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Baseball Pitching Tips From The Stars

Updated on February 8, 2010

 Pitching is one of the most difficult positions in baseball.  The best thing a person can do if they want to become a pro pitcher in baseball is take the time to learn different tips and strategies.  Anyone can get into pitching baseball and be really successful as long as they’re willing to work hard at it.  There are a few tips in particular which are helpful for anyone trying to do their best at pitching baseball.

 One of the most important tips for pitchers to remember is to stay focused.  This can be extremely difficult of course, especially when it’s an important game and it is crunch time.  Even if it’s bottom of the ninth with two outs and you just have one more strike to go and your team wins the game, it’s crucial that you keep your head on straight and keep concentrating.   This is crucial because a coach needs to be able to count on you and know that if they put you into a game at crunch time that you’re going to be able to deliver.

 You want to give away as few walks as possible.  Pitchers always need to work on reducing the number of walks hitters get while they’re pitching.  Letting players walk is basically like giving away points and can be incredibly frustrating.  A lot of pitchers get their most walks towards the end of the game as they start to tire, which is why it’s so important to work on your endurance levels as well and make sure that you’re playing just as well at the end of the game as you were at the start.

 Pitchers can never let their nerves get the best of them.  Whether you have to take a few moments to practice breathing exercises before heading out onto the field for a game or take a step back from the pitcher’s mound during a game to get your thoughts together, come up with your own method that gets calms your nerves.  Everyone has their own way of keeping their nerves from getting the best of them.  As a pitcher you need to outthink your opponents. 

 You can’t let any player step up to bat and get the better of you.  Being a pitcher can be a lot of hard work and at times overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun and a really enjoyable position to play.  The pitcher is relied on by the rest of the team to throw as many strikes as possible and give them back control of the ball.  These tips will be very helpful for all pitchers who are trying to improve their skills and become a better player.


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