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Basketball - A Buying Guide.

Updated on January 19, 2012

When deciding which Basketball to buy, the buyer will have many options to consider. It isn't as simple as saying what ball you want but, will it be suitable for your standard of play. It would be crazy to spend a lot of money on a Basketball if you are an occasional player. Likewise, it would make no sense to spend a few pounds on a ball that is unlikely to last a few months.

There are 3 main sizes available to the serious Basketball player:

Size 5, Size 6 and Size 7.

The size you require depends on the age of the player concerned and also the sex of the player.

A size 5 Basketball, is designed for players up to age 11. The ball has a circumference of 27.75" and weighs 18oz.

A size 6 Basketball, is designed for players between the ages of 12 and 15. This is also the ball specified for Women. The ball has a circumference of 28.5" and weighs 20oz.

A size 7 Basketball, is designed for all male players, 16 years and above. The ball has a circumference of 29.5" and weighs 22oz.

These sizes will be used when a player is involved in matches and league Basketball. However, when developing young and new players, it is important to use a ball that is the perfect size, to aid their development. If a player has small hands use a ball that is one size smaller, this will then give the player more control and build confidence quicker.

There are 3 types of ball, Recreational, Training and Match. The type of ball can also be specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. The type of material used between manufacturers varies greatly. They all call their own design and type of rubber or Leather unique.

There are many manufacturers of Basketballs, Worldwide, which gives you a huge array to choice from.

  • Baden Basketballs

  • Molten Basketballs

  • Nike Basketballs

  • Spalding Basketballs

  • Reebok Basketballs

  • Wilson Basketballs

There are many more but, i think that shows how much choice there is. The prices for recreational balls start from £3 to £4. Match balls can be as high £85 but, are generally around the £30 mark for a decent one that will last a couple of seasons.

The material covering the ball is a contributing factor on whether the ball can be used indoors or outdoors. The higher quality balls tend to have an enhanced grip, with a cushioned inner layer, giving the ball a better bounce. The covering can be leather, synthetic Leather or composition rubber. The bladder also can alter the price of the ball, the heavy duty bladders are again used in the high quality match balls.

We have always used the Molten Basketballs and tend to use their BGE for training and the BGF for matches.

What is your favourite Brand of Basketball and why ? Which ball does your club use?


WHich brand of Basketball do you prefer?

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    • stwcar profile image

      stwcar 7 years ago

      Pleased to be able to help Trampoline Man.

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      Trampolione Man 7 years ago

      Great Guide, i love basketball but its always difficult to find good information, thanks you.