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12 Reasons to Buy an Avon Dinghy

Updated on July 10, 2009

I have lived by a beautiful lake for close to seven years now, and we have considered purchasing a boat on several occasions. Over and over again, we’ve had the same conversation. We determined that would probably be able to afford the cost of purchasing a small boat, but the maintenance, docking charges and other costs would likely be too much for our family.

Enter the Avon Dinghy.

At first glance, an inflatable boat may seem like a poor substitute for the real thing, but it really is a wonderful option offering many recreational possibilities. We are simply looking to enjoy a day out on the lake now and then, and after reading several customer reviews the Avon dinghy looks like an affordable and fun solution!

In a time when we are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint, owning a gas guzzler of any kind is unappealing. The inflatable boats are lightweight and require far less fuel than a hard boat, creating less pollution for the air and water and keeping your cost down.

The Avon Dinghy
The Avon Dinghy

Here are my 12 Reasons to Buy an Avon Dinghy:

  1. Take it with you where ever you go without the hassle of renting or buying a trailer to transport your boat. This means you can go explore different lakes for day trips and vacations without incurring the additional costs.
  2. It inflates quickly. The kids won’t even have a chance to get bored and start whining “is it ready yet?”
  3. Deflates quickly too, although by the time your day is complete, the kids may have found something else to complain about!
  4. It’s safe and stable. Due to its design, the Avon dinghy sits flat on the water making it incredibly stable and easy to load and unload. If your kids are a rowdy bunch (like mine) they will have a hard time flipping this boat (as hard as they try), but will be able to easily get in and out of the water.
  5. Avon has 2 models in this size range to choose from (and many much larger inflatable boats): the Avon Redstart Dinghy which seats 3 (+child) and weighs 36 lbs. or the Avon Redcrest Dinghy which seats 4 and weighs 40lbs.
  6. Comes standard with wood jointed oars, but you can add a motor for some speed!
  7. Low maintenance. Repairs to a hard boat can very expensive. In comparison, an inflatable boat requires very little maintenance.
  8. Enjoy the fun of owning a boat with out the docking fees.
  9. Easily store it in your garage, trunk or closet in the off season. It folds up neatly and comes with its own storage bag.
  10. It’s an eco-friendly choice! Using less fuel will protect the beautiful outdoor spaces we all want to continue to enjoy.
  11. If you are looking for a top quality dinghy to motor through the harbor to your bigger and better boat, it can be easily be attached to a large boat, or deflated and stored out of your way for the day.
  12. Provides affordable fun!

Avon inflatable dinghies are designed to be stable and safe.
Avon inflatable dinghies are designed to be stable and safe.

Accessories for Avon Dinghies

Avon dinghies come standard with oars, a fiberglass bracket for your outboard engine, a slatted deck, lifelines and just about everything you need to get started, including an owners manual and repair kit. Many additional accessories are available to customize your dinghy for your needs, including an airdeck and fiberglass seat kit.

Avon has a terrific reputation world wide for making top rated inflatable boats. I have read countless reviews that have recommended this company and raved about their top quality products.

Avon is a UK based company with a long, solid history (just shy of 50 years) and a proven reputation for hand building high quality inflatable boats. Each of their products is carefully designed based on comprehensive research to provide outstanding seaworthiness.

If you have often wanted to have your own boat just for easy going recreational purposes, the Avon dinghy makes it possible. You can enjoy the benefits of having a boat without the stress of storage and maintenance costs. Enjoy a day of swimming with the kids, try snorkeling, go fishing, or explore little coves at a nearby lake. There are so many possibilities!


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