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Bait Casting Reels for Bass Fishing

Updated on August 26, 2013

Bass Fishing with Bait Casters

A bait casting reel is the preferred fishing reel for most bass fishing techniques due to the high level of control that this style provides an angler versus a spinning reel. Bait casters allow an angler to be very precise with casting and easily perform fishing techniques like flipping and pitching which require heavy fishing line, precision casting, and brute force power to get a big fish out of the grass. There are two styles of a bait casting reels, the low profile reels and the traditional round style. The round reels tend to have larger spools and are better for long casting situations with heavy line such as using swimbaits. The low profile baitcasters are designed for lighter lines in the 10 - 20lbs range and come in a variety of reel retrieve speeds and spool size to help you match the perfect reel with a rod and lure to give you every advantage possible for each bass fishing technique. The following are a few of the most popular bass fishing bait casters available on the market.

Shimano Fishing Reels

Best Bass Fishing Reel

Shimano Baitcasting Reels

Shimano makes excellent freshwater fishing reels and their line of low profile and round baitcasters have been embraced by a large number of bass anglers.

The Shimano Curado specifically has a loyal following and can be seen at every level of the sport of bass fishing from weekend anglers to touring professionals the Curado series of reels has been around for a long time and is proven fishing reel at an affordable price. The Curado comes in several spool sizes from the compact 100 series on some years models to the larger 300 series which is best for heavy lbs test line and techniques like swimbait fishing. The 200 series is a perfect reel for almost every bass fishing technique and comes in several retrieve speeds from slow and powerful for cranking to a high speed 7.0:1 retrieve ratio that is perfect for working a surface lure like a frog or buzzbait or fishing a rattle trap at a fast pace.

Another favorite low profile bait caster by Shimano that is in similar design as the Curado is the Shimano Castaic 200 Super Free. The Castaic is equipped with a flipping bar which allows the angler the ability to engage the spool with the click of their thumb that is resting on the reel already rather than making a turn of the handle to engage the gears. This is best used in situations where you are flipping or pitching a lure into tight cover and the fish are biting on the initial portion of the fall. Just press the bar down which engages the reel and swing and the fish will be in the boat in no time.

The Shimano Calcutta TE reels are one of the best round reels on the market and this reel comes in several sizes some of which are much too large for freshwater fishing and are really designed for saltwater fishing. The 400 series is perfect for casting large lures like a swimbait and is the reel of choice for many anglers that are looking to use 25lbs test line. This reel will carry 160 yards of 20lbs test making it the perfect solution for bass fishing when you need to cast a long distance yet, keep a heavy lbs test line, such as heavy trout plastic swimbaits.

Favorite Baitcaster

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Abu Garcia and Quantum

The Abu Garcia Revo line of reels are exceptional fishing reels that get the job done. Coming in several models they are all quality reels, however if you are looking for a light weight reel you will need to pay up a little more. The Abu Garcia Revo Toro gives an angler 250 yards of 14 lbs test with its large spool size and 7 ball bearings making the reel extremely smooth to cast and retrieve in all conditions. The Revo's have exceptionally strong and durable drag systems allowing an angler to really crank down the drag on a fish to allow for maximum fighting power when reeling a big one in.

The Quantum Fishing Smoke is a beautifully designed baitcasting reel, that fits well in the hand due to its slimmer style and spool size. Rated for 165 yards of 12lbs test this reel comes with 9 total ball bearings and weighs only 6.8 ounces making this reel perfect for pitching lures all day long. The 7.3:1 gear ratio makes this reel smoke for real and is perfect for fast moving presentations and when you are seeking reaction strikes.


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