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Arsenal 2011-12 Kits

Updated on September 6, 2011

Arsenal have now released their new kits for the 2011-12 EPL season and these are a lovely mixture of retro designs so as to tie in with the clubs 125th Year anniversary. For the last 17 years since 1994 Arsenal have worn Nike kits and this season they again are decked out in three new Nike Kits. The Home kit as usual is the Gunners trademark Red with white sleeves, the Away Kit has gone for a strange new look of two diagonal halves in different shades of blue and the Third Kit harks back to previous away kits with a yellow shirt and maroon shorts.

Arsenal Home Kit 2011-12

The Arsenal Home Kit for the 2011-12 season is the traditional red shirt with white sleeves with white shorts.

The main difference between this shirt and the previous seasons is a redesigned crest to celebrate the 125th anniversary. The badge is represented in a plain white style on the shirt only as the shorts do not have a badge. The Arsenal crest of the Gun is surrounded by 15 laurel leaves on the left to represent the design on the 15 sixpences that the establishing members of the club paid back in 1886. On the right of the crest are 15 oak leaves to represent the Royal Oak pub where the founders met. The socks also have the date 1886 on the back to highlight the formation date of the club.

The back of the socks also show off the date 1886 which is a reference to the when the club was founded all those years ago.

Arsenal Away Kit 2011-12

The Arsenal Away Kit for the 2011-12 season is an unusual kit for Arsenal 2 diagonal halved designs in navy and cyan with differing colour sleeves, these are matched with navy shorts and socks. The badge design on the away shirt is the same plain white style that is on the home shirt. These are the same colours that were worn by Arsenal as their change strip in 1994-1996

The away strip is meant to represent the pointer on a sun-dial, this is because when the club were originally founded they were called Dial Square FC. A bit far fetched for mine.
The shirt is also made from 13 recycled plastic bottles and so is 13% lighter than last years shirt.

Arsenal Third Kit 2011-12

The Arsenal Third Kit for the 2011-12 season looks like being the same as their Away kit from 2010-11. This is a yellow shirt with thin redcurrant pinstripes matched with redcurrant shorts and yellow socks. The badge on this kit will most likely match the badge on the home and away kits although this time in redcurrant rather than white to match the rest of the kit.

These colours are fairly standard colours for Arsenal change kits and have been used extensively over the years in varying forms way back to the Seventies.


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