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A Guide for Beginning Badminton Players

Updated on May 16, 2013

Badminton happens to be a very exciting sport which can be enjoyed by people all around the world. This guide is for beginning badminton players that will teach you the best ways to learn and appreciated the sport.

Badminton is a sport that is played by two or four players and it is played with a feathered projectiles called shuttlecock. The sport of badminton has its origin over 2000 years ago. I love playing badminton and have been playing for over 15 years.

In this article , i will be focusing on aspects of the sport that beginning badminton players will need to know for them to be able to learn and develop their skills in playing the game.

Badminton Equipment
Badminton Equipment | Source

What beginners need to know about badminton

Here are the things beginners will need to know before they start playing badminton.

Equipment used for badminton – what is the equipment used to play badminton? Buying the best badminton equipment will not make you to be a better player and you don’t need to speed too much. However as a beginner you will need to choose the right equipment. Badminton equipment includes the shuttlecock, badminton string, shoes and accessories.

History of badminton – It is very good to know the origin of the sport for you to appreciate it. History of badminton began in the late 1800. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was formed in 1934. Badminton became an Olympic sport in the 1992 at the Barcelona Games.

Rules of badminton - learning the rule of badminton is the first step for beginners to start playing the sport. The rules of badminton are very simple compare with other racket sport. The basic rule of badminton is to hit the shuttle with a racket once before it passes over the net to the opponent's half of the court, if the opponent fails to return the ball and continue the rally, you will win a point. You can win a point if your opponent plays the ball into or under the net or out of the court or if the ball touches the ground.

Badminton techniques - for beginners to be able to know how to play badminton, they need to learn and master the basic techniques. The best way to learn badminton technique is through a coach or to buy a badminton ebooks or visit a good badminton website. Badminton techniques are the forehand and backhand clears and smashes, drop shots, footwork, racket grip, badminton serves, just to mention a few.

Badminton Sport
Badminton Sport | Source

Benefits for beginner badminton players

There are many benefits of badminton but I will point out the 4 most important of them all.

1. Badminton is a non contact sport and is very different from other racket sport because it can only be played indoors. The chances of getting injured while playing badminton is very slim because the game is played by two or four players and a net separate them in the middle of the court.

This is not to say that a player cannot sustain injury during a game but the chance of this happening is very slim when compared with other kind of sport that soccer.

2. Badminton is good for fitness and exercising. It is a sport that you can use for your over all body fitness and exercising. You will be in good shape when you train 3 or 4 times a week.

3. Badminton can make you socialize and meets new friends. You can come in contact with new people to make friends with when you play badminton regularly.

4. There is no age limit in badminton. Anybody can play badminton, both old and young can play the game.

There are other benefits of badminton that may not be mentioned here so please drop your comment about other benefits that you may know.

Is badminton like other racket sport?

Badminton cannot be compared with other racket sports, but the closest comparison is squash and tennis. In badminton a shuttle is used and it doesn’t hit the ground like lawn tennis.

Squash is played by two players hitting a squash ball on the wall while table tennis is played on a table with small kind of racket.

A lot of people will think that badminton is an easy sport to play but actually it’s not as easy as they think, although it is similar to lawn tennis, squash and table tennis, they are different in so many ways.

Resources: Badminton England


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