man named Mister James McAfee. McAfee Knob is presently known as the the most photographed point along the entire Appalachian Trail. It stands at roughly 3,400 feet high in elevation and a person can feel the cool breeze blowing through once atop of the knob. The underside of the rocky ledge of McAfee knob is said to be slowly loosening and beginning to give away over recent years. Professionals routinely do many studies on the rock outcroppings strength and weaknesses on a yearly basis. Those looking to do harm around the weak areas of the McAfee Knob might want to reconsider there operations. A crew of terrorist identifiers are continually hiking all around the knob twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to watch for anyone who seems to be engaging in suspicious activities. It is a lovely weekend getaway for any seasoned hiker and is a simple destination to locate along the Virginia State Route 311. The Hike up to the top of the summit at McAfee Knob is a modertly difficult hike that takes approxiamently four to five hours. A person will find that the hike up to the summit is 4.4 miles of rocky terrain, but at the top of the summit the temperatures get much cooler with higher elevations. The locals living around McAfee knob are generally very hiker friendly and will go completely of there way to help any hiker that is in need.

Driving Directions To McAfee Knob In Virginia

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Thickets Of The Blue Ridges

The state of Virginia has there own motto that says "Virginia Is For Lovers." A true motto when one considers the scenery of all those mountains with a bluish color whenever there seen from a distance. The Blue Ridges have much to offer for visitors. From the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, a near five-hundred mile scenic highway named the Blue Ridge Parkway, and even up to the Shanondoah National Park in northern Virginia. Those Blue Ridge mountains are presently home to many different species of wildlife. Some species include the American black bear, howling coyotes, wild grouse, whitetail deer, wallowing wild boar, gobboling wild turkey, and a very large diversity of fish species. A person must watch there step while hiking through because there might be a Timber rattle snake, cotton mouth, or a Diamondback snake sun tanning in the middle of the trail on your hike up to the mountain summit. These ridgelines, coves, and hollows are stocked full with fresh brewing moonshine. It is litterly a home to the moonshiners paradise. One can call it white lightning, mt.dew, hooch, homebrew, or some will even say white whiskey. While hiking through this portion of the country one is highly likely to encounter with a moonshiner. They mean no harm and never allow the moonshiners to startle one with the toting of there scary looking shotguns through the backcountry. There simply only trying to brew there next batch of shine to make a dollar for survival. Always stick to the main trail whenever hiking through the Blue Ridge mountains and avoid all side trails so one doesn't experience an encounter with moonshiners. Regardless of weather the moonshine is taxed or untaxed the locals always desire to share with the many folks simply passing through.

Driving Directions To The Blue Ridge Parkway

Beauty Spot On North Carolina/Tennessee State Line

Unaka Mountain Ranges

Straddling along both the Tennessee and North Carolina state lines for several miles sits many great and mammoth mountains for one to attempt to conquer. One breathtaking mountain in particular is the 4,419 foot treeless bald atop of a ridgeline with beautiful panaramic views surrounding a person from every angle. It is definitely a spectacular view to see for all outdoor enthusiasts and is sure to be sketched into a persons memory forever. The Beauty Spot overlook is roughly a two mile hike from the North Carolina State Route 395. In the fall and autumn seasons one can view the many changing colors of the leaves that span for as far as the human eye can see. While hiking through the dense spruce forest one will notice the great abundance of Wild ferns, Black-Eyed Susans, and a great deal of many other native wildflowers.

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Green Mountains Of Vermont

Up The Spine Of Vermont

Those luscious and vibrant Green Mountains extend for roughly two-hundred-fifty miles through the center of the state of Vermont. The northern hardwood forest differ vastly from the southern hardwood forest. A hiker passing through during the mud season will encounter millions of pesky black flies that breed and multiply profusely. Black flies definitely give one a painful and excruciating bite. The mud season that brings out the black flies each year is fairly short lived after the winter snow meltoff. Those Green Mountains are home to many Alpine ski resorts and Nordic ski areas. It is truthfully every outdoorsman's paradise with breathtaking views of Stratton Mountain, beautiful Kent Pond, and many other rugged mountain peaks to explore. The wildlife is highly abundant with beaver, moose, coyote, black bear, whitetail deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkey, and even porcupine. While hiking through the mountain range one will notice the great abundance of wild blueberries, blackberries, and huckleberry patches. The Appalachian Trail or known in Vermont as the ''Long Trail'' crisscrosses to follow along the little black brook. A nine hundred foot long wooden boardwalk passes through the Ottauquechee river floodplains. For folks who are looking to ''Go Green,'' those who are interested in the vegan, or strictly holistic diets. The Green Mountains are most definitely the place for you. In the state of Vermont the locals are highly progressive in organic farming and erecting solar farms for solar energy collection. The Green Mountain coffee brand, organic garlic farms, fresh Vermont spring water, Green mountain spinnery, Green mountain creamery, organic brewed vodkas, maple syrups, many handmade items, homemade cheeses, organic flour, organic mushroom farms, organic vineyards, fresh Vermont honey, goat milk farms, and varieties of goat cheeses are all widely available throughout the entire state. Numerous organic cafes are dotted throughout and are currently located within every Vermont zipcode. Commonly going "Green" can be a difficult challenge, but if your amongst those Green Mountains of Vermont then anything is possible.

Hiking through the Backcountry Video Clip

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