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Basic Rules of Baseball

Updated on February 8, 2010

 Baseball is a sport played by two teams, and each team has nine players.  The goal of this bat-and-ball game is to hit the thrown ball with a bat, and score runs by touching the series of four bases that are arranged at the corners of 90ft diamond or square.  The goal of each team is to score more runs than the opponent team, which can be done by one circuit of four bases placed on the diamond.  The pair of turns, one at the field and one at the bat by each team constitutes the inning, and a single game consists of nine innings.

 The players in batting team try to score the runs by circling the tour of four bases that are set at the corners of baseball diamond.  The batter bats at the home plate, and moves counterclockwise to first, second and third base, and finally back home in order to score the run.  After three outs, teams switch roles, and in case of tie after nine innings, extra innings are played to conclude the game.  The rules of official baseball have not changed much during modern era, and most baseball fans, players and administrators consider the traditions and rules as nearly sacrosanct.

 The area beyond infield in called outfield, and is usually surrounded by a wall which is 325-450 feet away from home plate.  Baseball has no clock, and to win, the team has to out the last batter.  In baseball game, aggressive strategy is usually he most advantageous, and there is no reward for conservative batting.  Though it is a team sport, baseball still places each player under unusual pressure and scrutiny.

 All the statistics including putouts, total chances, assists and fielding average collectively are called situational statistics.  Sabmeterics is the field of statistical study, and development of new analytical tools and new statistics of baseball.  The innings end when fielding team gets three hitters out, and hitting team takes turn to field, while fielding team takes turn to bat.  First baseman, second baseman, shortstop and third baseman are the infielders, and left fielder, center fielder and right fielder are the three outfielders.

 Umpires usually work in the team of four, and take turns to become the home plate umpire.  Batting lineup is very carefully chosen by the team members based on the different skills, and as a basic rule, it consists of table setters, sluggers and bottom of lineup.  Each umpire is authorized to order the coach, player, manager or club officer to do or not do anything that can affect administering the basic rule, and enforce the prescribed penalties.  Official scorer has the final say on every ball hit in the field of play, and this skill can be very rewarding.


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