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Do Football Players Get Paid Too Much Money ?

Updated on March 21, 2016

Too much money and too much respect?

As chill out every weekend after a long week, its hard not to turn to sport, and your favorite team, in the hopes that yes, this will be your weekend. You are part of this after all, aren't you? Well you did cough up over 60 bucks for their jersey and if they win, well, quite frankly that makes you a winner. It does, doesn't it?

But the big question is beyond the game. Are the athletes that we spit up hundreds of dollars per year to watch and wear their team shirts, really getting paid too much. Or are these individuals from the NFL, the NHL, the English premiership and other glorified sports we watch on TV, capable of justifying their salary?

The Salary

Wayne Rooney

Base Salary: 15.61 Million GBP per annum (US $24,400,000)

Endoresments: 6.5 million GBP per annum (US$10,172,000)

Joe Flacco

Base Salary: $4.61 Million per annum

Endorsements: unknown

David Beckham

Base Salary: $9 Million per annum

Endorsements: $37 Million annum

Tom Brady

Base Salary: $23.1 Million per annum

Endorsements: $4 Million per annum

Do we give NFL and Soccer players too much respect?

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The Argument

On one side we have the opinion, that the players are way over paid, and not only does this bring down their quality on the field, it is also effecting their judgement off the field. With scandal after scandal, from David Beckham, Brett Favre, and Tiger Woods some years ago, to the ever continuing publicity of every single thing these people say or do.

Wayne Rooney, who earns more in a week, than the average family does in a year, is hardly a personality that you want your child to grow up to be? In this one week, he might play one game of football and train most of the time. While he is not training, I would presume that he is spending this money on sports cars, gambling and ritzy bars. Meanwhile our children look on in admiration, thinking maybe.... just maybe, someday I can be like those guys.

Do you think that these sports people are good idols for our children?

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The majority of these people have a god given talent and work hard to maintain it. Yet, at the same time, we can all be honest about it. The majority of them also couldn't out smart the children cheering them on. There is those few, though, who are business men, and they receive more in endorsements than they do from their salary.

On the other hand you have the justification. The fact that billions of dollars are generated on the backs of these individuals. Those hard working men and women who work there butts off, just to keep us entertained. Just to push for a faster 100m sprint or another victory for the fans.... or maybe just their pockets. These individuals have something that only a handful of people in their profession have got. And that is on a global stage. So do they deserve hundreds of thousands of dollars per week?

Then again, how many of us work for corporations that make billions of dollars. We do not get a cut of that now do we? Well ok we do, its called our salary, but nothing like the amount of zero's these guys are seeing. So the only reason we can come back to is, that they are in the spot light, on our TV's, we are wearing their shirts and buying their products that they tell us to buy.

Personally, I feel that we are the one providing that money, and there is nothing wrong with that. While we keep doing so, they will keep receiving. And again, there is nothing wrong with that. But maybe, next time you hear someone whining about how much they get paid, you can turn to them and say "And how much did you pay for that ******* shirt on your back".

Do Footballers get paid too much?

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    • profile image

      aiman azam 4 years ago

      do footballer get paid to much

    • profile image

      suck her 4 years ago

      football players make way to much! done and said(:

    • profile image

      watson 4 years ago

      Yeah some of them are overpay.