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Triathlon. Australian Ironman Triathlon

Updated on January 15, 2012

Triathlon- The Australian Iron-man Triathlon took on a whole new level of significance this weekend as the recently appointed Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott entered the full gruelling Iron man event. The publicity surrounding this particular event has sky-rocketed given Tony Abbott's age, preperation and high media presence as Federal Opposition Leader. Tony Abbott MP will endeavour to complete it in around 14 hours. 52 year old Abbott notorious for his long bike rides has really 'stuck his neck out' by attempting this event. His training has been around 10 hours a week and the rest of his time is filled with the hectic schedule of a Federal Opposition Leader as well he has a wife and three teenage children.

Lets just spell this out, This is no ordinary race. The full Ironman Triathlon is a 3.8 kilometre swim. Followed by a 180 km bike leg. And then a 42.2 km run. Participants are allowed 17 hours to complete the event.

Knowing what I personally know about triathlons his preparation has been quite insufficient but I wish him well. in the 1980's and early 1990's I completed several Half -Iron man Triathlons whilst in my late 20's early thirties. on 15 to 20 hours of training a week. I can tell you that it took me a couple of weeks to recover after finishing half Ironman events in around five hours. Now Tony Abbott is doing double the distance at the age of 52 on 10 hours of training a week. As I say I admire his pluck and tenacity in attempting He does indeed risk injury and possible long term adverse effects . Watch this space for the results.

Australian Ironman 2010 Triathlon results

Queensland's Carrie Lester has capped an outstanding season by winning the Ironman Australia triathlon at her first attempt.

It was Lester's first Ironman-distance triathlon and also the first time the 29-year-old had run a marathon.

Despite her lack of experience, Lester beat 2007 winner and Hawaiian Ironman top-10 finisher Rebekah Keat in the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run event.

Lester crossed the line at the northern NSW coastal town of Port Macquarie in nine hours 23 minutes and 50 seconds, with Keat second in 9:33:10.

New Caledonian Patrick Vernay continued his domination of Ironman triathlons in Australia, winning the title at Port Macquarie for the fourth-straight year.

Late Male

 LATE Mail...

Tony Abbott MP  God bless his cotton socks finished the event in 13 hours  57 minutes and one second.  Well done Tony an incredible feat...


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    • Jaynie2000 profile image

      Jaynie2000 6 years ago

      I've always had a personal fantasy about doing the Western Australian Ironman. I hear it's one of the flattest and friendliest courses out there and I'd LOVE to see your country. I think Chris McCormick is a god! I'm hoping to tackle my first 70.3 this coming summer and from there...who knows?

    • salt profile image

      salt 7 years ago from australia

      its amazing how many strange men in speedos Ive met since those pics of junior lib appeared. Like a man in a good pair of board shorts and without the manic desire to outdo everyone at everything.