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Are the Bulls cursed

Updated on September 9, 2012

D Rose


What next

I remember the day that changed the future of my Chicago Bulls for the next five seasons. We knew that it was a long shot for us to steal Lebron James from Cleveland. We had a small chance to bring Wade or Bosch to Chicago, but when all three signed with the Miami Heat it not only changed the shape of the N.B.A, but the short term chance of winning a championship. What was left for my beloved Bulls but to sign Mr. Carlos no defense Boozer.

In my opinion this could well be the death of the N.B.A as we know it. The Boston Celtics set the model for the new age big three, and many teams have followed in their foot steps. From the Spurs, to the Knicks, and the Nets or Lakers depending on where Dwight Howard lands it seems to work. The 2012 Finals featured two teams with it's own version of the Big three, but where does that leave most NBA teams in small markets .

Back to the Bulls who have some goods peices , but only one star player. Boozer couldn't stop a twelve year old from scoring. Deng has limited ball handling skills , and Noah who is all energy and no finesse.

D Rose highlights


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