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BULLSPOTTING -- History of the NBA Finals Part 43

Updated on April 14, 2011


Choose teammates.

Choose help.

Choose big TV endorsement deals.

Choose Gatorade, Nike, Chevy, Ball Park Franks.

Choose Sportschannel, Johnny Red Kerr, Tom Dorr, chalkdust in the face of announcers, Benny the mascot, cheerleaders, 250 consecutive sellouts at your arena.

By what would Michael Jordan ever want to do that?

He chose NOT to choose help.

The reasons?

Who needs reasons when you got the Chicago Bulls?


Michael Jordan's Bulls in 1991-92 had a wonderful regular season.

That's what people the pleasure of it.

For 67 wins is better then any cock in the world.

Take the best victory you ever had. Multiple it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it.

Go ahead and try to bask in other hobbies such as Sick Boy's love of Sean Connery movies.

It's hardly a substitute.

Want another hit?

No I-doh-thang-zo.

For once you're not scoring 35 points a game anymore and cleaning up your team's nonsense, you have to think about all kinds of other shit.

All the things that truly don't matter when you've got a true and loyal losing addiction.

There was Renton -- Michael Jordan. Trying to straighten up and choose wins while his teammates did everything they could to drag him down.

There was Spud, Scottie Pippen.

Okay I felt bad for Pip.

He didn't hurt anybody.

There were alot of Begbies and Sick Boys on the Bulls.

Michael would try his damnest to win with them, and despite them.

This addiction had cost him.

As he sat in his bed and looked up at a dead baby turning its' head, and listened to the sweet humming sounds of a girl he did without realizing she was underage...due to not getting to know her first due to being too afraid to say something strange in front of, given the lack of practice and socializing due to only being around junkies, Michael would need a very very long go cold turkey and get those wins.

The girl by the way would be the book "the Jordan Rules" his lack of social graces would cost him in the same way Renton ended up with that chick (who turns out to be pretty hot and cool and a good friend to a recovering junkie...the same way that the Jordan Rules was a GREAT BOOK)

His parents would not let him have methadone.

As he rolled around in pain, Phil Jackson and Tex Winter kept appearing in the bed with him with a cigarette and a warning -- You sweat that shite out sunshine, or I'll fuckin' kick you. (puff) O-kee.

So then Jordan, after sweating it out and being on the way to those wins, would finally make his way out to London to become a real estate swindler.

He would win his first championship here, 2 MVP awards, 67 wins, and a 3-0 sweep of the Miami Heat in the first round.

Yet Tommy, his good friend Magic Johnson, would end up with the HIV virus.

Not even two days after Tommy's funeral, the other Bulls had gotten together for their first game of the season.

"Whoa whoa whoa," Renton says. "We just got back from Magic's press conference, and you're talking about a scag deal!"

To which Phil Jackson looked at him. "Aye."

For there was a problem.

Those friends of his, who he had been accustomed to losing with...were all still in the picture.

And they would show up needing a place to crash.

Within no time, Michael was thrust back in his old habits trying to escape them.

They needed seven games to get past New York, six to get past Cleveland, and found themselves down 15 points in Game 6 against Portland.

It's about this point when Michael finally loses it.

And one night while they're all sleeping, he goes very patiently to the bathroom, gets some water, looks at himself in the mirror...and casually takes the bag of money from Begbie's arms.

Pippen was looking up at him worried, trying very passively to get Michael not to go crazy.

And Michael was leading the Bulls back in the game and beating Portland...Pippen would open up his locker to find...Michael had left some of the spotlight for Pippen to have too.

Michael will admit he's a bad person.

But that's going to change.

He's going to be just like the rest of the winners.

The job.

The big screen television and electrical tin openers.

Good health, low chlosterol, dental insurance, mortgage payments.

Sweeping gutters, getting by, looking ahead, the day you die.

The Chicago Bulls were the 1992 NBA World Champions.


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