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Are You Considerate of Your Fellow Golfers?

Updated on June 4, 2012

Are you one of those golfers that makes your foursome take 5 hours to play a round of golf? Maybe you are not even aware of the problem you are causing. Read this to see if the description fits you.

Do you wait until everyone is through putting before sizing up your putt? Do you wait until it is your turn to putt before you start taking off your glove? Try looking at the line while others are in the process of doing the same. Take off your glove when you arrive on the green. Little things mean a lot during the course of 18 holes.

Do you fumble with your clubs trying to make a selection? Do you take out a club only to return it to the bag and proceed to take out another? Do you stand at the rear of the cart after hitting the ball and clean your club? Try getting in the cart with your club and towel and clean as your partner drives to the next shot.

Do you spend forever looking for your ball? USGA rules allow just 5 minutes to find your ball. If you constantly lose your ball try playing inexpensive balls that you can afford to lose.

Do you start telling stories when it is your turn to hit? Try telling the story while driving to the next shot.

Do you leave your cell phone ringer on high? Do you take calls while playing? I think you know the solution to the above.

You can play golf poorly and still play at a normal speed. Poor scores do not relate to slow play. Poor fundamentals and decisions make for slow play. I could shoot 100 and still play in 3 hours.

Be considerate of your fellow golfers. Play wisely.


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