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Barrington Tops Secret Camping Sites

Updated on April 23, 2012

Free Camping package

Would you like to know some great free camping spots ? Welcome to Barrington Tops   State Forest located halfway between Gloucester and Scone  Within the forest, on the banks of the Manning River in cool highland forest,is a stunning camping and picnic area popular with 4WD enthusiasts and freshwater fisherman. Cobark Lookout is on the eastern edge of Barrington Tops State Forest, and provides beautiful views looking south.

 Take your pick of free camping spots ! I hope you don't mind roughing it a bit though as some of these free camping spots have beautiful river views and scenery but no flush toilet comes in the package !

The package includes : A peaceful relaxing free camping spot to unwind by a flowing river where you can cook on the open fire , have an amazing time with your family swimming, floating down the river on a tube , fishing , Amazing scenery, bush walks + a drop toilet .

I treasure my many happy memories of camping at Bretti reserve, Poleys and other sites in the area with my family and am so glad we did these camping trips as well as ones at Swans Crossing etc.

One special memory took place at Bretti when to my horror someone we were camping with insisted on not having a camp fire because of the smoke , I was out voted & in disgust at no campfire cooking or toasting marshmallows with my daughters I went for a walk on my own.

Soon afterwards as I was sitting by the water realizing I didn't have my swimmers on , the 3 girls found me .

It was my middle daughter who suggested we swim anyway & I often think of that idyllic swim with my 2 younger daughters

Free Camping at Bretti Reserve

Have many happpy memories from here.
Have many happpy memories from here.

Barrington river

Winter at Barrington tops

We have camped here in Winter
We have camped here in Winter

4wh driving Barrington tops !

Camping Sites - Bretti reserve

 If you are looking for a place to camp near a road as you traveling from Gloucster then you will like Bretti reserve . it is also an ideal spot to meet others for a coffee or lunch break while traveling .

It is a pprox 25 minutes from Gloucester. Primitive toilet facilities in other words a drop toilet with friends !. The river is close by you and is  great for swimming. There are reasonably large areas.for camping & you are  allowed  your pets as long as they are under control.

It is

Barrington tops

Other Campsites

 Copeland Reserve is about a 10 minute drive from Gloucester. Again it has primitive toilet facilities and is  close to a creek & to the road. Pets allowed under control. Free camping

.Polblue is j ust over an hour from Gloucester. Pit toilet facilities, shelter, water tank, picnic tables, and barbecue facilities. Large camping area. Currently free camping .

If I remember right this is a nice campspot , however not one of my favourite as I prefer to be right by the river like Bretti Reserve, Swans Crossing & a few others.

Poleys Place: Approx 5-6 minutes from town. Farming property. Has basic shower and toilet facilities. Pretty camping area. Great family spot. Children’s farm area. River runs through property. Camping on riverbank or in open spaces.

Gloryvale Reserve is  Approx 20 minutes from Gloucester. Primitive toilet facilities. Close to the river, shallow, rocky, free flowing, suitable for small children. Pets allowed under control. Free Camping . 

Dilgry Circle – Banksia On Dilgry River, a short distance from Scone Road. No toilet, Free Camping .Pets Allowed.
Pheasant Creek Road: Manning River, a short distance off road. Pit toilet, no fees. Pets allowed. Reasonably large area on the river, great for fishing, close to walking tracks and BBQ’s.
Tubrabucca Road: At Horse Swamp on Polblue Creek.BYO toilet as  No toilet there .Free Camping  Pets allowed.


Adventure at Barrington tops

Activities in Barrington Tops

There is plenty to do and see at the Barrington Tops  to enjoy as a family !

Bush walks of various lengths

4wh drives around the area to rivers , scenic lookouts

swimming or floating on a tyre on a hot day.

In winter you can have the extra fun of a snow fight as we did one year !


If you are really feeling adventurous then why not visit The Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre (BOAC) offers a wide range of half, full and multi-day tours in the Barrington Tops wilderness area. The exciting

experiences include white water kayaking, canoeing and downhill mountain biking adventures that are easy for anyone to do. They provide a high quality outdoor experience with a friendly, personal and flexible service.

Beautiful bush for hiking

Beautiful Views


FIRE – Use designated fireplaces where available. Always supervise and properly extinguish before leaving. Be alert for fire bans.
FIREWOOD – Do not collect firewood from National Parks areas. You can collect firewood however from other areas.
RUBBISH – Use litter bins where provided or take your rubbish with you.
GATES – Please close gates if you find them so. Maintains privacy and prevents animals wandering.
FIREARMS – Don’t shoot our wildlife. You need permission on private property and it is FORBIDDEN IN NATIONAL PARKS and STATE FORESTS. Why not leave your firearms at home?
TRESPASS – Respect other people’s property and KEEP OFF unless you have the owner’s permission. Most are co-operative if you ask.
FLOOD – Beware of camping beside flood prone rivers. Contact police or listen to RADIO 2RE (100.1FM) for flood warnings during rainy periods.
PETS – Pets are not permitted in National Parks.


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    • aboutaustralia profile image

      aboutaustralia 5 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

      Love the Barrington Tops and surrounding areas! There's also a great free camping spot in the heart of Newcastle NSW - about 150 klms south east of Barrington Tops. It overlooks the entrance to Newcastle harbour and is adjacent to the 'doggie beach' so dogs are welcome too. Overnight stays only. Great fishing, surfing, walks etc. Here's a link for more info:

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      If you have another free camping spot nearby please let us know here thanks !